Oscar’s decision to quit Chelsea for China ’embarrassing’ – Carra

Oscar: Set to earn huge wages in China

Oscar’s decision to leave Chelsea for the £400,000 wages on offer in China has been described as ’embarrassing’ by Jamie Carragher.

The 25-year-old Brazilian will complete a £52m move to the Chinese Super League in the next fortnight, with reports suggesting the player will become football’s best paid player by making the move.

But Carragher, writing in his Daily Mail column, lamented the Brazilian’s decision to effectively put wealth before his career.

‘It is a sad day for football when a player about to enter his prime moves for financial reasons and nothing else,’ Carragher wrote.

‘The money is astronomical, but it’s not as if he is on a pittance at Chelsea.

‘This is not a move to further his career. He will talk about the league growing in China, the chance to work with Andre Villas-Boas and the excitement about a new adventure — but we all know those words will be nonsense.

‘He has gone for the size of the contract. Nothing else. Players used to look for a pay day in their mid-thirties when their career was coming to an end. We all understood that.

‘With the riches now on offer in China, I could understand a player’s head getting turned when he reaches 30 – but 25?

‘It is embarrassing that a player would give up his career and the chance to compete for the biggest prizes in the game just for money.’