‘Over-confident Pochettino to blame for Tottenham’s complacency’

Date published: Wednesday 1st February 2017 12:11

Arsenal fans berate their performance against Watford, while Chelsea fans discuss Hazard’s form, Liverpool supporters question the free-kick and complacency from Pochettino is also proposed.

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‘Disgusting Arsenal’

Well the best squad in the Premier League, in fact the best squad we have EVER had took on the mighty Watford at home and were outclassed, out thought, out fought and generally embarrassed by a Watford side who won at The Emirates. Wenger picked aside from our amazing squad that was very different from the weekend, they went out with no belief, no desire, no fight, no organisation and no idea.

For a side supposedly trying to win the PL (haha) they lacked motivation, they looked like a side that didn’t want to be out in the rain who just couldn’t be bothered. From the hapless back for, how is Gabriel the best back up right back we have is a joke, the two central defenders kept giving the ball away, missing tackles and falling over, Monreal was useless to the midfield who couldn’t pass water. Sanchez tried hard but lost heart, he’s off get used to it.

Giroud plodded about as if he was on a a Treasure Hunt with clues to find the round thing but he couldn’t pull it off and then there was Ozil. The serial bottler wasn’t interested from the off, no desire, couldn’t care less. Watford deserved their win, they wanted it more and they looked as if they had the better players.

Never mind, we can take comfort in the fact we have the best squad in the PL, in fact the best squad we have ever had. Shame Watford didn’t know that.

The Oracle

Troy Deeney: Matchwinner against Arsenal

I don’t think much needs to be said as the lads said it perfectly tonight on the pitch. Regardless of whether we get anything against Chelsea, the top four fight is well and truly on as most of us knew already from the beginning of the season and another year of not winning the league. Come on Wenger, sign on the dotted line and make us endure more of this tripe. For once, think of the fans and walk away because even Bill Murray didn’t have to endure this many Groundhog days!


There is a silver lining to this cloud: I am convinced Wenger will not be there next year. If he has a little dignity and self respect left, he will know that he cannot deliver anymore. Every year the same shit. The players need someone who kick their lazy, unmotivated asses… We did not have one shot on target in the first half. Enough said. Wenger out!



Hazard’s struggles

Eden Hazard: Arsenal, Spurs not a threat

Poor all round performance except for Luiz. Interesting that most of our chances came when Pedro and Fabregas were introduced. Hope Conte takes note. Conditions were also not great but that applies for Liverpool as well who deserved a draw. Decent point anyway.

Blue Owner

Perhaps Hazard has been carrying a few niggling injuries. Might explain why he’s not as dynamic. All players have ups and downs in form, I suspect he’ll be back to his ways… Unless… Unless there has been a little talk of where his future lies after this season. He did say he’d like to win the title again with us but didn’t offer any concrete assurances as to what he’d do after… BUT, I’m putting it down to a loss of form or he’s being asked to do a little more defensive duty at the minute.


Hazard did say that it was talking out of context but there is a possibility he could want a move in the summer. Question is where to? We can demand over 100m easy. Will anyone pay that for his displays this season? He’s been good but not worth that. He wont replace anyone in Real Madrid’s first 11. Nor would he in Barca’s. Only 2 places would be Bayern or PSG, and I doubt either would be in for him at that price…



Controversy at Anfield

Simon Mignolet: Lesson learned

Simon Mignolet was absolutely at fault for the goal, a great kick from Luiz, but Mignolet was totally unaware of what was going on. The whistle had been blown a good three-four seconds before Luis struck the ball, he just saw that Simon was way off his line and took his chance.


Yes, the ref had blown the whistle, but the question is whether he should have. I thought the whole point is when the ref indicates that the free kick is going under control of the whistle, that he waits until the keeper and defence are all fully set first. Some of the Liverpool defenders (not those in the wall) were still engaging with the Chelsea players and were not ready and this was getting Mignolet’s attention, hence why he wasn’t ready. I wouldn’t blame Mignolet particularly. Hazard duped the ref for the free kick in any case.



Questions over Martial

Anthony Martial: Mourinho appears unconvinced

According to Jose at his press conference yesterday, Martial only did enough to be on the bench against Hull apparently. At least better than not making the squad at all I would say.


Got to love Jose. Martial only sets up two of the goals at the weekend so is deemed only good enough for the bench tonight. I wonder what Tony thinks when other players do less than that in a game yet still start the next game. I would love Jose to come out and say that about Pogba when he has one of his **** games.



Complacent Pochettino?

Mauricio Pochettino: Backing struggling Janssen

It’s a new Tottenham and we are all loving the way our club is going forward. Long gone are the days of going to away games watching the likes of Dozzell, Calderwood, Ian Walker etc. When mentally they were all weak and we knew we would lose even before turning up.

Nowadays we pretty much know from manager down we are a hard nut to crack but I feel Poch himself gets complacent with that, this week he’s spoken about Chelsea possibly dropping points/winning both games which means title race is over and it came across as if we would just turn up to our games and claim the points.

That then filters down to the players, it was a shocking performance yesterday, between now and end of season we will only get very few chances to close that gap between us and Chelsea and we need to take advantage of that situation. Last night everything was slow, it was a case of we are better and can score anytime we wish, but football doesn’t work like that. We beat Chelsea because we owed them that, we killed WBA because we owed them from last season. Then we rocked up to Sunderland thinking it’s easy and that I’m afraid I blame Poch.

Boro is a must win game now, we can’t be picking and choosing when we wish to play at full throttle.


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