Patient approach from Mowbray

Date published: Friday 3rd July 2015 1:09

Mowbray is still working hard to strengthen the Sky Blues squad as he aims to gain promotion from League One next season.

The club are hoping to sign former Hull City, Bolton and Wolves defender Sam Ricketts in the next few days.

“We need to be at the top and of the table if we can this year,” Mowbray said. “Good players are what does that.

“It’s been difficult to sign the players I’ve been trying to attract. Two reasons I suppose; the finance is one, the budget hopefully will be reasonable competitive in this league and yet it’s not going to be the top budget.

“And players of a certain quality, all footballers want to play as high as they can of course, so lots of footballers would hope they are going to play in the Championship and earn and Championship salary.

“As time rolls on we have to be ready to try and pick the best players to try and get the job done to get us in the Championship.

“It is difficult, as I’ve found. I’ve spoke to a lot of players over the last couple of weeks and seen a few drift off for a few hundred quid more somewhere else.

“But ultimately, come the start of the season we’ll have a team, hopefully a very competitive team.”

Mowbray was speaking at the launch of the club’s new kit for next season, based on the strip worn by the victorious FA Cup Final team of 1987.

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