Pep Guardiola criticises Martin Glenn; will wear yellow ribbon again

Date published: Tuesday 6th March 2018 1:26

Pep Guardiola intends to wear the yellow ribbon that landed him with a Football Association charge for Manchester City’s Champions League clash against Basel.

Guardiola admitted on Monday that his wearing of the ribbon on the touchline in recent months is a breach of the governing body’s kit and advertising regulations.

The Catalan-born City boss, a former Barcelona manager and captain, has argued that the symbol in support of two imprisoned leaders of the Catalan independence movement is not political but he will now stop wearing it on the touchline for domestic matches.

“The FA have rules, they apply them, I accept them. I have to. That doesn’t mean I have to agree,” he said ahead of City’s last-16 second leg clash against Basel on Wednesday.

These rules do not apply for European games and when asked whether he will be wearing the ribbon on Wednesday, Guardiola responded: “Yes.”

Guardiola has also criticised FA chief executive Martin Glenn of failing to understand the significance of the yellow ribbon.

Speaking over the weekend, Glenn referred to the ribbon as a symbol of Catalan independence. His comments attracted further controversy as he bracketed the yellow ribbon together with the Star of David, a swastika and Robert Mugabe.

Guardiola is clear that the ribbon refers to the prisoners and not the overall political picture in Catalonia.

He said: “Mr Glenn has apologised, so OK. But the first impression when I hear that is he didn’t understand what the yellow ribbon means. It is simple like that. He made a comment that is far away from what it means. Maybe now he will realise what it means.

“It is not about independence or not independence. It is about four people who are in jail when they didn’t do anything to be in jail.

“The people who both want independence, or no independence, the right side and the left side, are in favour of it (the ribbon). It is simple. I think now he will understand. He didn’t understand the reality of the situation.”


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