Peter Moore addresses bizarre pleas for Liverpool to re-sign Steven Gerrard

Date published: Tuesday 11th February 2020 11:34

Liverpool’s chief executive Peter Moore has responded to pleas from fans for the club to re-sign Steven Gerrard so he can finally lift the Premier League trophy.

Reds fans on social media have been clamouring for the club to sign Rangers boss Gerrard so that he can claim a Premier League winner’s medal when Jurgen Klopp’s men go on to impending Premier League glory.

Gerrard, who has been linked with the Reds job once Jurgen Klopp leaves, would have to play in five games to claim a medal and Liverpool CEO Peter Moore has addressed why it’s a far-fetched, bizarre suggestion.

“Let me explain what would have to happen,” he told Soccer Laduma in a Q&A at Cape Town Official Liverpool Supporters Club.

“So the question is, ‘can we bring Steven Gerrard back to get a Premier League medal?’ and the question I ask you is: which player do you want to cut from the squad to make that happen?

“If you haven’t noticed, he’s the employee of a different football club at the same time as well.

“Look, we all love Stevie G and we’re all very proud of him for his managerial career, but I keep seeing this ‘bring him in on a five-day contract so he can win a medal’ [but] it just doesn’t happen that way.



“Chemistry in a dressing room is important. Can you imagine that? That you have to cut a player, to say ‘you’re not going to get a medal’?

“It’s not like they’re handing these things out to everybody, you’ve got a squad, right? And thirdly, you can’t add a player to a squad once it’s locked. Other than that, it’s really possible.”

Gerrard is widely seen as one of the greatest players in Premier League history not to have won the title.

He was close in 2014 as the Reds went on a brilliant 11-game winning streak heading into the final games of the season.

But defeat to Chelsea, when Gerrard infamously slipped over to allow Demba Ba to score, and a 3-3 draw against Crystal Palace in the penultimate game of the season ultimately cost Liverpool the title to Manchester City.

Gerrard told Sky Sports last March: “This wound has been open since my experience. I’m not sure it’ll close because I can’t change that experience.

“It doesn’t affect how I feel (about Liverpool) now. I look at a squad of players, some of whom I’m still friends with.”


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