Mentally weak Koscienly too fragile to captain Arsenal

Date published: Thursday 30th March 2017 1:51

Laurent Koscielny: Has three years left on Arsenal deal

Philippe Coutinho’s poor club form for Liverpool is explained and why Chelsea should heed the warnings from Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil at Arsenal, all in our forum.

Koscienly ‘not a natural-born winner’

Regarding Koscielny,I do think that another manager would bring out the best in him and make him mentally stronger,but claims him of him being world class can go out of the window as he’s not a natural-born winner.

I have to say,wenger’s performance in the last decade seriously does raise questions of whether his achievements in his first decade were overrated or he got extremely lucky with a bunch of players that were natural born winners and mentally strong which has allowed him to win the trophies he has.I only ask this question because of how pathetically we have faltered over the past decade.Season after season we bottle it.

Not once have we ever come close to challenging for the title only pretending to.I’d hate to take credit away from him but you have to ask the question.

I do think that the manager can also vastly improve the mentality of the player.Just plucking out a quote of from ozil claiming mourinho told him this You think two beautiful passes are enough… You think you’re so good that 50 per cent is enough.’

‘Oh, are you giving up now? You’re such a coward.

‘What do you want? To creep under the beautiful, warm shower? Shampoo your hair? To be alone? Or do you want to prove to your fellow players, the fans out there, and me, what you can do.’

I could never ever imagine wenger doing this to any of their players especially to his pet ozil who is certainly someone who needs a kick up his arse before every game as he dosen’t carry the right attitude.

There is nothing to look forward with you at the club Mr.wenger.You have no divine right to stay at the club.Get lost from this club!

Wenger out

the specialone


‘Toxic environment will continue until Wenger leaves’

Until Wenger leaves I think that the toxic environment between fans will continue.

To be honest I´m tired of the fact that people of different views can´t be civil about it. We all know what we get with Wenger top 4 at the best and an odd domestic cup from time to time.

Is there something better out there Yes and is there something worse out there Yes. We all know what we have but is that enough or do we all want something more than what we get with Wenger?

I will never tell fans that love Wenger and want him to stay that they need to get their heads examined. They are entitled to that view just as I am entitled to mine that Wenger time is up and that we need a change.

There is no telling whether that will be good or bad but we really need some change that can unite the fanbase again and make everybody belive again.

That will never happen with Wenger again we all know that. So thank you steveosnake for trying to get everyone to respect each others views. I will do my best to help in that matter even though I´m a Wenger Out fan. ?


Arsenal ‘could appeal decisions more’

I think appealing things is one thing, doing it the right way and not having the entire team surround the ref barking in his face, waving imaginary cards and generally being intimidating and abusive is another thing, the latter is why the above clubs have been charged and i’m glad.

I really hate to see this and so happy we dont, that said we could still appeal certain decisions more and better than we do and still not have to do the nasty stuff.

The offended player and captain should appeal vociferously to the ref, the other players can appeal and raise arms but stay where they are and let the captain speak to the ref….if only we could be like rugby in that sense it actually keeps the game going too and stops the kind of flare ups that lead to silly sendings off and spoils games

Steveosnake eye


Sanchez/Ozil situations a ‘warning to Chelsea’ 

Sanchez says he will see out his contract at Arsenal which will have a year to run from the summer.

That’s a gun against Arsenal’s head which is potentially saying to Arsenal sell me to wherever I want to go or I will walk out on a free in 15 months time and you will lose circa £50m in transfer fees, pretty much exactly what Sturridge said to Chelsea with 18 months of his contract left to force his move to Liverpool.

Chelsea face a similar impending problem to the Sanchez and Ozil situation at Arsenal with both Courtois and Costa which means if they don’t sign a new contract in the summer sensibly Chelsea have to sell them or risk the same problems and a massive loss in the transfer market.

Hopefully the Sanchez Ozil impending situation at Arsenal serves as a warning to Chelsea!

nine nine nine

Kante ‘looked like a headless chicken’ vs Iniesta

Myself included i think hes the best mid in the league by a country mile…BUT i saw him the other day vs iniesta (whos 33) and Kante looked like a headless chicken… awful.

Yes its only the 1 game, but even in the euros kante was average at best. We will see how good he really is up against the champions league opponents. And this isnt a troll, just think a lot has been made of kante when hes not played 2 games a week for the past 2 years. Hes had time to rest, and go again.



Pogba has been ‘exposed’ at United

If a lot has been made about Kante. imagine what the emoji man was made about?

Kante is still learning to be a top midfielder, although i agree with the notion that he isn’t yet there. But still he could go and walk in to every team.

Sometimes coaching instruction plays its part. consider Pogba a £89m midfielder who was considered to be the best attacking midfielder in Europe. Then goes to the PL and gets exposed on a regular basis.

But still people focus on one bad game that Kante had in two years when Pogba had that on a regular bases. i would say Kante merits the praise he is getting. Pogba has been found out without Pirlo, Vidal and Marchisio around him.


Talent in Brazil team helps ‘Coutinho relax more’

On the question of why does he play so much better for Brazil, well just look at the players around him in comparison to LFC & you’ll get a fair idea.

With us we rely too much on him to turn a game & I think it effects him. With Brazil he is part of a machine where he just has to play his part & the talent in the team allows him to relax more & play his natural game. If he stays we need to bring in some quality to compliment him & I think he will be more consistent.

On top of that it’s been mentioned recently on here how Couts would be much more effective in a less physical league & I agree with that. Now I’m not saying we should sell him as when he’s playing well he’s invaluable, but he is very inconsistent & if Barca offered silly money I’d trust Klopp to get the right replacement.

At the end of the day I think he will stay if we jag a C/L position (I don’t think we will) as we will be able to attract the quality he needs around him so we aren’t as reliant on him & he will be a top player for us. If we don’t, I think he might be gone.

Number8was gr8

Liverpool let Sanchez slip away too easily

Still don’t think we did everything we could to land Sanchez.

He woulda been a fantastic replacement for Suarez.
If it was just down to location then why did Wenger have to follow him round South America convincing him to join them. We on the other hand sent no one.

One of the top players in world football was leaving us yet we wouldn’t send someone to speak to Sanchez, our no1 replacement, face to face in South America to join us.

We know how that ended up, we signed Balotelli. And the rest they say is history.



No new attacker in January was a ‘mistake’

Lallana defo out which frees up a space in midfield.

Question marks over Hendos inclusion too. If he is available I really hope we don’t go for him Wij and Can in midfield.

We could see Origi coming in and either Coutinho or Firmino dropping back into midfield.

I suppose an “outside the box” solution could be the inclusion of Wilson wide left, Firmino staying central and Coutinho dropout no deeper.

Will be interesting to see the team this Sat.

It’s starting to look a bigger and bigger mistake each week not bringing an attacker in in Jan.



Why can’t United unearth gems?

Celtic(and many other clubs in fact)seems to find gems but we cant.

If we do we put them on the bench or play them out of positions and when they leave they are not half the player when we bought them.

This is not good when recruiting new blood. If they go to Man United they may risk their careers.

Funny thing is mediocre players like Young,Jones,Smalling all stealed a living when joined us and they are still here.

Young is at over £110k a week and are playing as leftback hahaha.



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