PL Predictions, Week 36: Tony Friend

Date published: Friday 8th May 2015 10:01

This season, our man Mark will take on someone from the world of music or celebrity every Friday to predict the outcome of the 10 Premier League games that weekend.

Every correct result is worth one point, while every correct scoreline is worth three points. We will keep a tally throughout the season to see how Mark fares against all of our guests.

After an 11-5 defeat to J. Willgoose last week, Mark has 232 points for the season, 30 more than the guests’ 202.

TEAMtalk Prediction League 2014-15
Contestant Points
Cormac Neeson 13
J. Willgoose 11
Jools Gizzi 10
Franko Fraize 10
Sam Rourke 9
Gaz Coombes 8
Sundowners 8
Olly Murs 8
Peter Oags 8
Paul Merson (5 weeks) 7.8 (average)
Mark Holmes (33 weeks) 7 (average)
Alex Brooker 7
Peter Hooton 7
Jed Laidlaw 7
Tony McGuinness 7
Saint Raymond 6
Van McCann 6
Billy Lunn 5
Ryan Malcolm 5
Wretch 32 5
Jono Yates 5
Jah Wobble 4
JP Dalton 3
Ben Samson 3
Steve Bracknall 3
Prides 3
Meridian Dan 0

Everton v Sunderland

Mark: Will we see another great escape from Sunderland? I wouldn’t rule it out, but I can’t see it starting at Goodison Park. 3-1

Tony: Everton don’t need to win it, but they are on form at the moment whereas Sunderland are third from bottom so I think this should be an easy win for Everton. 2-0

Aston Villa v West Ham

Mark: Villa probably only need one more win to secure their place in next season’s Premier League, and I’d be surprised if they didn’t get it against a West Ham side for whom the end of the season can’t come quickly enough. 2-0

Tony: Although they are low in the table, Villa have been on good form recently. I think they will take this. 3-1

Hull City v Burnley

Mark: I fully expect Hull to put the nail in Burnley’s coffin here and move to the brink of safety themselves. The Clarets have missed their chance now and may have given up. 2-0

Tony: Difficult game; both teams have a lot to play for and Burnley will get relegated if they don’t win. 1-1

Leicester City v Southampton

Mark: Assuming, as I do, that 38 points means safety this season, it’s quite astounding how close Leicester are to saving themselves. With Southampton faltering, you’d have to make them favourites to win this one. 2-1

Tony: Really difficult match as both teams are playing well. It could be anyone’s game. 2-2

Newcastle v West Brom

Mark: Call me crazy, but something tells me Newcastle will sneak a win. Pride has to take over sooner or later for the players, and it might be a case of after the Lord Mayor’s Show for West Brom. 1-0

Tony: Personally, I think Newcastle will lose this one, because they have lost their last eight games and are playing so poorly. 0-1

Stoke City v Tottenham

Mark: Both of these sides lost last weekend but while Spurs played well against Manchester City, Stoke were really poor at Swansea. Even with home advantage, they might have to make do with a point. 1-1

Tony: Stoke seem to be very good at home at the moment and have a decent manager and squad. I think they will take this one. 1-0

Crystal Palace v Manchester United

Mark: With Memphis Depay signed and £200million worth of further new players apparently planned, United simply have to make the top four. Against a Palace side that lost momentum, they can get back on track. 0-2

Tony: I think even with the difficulties United have had this season, they should be able to pull off a win here against Palace, but I don’t think it will be as easy as they are thinking. 1-2

Manchester City v QPR

Mark: The title may be gone, but City won’t want to finish third behind Arsenal so should still finish the season strongly. This should be a routine home win. 3-0

Tony: Man City are second and have the most expensive team in the country and QPR are just about to be relegated, so this should be an easy win for the home team. 4-0

Chelsea v Liverpool

Mark: I was wrong in predicting the shackles would have been released last weekend against Palace, but they surely will be now with the title won. We might actually see an open game. 3-1

Tony: I think Chelsea will end up taking this. Liverpool don’t really have the decent forwards to put any away against Chelsea. 2-0

Arsenal v Swansea City

Mark: Arsenal are the outstanding team in the league at the moment and shouldn’t have any difficulty racking up another three points. 2-0

Tony: Arsenal have been playing really well recently, Swansea have been too, and are a looking decent at the moment, but I don’t think they will be good enough to beat Arsenal away. 3-1

Five from Tony Friend

How did you come to support your club and what are your favourite memories from your time as a fan?

My dad and my whole family are Spurs supporters so I inherited that when I was born. Some of my fondest memories would be collecting football stickers as a kid. I managed to go to White Hart Lane a couple of times when my dad managed to borrow friends’ season tickets, and that was a great memory for me too. I always remember the amazing atmosphere at the ground, and although I find it difficult to go to games now, because I am very busy, I always will remember the times I spent as a child watching and playing football.

Who have been your biggest heroes during your time supporting the club?

My biggest heroes at the club would have been people that made the club such a strong interest for me when I was growing up. Players like Sheringham, Klinsman and Ginola were my favourites when I was growing up.

What do you make of the current team? What are your hopes for next season?

To be honest, I spend so much time touring and travelling that I find it quite difficult to keep up with all the current changes at White Hart Lane, but I think we are a strong team, definitely a top 6/7 team, but really need a stronger midfield to make us a great team.

Everyone has a soft spot for another team. Who’s yours and why?

Mine would probably have to be Millwall. Because the girl that I am seeing supports them. And so does her dad, and I don’t think I would ever want to get on the wrong side of them.

What’s going on for you at the moment?

We have our second album London Road out on the 25th of May, followed by a lot of touring this summer. You can catch us live at Reading and Leeds, Glastonbury and Download in the UK as well as many other festivals abroad. Make sure you check out to keep updated with all our latest releases/touring dates.

Modestep’s new album ‘London Road’ is released on May 25, 2015 –

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