Pochettino chances of success at Man Utd rated; Liverpool legend the unlikely Arsenal saviour

Date published: Tuesday 26th November 2019 1:56

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Man Utd fans are full of admiration for Mauricio Pochettino as his prospects of success are weighed up at Old Trafford, while Arsenal could find an unlikely saviour in Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard if Gunners chiefs pull the trigger on Unai Emery’s tenure – all in Your Says of the Day.


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Pochettino the perfect fit for Man Utd?

N1xer, Poch has actually won nothing as a coach, how are you so confident that he would do better at Utd?
SAF broke through the Celtic/Rangers duopoly to be successful before taking over. Poch didn’t make it past Liverpool and City…



@hooked – There are no guarantees of success with anyone mate, but the fact is that Poch was punching well above his weight at Spurs with their tight transfer and wages budget.
He got Spurs to the ECL final last season on the back of not signing one single new player during the previous summer transfer window.
If you look at the money both Klopp and Guardiola have had to spend since they took over I doubt even Ferguson himself would have been able to do much better than Poch has done with the same resources, and having Daniel Levy as his boss, simple as that.




@blacky I think the difference with Maguire though, is that he was performing at a high level for Leicester and started the season well for us. Although he comes across as a tough Yorkshire captain, full of grit, he won’t be immune to having his confidence knocked after a few mistakes and results going against us. He’ll never be VVD (he looks like a best in a generation defender to me), but he can get back to being a very good player and leader for us.

I maintain that you can’t make every other post about how terrible every single player at the club is, and then say in the next post it’s Ole’s fault we’re not playing well.

Jurgen Klopp’s first club at Mainz he was relegated, couldn’t get them back up then quit, and I think he’s the most talented manager in world football.

Pep Guardiola, zero management experience at all before taking over Barcelona. Didn’t do that well in his first season at City with a squad brimming with talent that wasn’t his, or had the wrong attitude.

I won’t blindly support Ole for ever, but I do feel he needs to be given time to at least put a couple more pieces of the jigsaw together before we consider a change. If nothing else, the pathways he’s creating from the academy to the first team, and the culture changes he’s brought in will make it easier for the next guy.

There’s some similarities to the job Southgate’s had to do with England, not many people think that he’ll win us the world cup, but the connection to the fans is better, they don’t cave in as easily, and the squad is starting to overflow with top, academy talent from the U21’s. He’s the right manager at the right time for England, and I think that’s what Ole is for us.

@redblood, that might be a valid list of players that need to leave the club, but it’s another 12 players and we’d need replacements. Given we must have the worst recruitment record in the premier league, it makes it clear the size of the challenge still in front of Ole, it’s the hardest job in world football, and fans are calling for him to be out the door every time we have a bad performance.



Gerrard the saviour for Arsenal as squad compared to Leicester

Oracle, i share your veiw on only 3 or 4 of our players that literally couldnt be improved. However the other 95% of our players are better than most Leicester and also the chelsea team. There is stark difference between the 3 clubs though and thats the manager.
He has inherited the worst team or a mid table by any stretch of the imagination.
Lampard has gone his players believing in him and his way, its not tinkered with time and time again, its his vision the same goes for Brendan. You slated Leno as average, this is a goalkeeper who faces more shots than Gunn at Southampton, you can have oliver kahn in goal and he’d still concede as many. Leno is a quality keeper.
There is no leadership and/or guidance from the manager down. I agree the players have given up now and again thats from the management. I dont think they have a losers mentality to the depth you do, some players are very much of the wenger mindset still but dont be fooled into thinking this cannot change. a manager can change all of that. Leicester with the same players and arguably less their best defender are 2nd in the league. Lamps with no money to spend less their best player for years has them sitting 3rd giving City a good game. Managers can change that mentality, they cant improve their natural ability but the mentality they can do. Just watch this space Maureen, he will have spurs winning a trophy by end of next season if not before.
Yes, we have some more deadwood to move on Mustafi, Mikki, Xhaka, Sok, and couple others but thats just because they are not good enough ability wise.
Th board has gone through dramtic changes over teh last 2/3 years, they’ve bought players not always the right choices but the window just gone was good recruitment. They didnt get everything we needed but what they did get we needed. LB, 2x CB one available now one next year, and a RW. The manager hasn’t got the best out of any of them and none of them became crap overnight or as soon as they signed for us.
Emery is the clear problem, he has to go. We’ve missed teh boat with Maureen and Brendan. Im struggling to see who could come in now. Personally i think we need someone who either knows the prem in and out and what its like to manage a big club or we need someone who has played for the club and now managing. For me its one of Benitez (short term fix 1yr contract) or you go all in and get Veiera or Arteta ideally viera as i think most fans would allow him time. If you get Arteta and its starts to go wrong they will jump on him double quick time. other left wing appointments would be Gerrard, Nengalsman and or ten haag from Ajax. We really have F’d it up in not gettin Brendan and then Maureen.




AndyC as I said years ago we should have gone for Klopp, the usual suspects on here said Arsene is better, utter joke, we missed the ideal man there, Tuchel was another one we should have gone for. Your wrong about the players in my opinion although you make many good points. Bellerin has been going backwards for 3 years long before Dick arrived, Kolasinac was a poor signing as were Mustafi, Xhaka, Mkhitaryan and Ozil, all bottlers and losers. Dicks signings if they are his aren’t great, Sokratis, Luiz, Torreira aren’t good enough, Torreira’s demise could be down to Wenger. We desperately need defenders and have done for 10 years so why blow £72m on Pepe, we didn’t need him, and he’s very poor. How you can claim we have better players than Chelsea I don’t know and when I suggested when we played Leicester let’s all pick a combined team and see who has the mist players in it it was all LEICESTER, everyone of their defenders is better than ours and it’s the same in midfield. Nagelsmann is a good shout, so to ten Hag. Then there’s Rodgers, Eddie Howe or even Pochettino (although unlikely). A lot needs to change and it has to happen soon. Ten years and 3 managers looks optimistic



Sorry I meant Torreira’s demise could well be down to Dick, not Wenger



Andy C, Great post and exactly what I have been saying. Regarding the manager options don’t want Maureen and never really thought Benetez was an option. I Like Gerrard although we would lose him as soon as the Liverpool job came up ! Rogers I would have taken and if you look at where Leicester where when he got them, he has done brilliantly, not spent loads and lost his best player, its a good example of what a good coach can do with underperforming or average players. Never convinced re Howe as not sure how he would work outside of his Bournemouth bubble. Re Viera and Arteta long term maybe but think they need to be given time and I don’t want to give up on top 4 yet. At this stage I would take anyone accept Maureen which thank goodness is no longer an option!



Ottawa – Emery has many points to be criticised for,but reverting back to a back 5 would not be one of them.Remember,the whole of last season he mostly played with this system.It worked well,except towards the end but I think that was down to lack of quality.This season,he started with a back 4.Now judging emery’s career this is what he’s mostly used.He started with it.We were neither getting the results and the performances were terrible.There was no control over the match.Judging that,I completely agree that emery has changed to a back 5.You have to know,you can’t change the formation every game against the opposition you’re playing.You stick to a plan and atleast play it out for a couple of months.I don’t blame emery for using a back 5 against southampton.This team is incapable of controlling the game,because it dosen’t have a good enough midfield.So he’s basically wanting to play the same way he did last season.
I just think the defending is the worst I’ve ever seen,and I’m not exxagerating.For the first goal,chambers is sleeping.It’s just a ridiculous lack of awareness and concentration.For the second goal,I don’t even want to begin.This is not even schoolboy defending,it’s worse.

I also would like to say,dropping pepe is just a pathetic decision.Yes,the guy needs to brush up on his finishing but you can’t spend 72m on a player to stick him on the bench.When he plays,we have a real threat going forward.He can run at defenders and we can put them on the backfoot.

I think since nothing seems to be working,I’d like to just finally see Ozil behind Auba,laca and pepe.I know it lacks balance and I know we will lack control over matches but we are lacking it anyways.Emery knows he’s going to get sacked,he might as well try this.




Oracle, a combined 11 of anyteam compared with arsenal at the moment would have only leno, lava and aubs in it. That conversation would be very different if we had a manager that actually knew what he was doing and was able to motivate them. It’s a mute debate.
I personally like Pepe his confidence is destroyed that again sit with the manager. He banged those 2 free kicks and has since found himself on the bench every game – great management that.we didn’t need him but that’s not his fault. He is doing the right things just the final result isnt working for him. Again another manager would drive him on for more. We need a man manager and as as much as everyone hates him Maureen was the perfect person to install that winners belief and attitude. As I said just wait for see what spurs win in next 18 months, I’m very confident I will be proved right.
As for players you e mention only ozil I disagree with. Don’t get me wrong he is lazy, he is weak but bobby pires was just the same difference is we had players around him that would die for him and the others, he had Adams keown paddy and bergkamp all around him. When ozil was a Real Madrid he was a wonderful player to watch, as he was for Germany again he had players around him that picked up his shortfall and in turn he’d produce week in week out for the strikers to score. The others xhaka, mustafi, mikki they’ve not had a single great game ever for arsenal. All need shipping out but I base that purely on their lack of ability.

Another shout for manager would bielsa from Leeds, I really like him and would love to see what he could do with a step up in player quality.



I wouldn’t pick Leno over Schmeichel and I wouldn’t pick Abameyang and Lacazette over Vardy. Don’t forget Vardy turned us down over 2 years ago stating he thoughT LeIcester had a better future. Maguire wouldn’t even consider us. As for Ozil let’s not forget Real dumped him because in the Presidents own words he didn’t have the mentality and desire to succeed at Real. Bayern Munich wouldn’t touch him and pundits in Germany such as Beckenbauer, Rummenigge and Breitner said he hasn’t been worth his place in the national side for years before he was dumped. He’s a bottler and his attitude has rubbed off on too many players at Arsenal. Fringe players and youngsters at Arsenal see Ozil and his attitude even though he’s on £350,000 per week for contributing nothing and think why bother. Everything has to change at Arsenal and soon otherwise we will plummet down that league



The one missing link from Liverpool’s team?

The thing is we got a very balanced team, I’ve never seen the squad so balanced and its not just the attack and defense.

The midfield is very balanced as well, we both got players there that can attack and defend, we got a player for every role in the center of the pitch.

We got that defensive midfielder we have been crying out for years, we also got those seasoned professionals that have seen it all and know how to play different roles on the pitch, we got a goal threat there as well… we got a couple of players that can dribble the ball, another couple that can pinpoint a pass and most importantly they never switch off.

Yes some of our players could have more flair, more pace or more discipline in their game or simple be in better form but the thing is our midfield is very well balanced and they are performing at a very high level.

I talk a lot about mentality because mentality is the most important thing in sports, the leaders we have in the team right now are unmatched in recent history because they keep up that intensity 24/7, a lot of that goes to the manager but I don’t think its possible without our captain duo.

We got the holy trinity going on there..! I am so fucking impressed by this team



The only thing this team is missing is a De Bryune type. Someone who can pick up the ball and run at players from centre mid. Im sure if there was a centre mid that could defend as well as dribble he would be the worlds most sought after midfielder. Theres a kid called Haverts (spelling) that plays in Germany maybe he could be converted to a midfilder who could play that role?




I thought Keita was supposed to be our dribbler? Let’s hope he can finally get going for Liverpool on a consistent basis



Our Midfield……. is better than a lot of people give it credit for.


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