Pochettino: Pressure in England now like in Europe

Date published: Sunday 1st November 2015 10:19

Mauricio Pochettino: Not signed youngster

Mauricio Pochettino believes the pressure on Premier League managers to deliver quick results is now the same as in the rest of Europe.

It has long been commonplace in Italy and Spain in particular for managers to be sacked after only a few months, but bosses in England were traditionally allowed much longer to stamp their mark on clubs.

However, Pochettino believes the increase in foreign owners means managers are now under just as much pressure in the Premier League as they are other leagues across Europe, with Tim Sherwood last week sacked by Aston Villa after only eight months in charge.

Speaking ahead of Tottenham’s game against Villa on Monday night, Pochettino said: “In Europe the pressure is always there.

“When I was in Spain, Argentina and France, we would say it was ­different in England, more stable, because there were a lot of ­examples like Arsene Wenger or Sir Alex Ferguson.

“But now after three years here I can see how it has started to change.

“It’s true there is more pressure on the manager and things are ­demanded quickly, results are ­demanded quickly.

“Maybe before it was different but now it’s like the style from Europe has arrived in England.

“Why? Maybe before it was ­different and today, with a lot of owners having arrived from ­Europe, it’s a different mentality.

“It’s difficult to give time to ­developing projects in football. Maybe you buy the club, you sign the manager and you want the title after three months.

“One positive or ­negative result can affect your ­account a lot.

“And this is why ­maybe it has started to change and there is now no patience.”

It is a situation which Premier League managers have hardly welcomed, Pochettino says.

“There is less tolerance,” he said.

“In football it is ­difficult to perform miracles.

“It won’t be easy, but we need to try to adapt our job in the new ­mentality of football.

“When managers meet after games for a glass of wine we talk about the pressures – and we agree how ­football has started to change.

“We feel there is less tolerance from the clubs that sign you – and the same from the supporters and the media.

“There’s more and more ­pressure and sometimes for managers it’s difficult to explain your job because you don’t have time.”

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