Pochettino’s fabled formation to blame; hard for Man Utd to betray Solskjaer after culture reset

Date published: Wednesday 20th November 2019 11:01

Mourinho Pochettino TEAMtalk

Fans react to Mauricio Pochettino’s sacking at Tottenham and could he now be targeted at Manchester United? And have Spurs picked the right successor in Jose Mourinho? Our forum…


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Bad decision

One of the best coaches this league has seen in years. What a catastrophic decision. Sell Kane and Eriksen and replace them is far easier than replacing him. Can only see last year as the top that Spurs will slide further and further away from now. Hope I’m wrong.



Poch’s legacy…’the fabled diamond?’

Wait a second…10 months of terrible domestic results does not balance for one lucky cup run (Man City would have gone through if not for VAR). Our away form since February was relegation form, our overall form was bottom half of the table. From previous achievements Levy has given him time but nothing has changed. End of the day the board have forked out a lot of money on a new stadium and need European football to deliver the brand profile internationally for football, and sadly NFL.

There will be fans who will hark on about more time but how much more before it is too late? This doesn’t change the frustrating tactics and team selections such as his fabled diamond, which will only succeed with solid full backs. This is a position that we are severely short in, with the insistence of playing Aurier despite mistake after mistake. I would rather have Foyth or KWP in the position and watch them make mistakes as they will at least improve. Every time Moura has a good game he drops him to the bench for the next, no reasonable explanation to do this. With the likes of Skipp waiting for his opportunity yet continues to play Sissoko is absurd.

There will be fans who will point to the lack of transfers and what a marvellous job he has done. Very true. However his reluctance to play Ndombele and Lo Celso when fit is frustrating, the best way for match fitness is actual participation in competitive action. He could have sold Eriksen or Rose in the summer, especially as the latter was at Watfords training ground having a look around but he didn’t.

Football has a short memory, but if results start coming in then we will all get on board. My preference was Ancelotti or Nagelsmann (but he has an exciting project at RBL so I doubt he would leave). Mourinho has something to prove.

I would have loved for you to have won a trophy with us but unfortunately that was not the case. Sincerely, thank you Poch for everything you gave us.



Mourinho interview.

Daniel Levy TEAMtalk

Enter Mourinho, with Daniel Levy signing Don MacCleans “American Pie”

Levy: Drove the Chevy to the levee…ah Jose welcome!
Both sit.
Levy: I bet you drove that Chevy you got from United to get here, get it?
Mourinho: No. Yes. Maybe.
Levy: Okay, well, your CV is very impressive and we would love to have you here, what do you say?
Mourinho: Yes I would be very happy to be manager of Spurs.
Levy: Excellent
Mourinho signs contract
Mourinho: I would like to confirm one thing with you now everything is finalised. The transfer budget. How many zeros are you going to give me for the January transfer window? Sever or eight (he said cheekily)?
Levy: One
A deafening silence fills the room…


Poch should have gone in summer

Klopp Pochettino TEAMtalk

Poch should have gone in the summer. He was in demand and might even have gone to Real Madrid. Recent poor results aside he has Seriously over achieved at a Spurs that just doesn’t spend money. The senior players have given up, they are not on comparative wages and contracts to their top six peers.

The stadium costs was always going to take its toll short term….remember Arsenal did the same….and spurs have been an almost team for four seasons, the senior players all want to move on…..why should they take all the pain to grow the infrastructure for the next generation of stars to benefit. Ultimately it is a short career.
Over to Mourinho, a man with something to prove.

He was a great tactician and turned into a cheque book manager, he will want to rebuild his reputation and he cant lose at spurs, sitting near relegation zone with that group of players….he can only go up.

Whether his name and influence will be enough to stem the tide of senior players who’ve had enough and want to cash out remains to be seen. But Jose is not there to build a lasting legacy, he is there to rebuild his tattered reputation and will have an eye on Juventus, Man City, PSG jobs in a year or two.

The Fulcrum


Should Man Utd go for Poch next summer?

If we come below 10th this season.



If we wait til Summer then Real or Bayern will have him

He’ll never go to Barca given he played for and managed Espanyol



Given Bayern currently have a vacancy I’d be surprised if he doesn’t go there. Unless he wants a break from football for a while



No. We have a manager and will finish in top 5 this year



We should pay a fee for him to have a break until the summer…



Very loyal but very naive homer. Personally I’m not sure about Pochettino. Spurs have imploded at a rate of knots. I do, however, wish Mourinho all the best at Tottenham.





Will United ditch Ole after culture reset?

Just shows timing is everything in football. If Spurs hadn’t of had that CL run then potentially we could have got Poch in instead of Ole but looks like that ship has sailed now. Hard to see how we appoint him after all the public backing of Ole and talk of a culture reset. Woodward would probably love to try and go after him but knows the fall out would likely cause further negative press on top of plenty related to the clubs current and future financials.

Mourinho to Spurs is a strange one but i am sure he thinks he can recreate what he achieved at Inter. He’s probably thinking he can win trophies in the short term by joining a club with an experienced defence, strong midfield and quality striker. He has proved he can’t really build teams but can be successful with established sides like Spurs. Will be interesting to hear all the bollix he will talk about Utd like he tends to do about his previous clubs. Can’t wait for the fireworks to start once Mourinho asks Levy to fund big money signings




Problem is if Ole stays for a few years and nothing happens. While Poch goes to Real and does well. We’ll just regret it.



@jm, maybe I am being naive. Time will tell. I’m surprised Spurs went for Mou. Will be interesting to see what happens with the likes of Alderweireld, Vertonghen and Eriksen



Yeah i agree. We’re that far behind that better players will undoubtedly improve us and move us forward but you don’t win the big prizes regularly in football without top managers. Not sure Ole is that man



Unless I’ve missed something, Poch has been in charge of a better team than ours for the past 5 years and hasn’t won any trophies.



Spurs are in a tricky position, Vertonghen, Alderweireld, Eriksen and Rose are all out of contract in the summer. That’s three of their starting back four and the lynchpin of their midfield. I’d imagine Jose wouldn’t have taken the job if there weren’t assurances of massive investment



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