Pogba has massive point to prove; Bayern there for the taking

Date published: Friday 15th February 2019 2:05

Paul Pogba has a big point to prove in the FA Cup clash at Chelsea, while Liverpool fans debate just how strong Bayern Munich are these days – all in Your Says of the Day.

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We absolutely should be beating Chelsea. All the PSG match showed is that we aren’t at the level to dine at Europe’s top table. There are maybe 8 teams that are and even that’s debatable. With the current squad we are plenty good enough to get to the last 16 in Europe and finish in the top 4 of the Premier league. That’s not the level I want the side to be at but it’s where we are.


It’s a big question of the squad will react to this. We’ve lost for the first time in 11 matches. Can Ole pick the players up? Can the players pick themselves up? That’s the real question. If we close down and nullify Jorginho we can stop Chelsea playing so they can be beaten, it’s a question of whether we can pick ourselves up enough to get the job done. Pogba now has an even bigger point to prove given his stupidity on Tuesday. No, you can’t polish a turd but neither can Chelsea.


Paul Pogba

They’re a different side at home. They beat City at home as well as Spurs.


60-40 in their favour for me this one,and they are @ home!


60/40 in there favour Dr Nick?!! after losing 6-0??? when the the holy Ole in charge??surley not??!!!

you lads are cracking me up!


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer TEAMtalk

Ok steveo,80-20 in their favour,lol.Dont think we have turned into a Barcelona or dare I say-a Man City.


Chelsea are currently like Lambs waiting to be slaughtered fellas sad to say without Sarri wakes up and smells the coffee beans. Injuries might even it out a bit though.

nine nine nine

9-And this is United you gonna play,not City or Barca.That little genius in Hazard always seems to perform against us!



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The time is almost nigh and I’m curious to see who comes back from Marbella fit and ready to go.

A lot of focus will have been on getting Trent fit and if he is fit then this line-up won’t be far off:

Alisson, Trent, Matip, Fab, Robbo, Wij, Henderson, Keita, Mane, Bobby and Mo (433).

Bayern have a couple of issues of their own with Muller suspended of course for both legs following his Jackie Chan impression and Neuer is also a doubt with a thumb injury. Alacantra and Rodriguez tho will be fit and those two can play. Klopp will have to get his midfield mix right for this one to suffocate that area of the field.

Rob Fort Worth TX

Jurgen Klopp TEAMtalk

We will win them 3-0 at home to be honest, I dont think Bayern are the powerhouse they used to be. Most of their best players are in the twilight of their career.


Narthraal, hence my comment in the final paragraph as everyone will be saying that. It means nowt. They’re unbeaten in Europe this season and they could’ve easily been playing us in the CL Final last season after narrowly losing to Madrid in the semi. They will cause a lot of problems and we don’t have Virgil at the back.

Rob Fort Worth TX

Munich have some problems of their own, mainly their captain and goalkeeper is out with a injury. Neuer has not featured in the last two games and could be out for as much as three months, Robben is out as well.

There have been questions asked about the Munich defense who have not been in good form lately, with very few clean sheets and that has been a ongoing problem for more than a year now.

They are most likely to play either Hummels and Boateng, who are not the fastest guys in the universe, the next one into the lineup would be Martinez.

Muller is also out for both the games with a suspension, if there ever was a time to face them its right now.


Mo Salah; Virgil Van Dijk

I’d go with the same team Rob, and if it goes really well, I’d give 20-30 min to some of Shaqiri, Sturridge, Origi or Lallana.

But we must not underestimate them or we’ll get the shock of our lives


I just want to see a good performance going into the utd game

Crazy to under estimate these with the forwards they have.

Really relaxed about the cl as it’s all about the league for me

We don’t have the squad to fight on both fronts in my opinion

Last year top 4 should have been wrapped up well before the last game of the season but the cl run in hindered our progress

Sean the sailor

Pretty sure Neuer has been passed fit.



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Another all round poor showing but it’s a win, noone is really standing out so it must also be difficult to select your best 11. Problems at the back, midfield and in the attack. I think his going to go with his normal 11 against United though I think he should try something different. It often helps.


Maurizio Sarri TEAMtalk

Again I watched our corners and thought to myself, when was the last time somebody took a decent corner that actually threatened the opposition defence. We used to score regularly from corners with the likws of Terry, Cahill and Ivanovic amongst others heading in goals. I seem to remember Rudiger scoring one not so long ago but that is about it. Our free kicks from set pieces also are not what they used to be. Willian, Luiz, Alonso and others used to score from these. The last one was? What are your thoughts on all of this gentlemen.


Cannot understand all the poor set pieces including corners, professional footballers should get that right 9 out of 10 times.


1967, it always amazes me how any professional footballer takes a corner that doesn’t even beat the first defender. The number of times our corners are just hit into the first man is unreal. There’s no excuse for it. But even when our cross does make it into the box you are right, we used to be pretty deadly from corners and free kicks but that too seems to have dried up.


You have to assume that we do practise set pieces in training but have to agree that we do not look as threatening from these as we used to. KTBFFH



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To say the the board blameless is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard on here.Wenger built and made this club into a huge brand and only he deserves credit for it.If we are getting a huge revenue flow today,it is not like this board is doing a fantastic job.Even an idiot can do that job,i mean we do have idiots running our club after all.

I don’t think fans quite understand.We’ve changed a legendary manager,got in a good manager.We’re still in the same position,definitely heading backwards.There is one constant here and it’s kronke.We could change 10 managers and the result would be the same.

Sometimes I do wonder how low the ambition and standard of this club really has become.To settle for 6th place,and try and be positive.We are capable of much much much more.That’s the key,that’s the difference.
And if we as fans are not willing to do what’s necessary then stop whinging about the state of our club.


To do what is necessary??? which is abandon the club, mass protests? Its not realistic and I don’t believe it will ever happen and even if I am wrong I don’t think it would work. Again look at other clubs where they wanted the board out United had a massive campaign…never worked, Liverpool had a smaller campaign.. never worked. Newcastle has not worked. All those clubs complained/campaigned but had full stadiums every week. As I said I would love Kronke to chuck a load of money in and do a Mansour or abramovich but I don’t think he will and don’t think we can say he has to. I also cant see him selling, he had an offer from Usmanov and probably could have got what he wanted but did not so ultimately we are stuck with him.


Unai Emery TEAMtalk

Well first of all,you need to stop being so ignorant and submissive.You’re literally treating Kronke as some sort of dictator wherein he can do what he wants and nothing can stop him.The ultimate decision to sell might lie with him but as an owner if I’m seeing a fall in revenue,espescially from the point of view of fans then I’d sell before my shares drop further and reach to a point where I won’t even recover my investment.At the end of the day what kronke cares about is only profit.

What you’re basically saying is that Kronke can do whatever the hell he wants.imagine this scenario,next season we literally get relegated under him.Do you you think the fans will keep quiet?I certainly don’t.I think a standard and lack of ambition has been created and it’s top 6 for us.Once we start going lower is when the action might start happening.

the specialone


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