‘Pogba needs Zlatan’s sublime arrogance and worth ethic’

Date published: Sunday 5th March 2017 11:22

Arsenal fans hit out at boss Arsene Wenger after the loss at Liverpool, while Reds fans are cautious despite an impressive win and Manchester United discuss their controversial draw with Bournemouth.

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Time for Arsene Wenger to leave Arsenal

Apart from stating the obvious again,it also boggles the mind to see a partnership of Coquelin and xhaka yet again.This partnership has beared no results for us at all, it’s been the worst.Too defensive minded, inviting pressure and getting dominated.

For the one time Ozil was absent,Xhaka really had a chance to make his name.Instead the tortoise dosen’t seem good enough.And coquelin who I’ve defended always is really getting on my nerves.The only good performer was Ox,who under a better manager I feel has the ability to go on and become one of the best in the world.

But apart from that it was the same s*** again. Wenger’s stubbornness to announce he’s stepping down is making me feel he deserves the sack regardless of what he’s achieved at the club.Yes,if you announce it sooner rather than later it does have negative impact on the team.But these players deep inside already know there is nothing to look forward to with this manager and know his time is up at the club.

Do us a favor wenger,and save us all the time of constantly lambasting you.Leave with dignity. the specialone

Not very long ago we had posters coming on here claiming that we have the best squad in the PL, one even stated it was the best Arsenal squad ever.

Since then we lost at home to Watford, were thrashed and outclassed by Chelsea and Bayern Munich, we have now been embarrassed by Liverpool a club that has spent a fraction of what Wenger has thrown away in the past few years.

Subsequently those posters haven’t been seen since, far to embarrassed to show there faces on here, hardly surprising and true to form. Once again we had the wrong players, in the wrong formation adopting the wrong tactics.

The icing on the cake was the omission of our best player simply because he questioned Clouseau’s management and lack of ambition. The Oracle

Great win but what Liverpool actually learned?

Whilst it always good to beat one of the bigger teams we’ve learned nothing new from this match.

We already know we can go and stand toe to toe with any of the big guns and usually come out on top. Our problems have been consistency once again, being unable to beat the teams we “should” be beating.

One player encapsulates that more than the others and that is Can. I thought he had a pretty good game last night. Loved the way he wasn’t afraid to put in a “nasty” tackle or take a yellow for the team. But we’ve seen him put in good performances before against the bigger sides, it’s against the weaker sides we need to see him do it too….consistently.

Unless we can go away and do Burnley too all this is pointless. gingerlfc

So Klopp already has the formula to beat the top 6 teams (high energy, pressing etc). With new players, he will unlock the formula to beat the ‘weaker’ teams that park the bus… in theory nxt season, klopp will have the tools to beat anyone in the league. Or am i being too optimistic ????. redsforever

ITS great we won but I just can’t get over excited as we have no idea what Liverpool team will turn up next week. Sean the sailor

Pogba needs to show more arrogance

All this talk of Pogba needing a leader, a winner, someone to guide him and make him better….. Look at f****** Zlatan for Christ’s sake. Man is a leader, a role model, trains his arse off, plays hard, is a winner!

You couldn’t ask for more from a player and he’s 35. This is a guy who turned down a trial at Arsenal as a teenager because he doesn’t do auditions. Pogba needs just a bit of his sublime arrogance and his equally sublime work ethic and he’d be a Ballon D’Or winner. killyboye

Some Man United stars well past their best!

The holy trio of Rooney Mata and Carrick…everybody can see they are well past it.

Our cb options are frightening,Bailly out of form and the nonsense players like Smalling and Jones doesnt cut it and Rojo can be a liability. Mourinho needs to sort it out next summer but will 3-4 new players be enough? CB,two fullbacks,a proper right winger,two cmf players is the least.

Without Miki our attacking game is abysmal. It has been proved beyond doubt. Zico

Let’s be honest, we have struggled against teams all season, our 6th place is fair. Last week we struggled against Southampton. The difference being in that game we got the bounce of the green and the result. This game we did not. Had the penalty gone in fans would be saying dont criticise the performance, celebrate moving up a place. And some fans would be saying “we’re well on our way to full recovery”.

The core problem is still the same. Most of the team are not up to the task.

@manthistle – Your unholy trinity of Carrick, Mata and Rooney played so according to your statistics it should have been a certainty. This shows your statistics are like those players …… crap.

@TMA – Care to give rating for Mata performance and remind us of his rating last week against Saints. \Still think he’s consistenty top quality?

@emmicallef – We are a work in progress, problem being only 10% of the work has been completed !! MacGuffin

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