Popular footballers and their famous companies

Date published: Friday 6th October 2017 2:53

A problem a lot of athletes deal with when their career ends is the case of no longer having an income, and some aren’t sure on how to manage the situation.

In the majority of cases, athletes are known for the bad investments they make during their lifetime. They have the habit to spend a lot of money on parties and they try to support their friends, even if their budget does not allow it.

But there are athletes who are also successful businesspersons, and people should inspire from their story.

They know how to manage their money and in some cases, they do a great job. There are athletes that have grown big brands around their business, and they have success even if their careers have ended. Here are some examples of successful businesses run by athletes.

Have you tried the fragrance line promoted by David Beckham?

David Beckham is considered one of the best soccer players of the world, but he is famous not only for his athletic abilities, but also for the many activities, he gets involved into. He has great modeling skills that have brought him a lot of money. While being a football player he took part to many projects and recently he even purchased a soccer field in Miami. So who is going to stop David from being a successful businessman? In case you do not know, one of his most successful investments is his fragrance line, because men from all around the world want to smell like him in the hope that they will have his success.

Have a glass of David Ginola’s Wine

David Ginola was considered one of the best torment defenders of the world, and he was famous for the smooth moves he made on the field. Everyone remembers him from the mazy run he did in the FA Cup against Barnsley. But alongside being a midfielder for Newcastle United and Aston Villa, he is also considered a successful businessperson, because he decided to invest in his own vinery. He bought a winery in the South of France, and he receives great income from this business. The quality of his wine is recognized around the world, and in 2008, his Coste Brulade rose wine received the silver award at the International Wine challenge.

Ryan Giggs and his Hotel Football

Ryan Giggs is known as the most decorated sportsman in the history of British football. He has won every prize that can be won in this game, and when he decided to retire, he invested in a successful business. He opened the Hotel Football close to Old Trafford together with Paul Scholes, Gary Neville and Phil Neville. But his investments do not stop here, he also opened Café Football in Westfield Stratford, one of the largest shopping centers from London. The restaurant is located close to the Olympic Park and it is famous for the football based dishes.

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