Portsmouth fans not seeing red

Date published: Monday 8th June 2015 10:14

A sponsorship deal between Portsmouth City Council and Emirates had led to a proposal to repaint the Spinnaker Tower in red and white, the club colours of Portsmouth’s fierce rivals.

The decision provoked a huge backlash among Pompey fans and led to the launch of an online petition which received almost 10,000 signatures.

And in a statement on the Portsmouth City Council website, council leader Donna Jones said: “I am pleased to advise that after working with Emirates over the weekend, and having spoken to Mark Catlin, chief executive of Portsmouth FC, and other key stakeholders, we are working up a new design for the tower.

“The design will reflect the city’s heritage.”

Pompey supporter Alex Judd, who set up the petition, said: “The council have listened are now working on a new design for the Spinnaker Tower branding.

“In just under a weekend, we’ve made our voices heard and stopped the shambles of the red and white.”

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