Power Rankings: Alternative PL table after week 26

Date published: Monday 15th February 2016 9:32

Phillippe Coutinho: Helped Liverpool to big Power Rankings score

West Brom, Liverpool, Stoke City, Sunderland, Chelsea, Tottenham and Watford were the weekend’s biggest Power Rankings winners.

In Power Rankings, we award points from 0.5 to 10, decided by an algorithm based on bookmaker odds and winning margins.

It rewards teams scoring lots of goals and also those defying expectations but sees odds-on favourites penalised for sneaking past inferior opponents by the odd goal.

Week 26

West Brom – 8: Everton had 33 shots against West Brom, who managed only five, yet scored with the only one of them that hit the target to somehow claim a 1-0 win at Goodison Park. The Baggies were the longest-odds winners of the weekend.

Liverpool – 7: Liverpool, meanwhile, were odds-on to win at Villa Park yet racked up the second biggest score of the weekend in the Power Rankings with a 6-0 win over the Premier League’s bottom side.

Stoke City – 6: After three successive 3-0 defeats in the Premier League, Stoke were outsiders to win at Bournemouth on Saturday yet coasted to a 3-1 win to maintain their lofty Power Rankings position.

Sunderland – 6: Once upon a time, a team in the bottom three beating Manchester United would have been an enormous shock, but so average are the Red Devils these days that Sunderland claim only six points for seeing them off at the Stadium of Light.

Chelsea – 5: Like Liverpool, Chelsea were odds-on favourites to win at the weekend yet chalked up a decent score with a convincing victory, 5-1 against Newcastle United in this case.

Tottenham – 4: It says everything about what a good team Tottenham are these days that their win at Manchester City earns them such a modest Power Rankings haul. They were only 29/10 to prevail at the Etihad Stadium.

Watford – 4: Given Crystal Palace had already gone eight Premier League games without a win, Watford were perhaps overpriced to win at Selhust Park on Saturday. Still, we can only go by the odds, meaning the Hornets get the same amount of points as Spurs.

Arsenal – 3: It may only be worth three points in the Power Rankings, but make no mistake about it, their win over Leicester City was an enormous one in the chase for the Premier League title. Game on.

Southampton – 3: Now up to sixth in the Premier League, Southampton have certainly come through their rough patch. A 1-0 win at Swansea City on Saturday made it six league games without a defeat.

West Ham – 1.5: The Power Rankings leaders looked certain to lose at Norwich City after going 2-0 down, yet they left the pitch disappointed not to win. West Ham are well in the race for a Europa League place.

Norwich City – 1: With Sunderland winning, Norwich will be left ruing a massive missed opportunity, but their point against West Ham at least moved them out of the Premier League relegation zone.


Power Rankings

Team Power Rankings Points Official Points
1. West Ham 77.5 40
2. Leicester City 72 53
3. Stoke City 61.5 36
4. Tottenham 59.5 51
5. West Brom 55.5 32
6. Manchester City 52 47
= Watford 52 36
8. Everton 51.5 35
= Southampton 51.5 40
10. Crystal Palace 50 32
11. Arsenal 47.5 51
12. Newcastle 47 24
13. Liverpool 45 28
14. Manchester United 44.5 41
15. Sunderland 42.5 23
16. Bournemouth 39.5 28
17. Norwich City 37.5 24
18. Chelsea 35.5 33
19. Swansea City 32.5 27
20. Aston Villa 27 16

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