Predictions: Apollo Junction talk music and back Leeds to stun Liverpool

Date published: Thursday 3rd September 2020 6:04

Upcoming Leeds band Apollo Junction discuss their exciting plans ahead and sit down for a chat with us about all things Leeds United as we look ahead to their Premier League return.


TEAMtalk: How did you come to support your club and what are your favourite memories from your time as a fan?

Jamie: I’ve supported Leeds since I was little. My dad was a Bradford fan but the rest of my family supported Leeds and all my mates at school.

So my dad gave up trying to make me a Bradford fan and took me to my first Leeds game as a kid in about 1990, I can’t remember the match but I remember the atmosphere at Elland Road. My first real memory is the title winning season in 92. My mum, Dad and friend Anna all went to watch the parade in Leeds city centre. I was tiny but it’s very clear in my mind seeing the trophy and team at Leeds Town Hall surrounded by thousands of people.

There’s too many memories after that, both happy and sad but the sad memories have definitely made the happy moments better. This season has been fantastic, the football, the passion from everyone involved in the club – there’s no other team like it. It’s impossible to describe. Leeds isn’t just a football team, it’s more than that. The city lives and breaths it.

The band I’m in, Apollo Junction, have been lucky enough to be involved with the club. We played at the Centenary celebration, at the Player of the Year awards show and also at the Josh Warrington World title fight win. Incredible times. We know how lucky we are to be involved. One day they might even let us kick a ball on the pitch…


TEAMtalk: Who have been your favourite 5 players for your club historically?

Jamie: That’s such a hard question, we’ve debated this for hours before in our tour van. Right now Batty, Chapman, Yeboah, Radebe, Phillips. But there’s so many others. Both from the past – like Hunter or Gray or more recent.

It’s an impossible question to just have one answer. I had the entire 91/92 team on my wall as a kid. They gave out huge pictures with the Yorkshire Evening Post newspaper every week and they went straight on my wall.


TEAMtalk: What do you make of the current team? What are your hopes for the season and where will Leeds finish?

Jamie: This year’s team have been brilliant and fully deserve to be in the Premier League. The additions we’re making are clever. I’m really optimistic that we’ll finish top half… but let’s be happy staying up and just enjoy it.


TEAMtalk: What three players are you most expecting to shine for Leeds in the Premier League?

Jamie: Luke Ayling, Kalvin Phillips and Jack Harrison.


TEAMtalk: What signings would you still like the club to do between now and the end of the transfer window?

Jamie: We’re already making them. The players we are signing are massive additions/ I can’t believe the quality that are joining us. The management team are doing incredible things and having Bielsa in charge and bring such a big team is making these players want to join us.


TEAMtalk: What match are you most looking forward to and why?

Paul Pogba, Kalvin Phillips TEAMtalk

Jamie: All of them, being in the Premier League again has been the dream. I suppose that little game on December 19 [v Man Utd] will be interesting…


TEAMtalk: In your own words, describe what Marcelo Bielsa means to you?

Jamie: He’s changed everything for us. The man is incredible as a manager and it’s obvious that he is as a person too. In 20 years when all this is just memories, we’ll explain to our kids all about him as we stand by his statue outside Elland Road. It will happen. He’s already a legend.


Leeds to shock Liverpool in opener

TEAMtalk: It’s the small matter of Liverpool away up first. What will the score be and how will the match go?

Jamie: It’s a crazy way to start the season isn’t it… I have no idea what will happen. Let’s go for a 4-3 Leeds win!! No matter what though we’ll enjoy it.


TEAMtalk: What’s going on with you as a band at the moment?

Jamie: We’ve been as busy as we can be with no gigs going on. During the last few months we’ve released two new singles, which have been our most popular tracks. We’ve also announced some huge shows for next year with supports to The Kaiser Chiefs and festivals including The Isle of Wight Festival and Bingley Weekend.

We also have our own biggest ever hometown show in Leeds centre on Saturday 20th March 2021. Tickets are on sale now.

You can order our debut album on special edition vinyl for a early Autumn release too.

We’ve also spent a few weeks recording new music and have a brand new single called ‘Borderlines’ on 11 September.

People can find us in all the usual places online. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. It’s a really exciting time for the band but we need people to keep supporting us. If you like our songs, tell people about them. Spread the word, word of mouth is vital to bands nowadays – especially as we can’t gig and play in front of people at the moment.


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