Predictions: Man City, Liverpool & Tottenham to win

Date published: Friday 5th February 2016 1:51

Manchester City: Tipped to beat Leicester City

Manchester City, Aston Villa, Liverpool, Swansea City and Tottenham have been backed to win in the Premier League this weekend.

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As well as Mark and some of our other writers, a different band or artist will also be making their predictions each week, giving you the chance to not only beat the TEAMtalk journalists but also some famous faces from the world of music.

Our latest predictions come from Jay Davies, who provides vocals and plays lead guitar for The Hummingbirds, Wayne Rooney’s favourite Liverpool band. New single ‘Knocking On My Door’ is released March 18 –

Week 25 Predictions

Manchester City v Leicester City: Mark 3-2, Jay 2-1

Aston Villa v Norwich City: Mark 1-0, Jay 1-0

Liverpool v Sunderland: Mark 2-1, Jay 2-0

Newcastle United v West Brom: Mark 2-0, Jay 0-1

Stoke City v Everton: Mark 2-2, Jay 0-1

Swansea City v Crystal Palace: Mark 1-0, Jay 1-0

Tottenham v Watford: Mark 2-1, Jay 4-0

Southampton v West Ham: Mark 1-1, Jay 1-1

Bournemouth v Arsenal: Mark 1-1, Jay 0-3

Chelsea v Manchester United: Mark 1-1, Jay 0-0

Five from Jay Davies

How did you come to support your club and what are your favourite memories from your time as a fan?

I came to support Liverpool by having it drilled into me as a child. From as early as I can remember, my dad used to get me up on a Saturday morning and walk to the game, which was just up the road at the time. Being on the terraces every week is just a feeling that you can’t compare with any others really. I love it and always have done.

My favourite memories would have to be all the great times it has brought me throughout my life. All the finals and trophies etc. It’s not just the football. Being a Liverpool supporter, you get to see the world, and if you’re lucky enough travel to these destinations with your best mates. Its great. It’s a way of life. ‘A Certain Romance’.

My favourite away day would have to be Madrid away. We made the trip to the Bernabeu and were able to beat Madrid by Benayoun scoring a header down at our end. It was a great time to be a red, especially after all of the Madrid fans thinking they were going to turn us over before the game. They were nowhere to be seen after it. They must have all fled home while we danced around the Spanish streets greeting passers-by by singing loudly in our famous Liverpool accents.

Who have been your biggest heroes during your time supporting the club?

I guess everyone would expect me to say Steven Gerrard here, and don’t get me wrong the man is a legend, but for me my all-time hero would have to be Luis Suarez. Closely followed by Fernando Torres, despite breaking my heart.

I don’t think we will ever see a footballer like Suarez again. The man is a genius and it was an absolute pleasure to go and watch him play in the red shirt. I’m sure in years to come I will be telling my kids/grandkids about just what Luis done for the club, just like my dad does for me now about Barnes, Dalglish, Rushy and all the rest of the Liverpool greats.

What do you make of the current team? What are your hopes for the season?

The current team is really average. There is no other way to put it really. I can’t work them out. Week in, week out, they seem to turn up with a different mentality. It’s very irritating and frustrating as a fan. Especially as the majority of my wages seem to end up in their pockets!

One week we can beat Man City/Chelsea etc. The next week follows by being held to a draw at Villa. Hopefully Klopp will be able to sort it out in time. I think the first thing he needs to do is dispose of our goalkeeper. The man installs panic into the rest of the team. He can’t catch it, he can’t position himself, he can’t distribute it.

‘He ain’t a Liverpool player’. That’s a saying you hear a lot up here by the locals, I think we just have such high expectations of the team so when you see someone not making an effort or making simple mistakes that cost us the win week in week out, then I guess we speak our minds.

While I’m criticizing too, I also don’t understand how Jordan Henderson is our captain… Maybe that’s why I play guitar for a living, but sometimes I honestly think I’d put a better shift in than some of these players, Christian Benteke being a prime example. I think some players now just don’t want to know and it kills me to see it, especially when they are in our team.

As I’m writing this, Newcastle’s deal has just fallen through with Jose Enrique… Explain that… Personal terms…The man would rather sit in the stands pretending he’s a Liverpool player taking home £70,000 a week, than actually going to play first team football for another club. Wow! I’ll bore off now! If any Newcastle fans are reading, I’ll come and play for you at left back, I’ll do it for nothing and I’ll put in a solid shift!

Everyone has a soft spot for another team. Who’s yours and why?

Barcelona…Luis Suarez…

What’s going on with you at the moment?

There is a lot going on with the band at the moment. We are busy crafting our team and are almost ready to release our first album. Its been a long wait for us, but it was vital that the right team was in place to make us progress as we aspired to. We have a single coming out next month and just next week we are about to hit the road for the first time this year. Touring starts in Norway and eight dates later ends in London. Exciting times for all of us!

As for me, I’ve been busy trying to write some new material for the group and find some new artists to help inspire some of these new tunes. We have a few new ones in the pipeline now so hopefully we will be able to showcase them during the upcoming tour.

Last time

Whitecliff bassist Paul Bates got five out of his 10 predictions right in midweek, one less than our man Mark. ‘Who is Beni’ is still the overall leader in the league with 518 points.

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