Predictions: Man City v Liverpool theory; another loss for Solskjaer, United

There is no agreement on the huge Man City v Liverpool tussle at the Etihad, but this week’s Premier League Predictions is backing Leeds and Tottenham to enjoy away wins – but the problems will stack up for Man Utd.


Each week our writers take on a different band or artist by making their Premier League predictions, while you can join in the fun using the story comment facility (below) or Your Say forum.

This week’s challenger is rapper Sharna Bass. Can the massive Arsenal supporter – whose latest single ‘Murda’ is available to listen and download – get the better of our Marshy?

Last time out, DJ and music producer Majestic took us on – and there were a few pretty bad calls made.


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Matchday 8

Brighton v Burnley (Friday, 5.30pm)

Sharna: 0-0

Marshy: 1-0


Southampton v Newcastle (Friday, 8pm)

Sharna: 1-1

Marshy: 3-1


Everton v Manchester United (Saturday, 12.30pm)


Sharna: 1-2

Marshy: 3-1


Crystal Palace v Leeds United (Saturday, 3pm)

Sharna: 1-2

Marshy: 1-1


Chelsea v Sheffield United (Saturday, 5.30pm)

Sharna: 3-1

Marshy: 2-0


West Ham v Fulham (Saturday, 8pm)


Sharna: 2-0

Marshy: 2-0


West Brom v Tottenham (Sunday, 12pm)

Sharna: 1-3

Marshy: 0-4


Leicester v Wolves (Sunday, 2pm)

Sharna: 1-1

Marshy: 2-1


Manchester City v Liverpool (Sunday, 4.30pm)


Sharna: 2-1

Marshy: 3-3


Arsenal v Aston Villa (Sunday, 7.15pm)

Sharna: 2-0

Marshy: 3-1



TEAMtalk: How did you come to support the Arsenal and what are your favourite memories from your time as a fan?

Sharna: I came to support Arsenal because my twin brother became a super fan when we were around 5 years old and showed me the way!  My favourite memory was winning the Premier League with Thierry Henry up front.


TEAMtalk: Who have been your favourite five players for your club? (Historically or currently)

Sharna: Henry, Ian Wright, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Santi Cazorla, Patrick Vieira!

Arteta has ‘weaknesses to sort out’

 Mikel Arteta

TEAMtalk: What do you make of the current team? What are your hopes for the season?

Sharna: I think we have a strong team but still have some weaknesses we need to sort out. I like Mikel Arteta and what he brings to the club and I hope we finish top four.


TEAMtalk: Everyone has a soft spot for another team. Who’s yours and why?

Sharna: West Ham, due to my older brother supporting them. In my house I always had to watch the games by force! Also ‘Bubbles’ was the first football tune I learnt!


TEAMtalk: What’s going on with you as a musician at the moment?

Sharna: I have a new tape dropping soon which I am super excited about!! Can’t wait to just share all my hard work with the world! Stay ready!


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