Predictions: Woeful defeats for Man Utd and Spurs

Date published: Friday 18th September 2020 1:57

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Tottenham’s misery will continue at Southampton, Man Utd are tipped to lose at home to Palace, while this week’s Premier League predictions are torn on the result between Chelsea and Liverpool. 


Each week our writers take on a different band or artist by making their Premier League predictions, while you can join in the fun using the story comment facility (below) or Your Say forum.

This week’s challenger is Butch Dante, rhythm guitarist for The Imbeciles. Can the Crystal Palace fan get the better of our Marshy?

Last time, Al Greenwood, the drummer from the band Sports Team, was in the hotseat. See who came out on top here.


Matchday 2


Everton v West Brom (Saturday, 12.30pm)

Butch: 2-0

Marshy: 2-0


Leeds v Fulham (Saturday, 3pm)

Butch: 3-1

Marshy: 2-0


Manchester United v Crystal Palace (Saturday, 5.30pm)

Bruno Fernandes, Marcus Rashford, Paul Pogba Man Utd

Butch: 1-3

Marshy: 2-1


Arsenal v West Ham (Saturday, 8pm)

Butch: 2-1

Marshy: 3-1


Southampton v Tottenham (Sunday, 12pm)


Butch: 0-2

Marshy: 1-0


Newcastle v Brighton (Sunday, 2pm)

Butch: 2-0

Marshy: 1-2


Chelsea v Liverpool (Sunday, 4.30pm)

Frank Lampard; Jurgen Klopp

Butch: 0-2

Marshy: 2-0


Leicester v Burnley (Sunday, 7pm)

Butch: 2-0

Marshy: 1-0


Aston Villa v Sheffield Utd (Monday, 6pm)

Butch: 0-1

Marshy: 0-0


Wolves v Man City (Monday, 8.15pm)

Butch: 0-3

Marshy: 1-1



TEAMtalk: How did you come to support your club and what are your favourite memories from your time as a fan?

Butch: I’m from Lewisham so there aren’t many options. Obviously I’m not going to support Charlton or Millwall, because I like watching proper football players playing proper football. So that left the Palace!

My favorite moment from Selhurst Park has got to be last season’s game against Villa when the local constabulary (not even our own lads) handed the visiting fans a ten-out-of-ten spanking for being naughty. How we laughed. Pure gold!


TEAMtalk: Who have been your favourite five players for your club? (Historically or currently)

Butch: Chris Benteke. People give him a hard time but we win more when he’s playing and I bought his signed match shirt for £300 and if you think I’m going to stop wearing it just because he’s a STRIKER who doesn’t score GOALS you’re having a laugh!

Mamadou Sakho. Even though he’s French! Brilliant tackler and he has the best chant (mama-dou, dou, dou, you are never getting through etc.)
Wilf Zaha, obviously. He’d be next level at any club and the fact that we’ve been lucky enough to have him play for us for as long as he has is amazing. Even though he wants to leave. (Or as Pat Benatar put it: “heartbreaker, dream maker, love taker.”)
Jordan Ayew. LEGEND!
Roy Hodgson (youth player, 1963 – 65). He started at Palace as a moderately average youth squad player, but never made the first team (too many Benson and Hedges and pints of Double Diamond, Roy, eh? eh?)  And now he’s home again. What a story! You couldn’t make it up. He’s not just the oldest manager in the Prem, he’s also the nicest. Where’s his f***ing knighthood?!


TEAMtalk: What do you make of the current team? What are your hopes for the season?

Butch: We’re due for an absolutely amazing season and Europe and silverware are a virtual certainty. What? Oh, sorry, I thought we were talking about City. Yeah, as a Palace we’re always focused on the priorities from the off – not getting relegated.

Fortunately, Fulham and West Brom have two slots booked already and many, many Brighton fans have told me they are going down. Sad!


TEAMtalk: Everyone has a soft spot for another team. Who’s yours and why?

Newcastle fans: Taunted by Sunderland

Butch: Newcastle. Proper Club, real fans, always a fixture to look forward to, and the way they have been treated by their owner is absolutely disgusting. Good on them for staying up and playing attractive football at the same time. Not like Brighton. The sh**ters!


TEAMtalk: What’s going on with the band at the moment?

Butch: Good question. We’re in the studio in Brooklyn right now working on new material and then we’re recording an album with legendary music producer Youth in January.

Also, we have a single about football out now, called Sunday Leaguer, and people seem to quite like it, which is not always the case. So yeah, life is good. EAGLES! EAGLES!


Watch the band’s new single Sunday Leaguer here.

Stream Sunday Leaguer  on the TEAMtalk Spotify playlist.


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