Pulis backs ‘different’ Fletcher to succeed as a coach

Ian Watson

Darren Fletcher: Likely to stay in the game after retirement

West Brom manager Tony Pulis believes his captain Darren Fletcher is a “little bit different” to most players and will make a great manager.

Fletcher joined the Baggies last February and Pulis has spoken with the former Manchester United midfielder about moving into coaching when he retires.

He said: “Fletcher is coaching/management material, he has got that in him, and one day hopefully he will do that.

“A lot of the top, top players earn so much that they can go away and have early retirements, work for the media, work for the press, so we don’t tend to regurgitate them from great players into management.

“Fletch is a little bit different. I think (from) speaking to Darren he would like to get into coaching and would like to get into management and I certainly say the lad has the potential to be very good at it.”