‘Hopefully he’ll knuckle down and work hard to prove Jose wrong’

Date published: Thursday 6th April 2017 9:00

Our readers debate if there’s light at the end of the tunnel for Luke Shaw, Granit Xhaka receives rare praise from Arsenal fans and Ragnar Klavan is blamed for Liverpool’s draw.

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Some of ‘Wenger Out’ banners might be genuine

There are photos of Wenger out banners appearing everywhere. Just seen one in a New Zealand v Fiji match where there was hardly a person in the ground.

Two tribesman in Africa cooking some animal they had just hunted and killed. It’s a shame in a lot of ways because some of them just MIGHT be genuine but everyone will assume they are photoshopped in as the one in the now defunct Pepsi Ad so obviously was.

I suspect if we clinch top4 the club will announce Wenger is staying within a few minutes. If we don’t make it they will announce it at the end of the season. The protests will then continue. Palace next up and that won’t be easy.

The Oracle


‘Of course it’s not easy Arsene, you muppet’

“It is a good challenge [to achieve a top-four finish] but I think it is perfectly possible,” the Arsenal manager said. “I have done it for 20 years and it looked always like nothing. Suddenly it becomes important, so I am quite pleased people realise it is not as easy as it looks.”

If ever there were a couple of sentences that sum up how far removed from reality our manager is and how little he (probably intentionally) understands what the fans are upset about, it’s these.

Of course it’s not easy Arsene, you muppet. If it was easy, you wouldn’t be getting paid £8m a year (for a job you’re doing poorly anyway) and few people apart from you and the board care as much about finishing in the top four as you clearly do. We just want to see you taking the team forward and if you think that’s too hard, then just do the decent thing and walk away – we will survive mate.

Al The Gooner


Xhaka starred against West Ham

Granit Xhaka: Has so far struggled at Arsenal

Much, much better performance all round. Yeah, it was West Ham and they’re on a poor run of form themselves, but we’ve been playing sh*t against everyone. It was the first game I’ve seen for a while where it felt like there was never any doubt that the three points were ours.

Oz and Sanchez were linking up well, giving Theo the armband seemed to rejuvenate him and he was chasing everything.

Xhaka had his best game for us so far and while still not a £35m performance, we saw a bit of what made him an exciting purchase in the first place. Martinez wasn’t really tested (which, the way our defence have been this season, is definitely a positive thing) but it will do his confidence no harm at all to have kept a clean sheet, especially as it’ll be a few games before Cech or Ospina are back.

All in all, Wenger has managed to turn what should have just been a routine win into something that felt much bigger, but it was nice to enjoy watching my team play again.

Al The Gooner


‘Something isn’t right behind the scenes’ with Costa

Diego Costa: His antics have upset some Chelsea fans

All of a sudden everything is fine in this forum. what a difference a win can make !

Thick the clock back to the past 24 hours and you will think Chelsea might have already lost the league let alone that game. Personally i don’t want to focus the performance of individual players. but i was happy how we played as a team last night.

Hazard was the standout performer. You have to feel for Costa, at the moment he is struggling for form which is a concern. We all know what he is capable if his head is in the right place. but we play with 11 players and every player will make their contribution at some point in the season.

Costa was superb earlier in the season, but he is now struggling. Could that China bid had any effect on his head? i hope not but it looks like that way. Something isn’t right behind the scenes.



Origi in the firing line

Divock Origi: Grabbed Liverpool's third in derby win

Origi frustrates me. My heart says there is a good player in there that will improve but my head says this is the player he will always be… What an I getting at?

His off the ball movement is poor. If you compare the really good strikers they move intelligently off the ball creating options, dummy runs offering angles and ghosting into spaces. When I watch origi off the ball he rarely does anything interesting like this.

Don’t get me wrong when he gets the ball at his feet he is quite good and shows good touches but its when he doesnt have the ball that shows how average he can be.

Even firminio has better off the ball movement and he isn’t a striker. Origi needs to work on his off the ball ability.

Yes he scored but Wijnaldum put it on a plate for him, it wasn’t really as a result of his intelligent running. Sorry if it comes across as harsh but I see it time and time again with Origi and I dont think i’m the first to notice it.



Klavan at fault again

I think Origi had a decent game and held the ball up fairly well mwake.

I think his all round play could get better, my issue more with him is his finishing ability, 2 other chances to score and get his foot on the end of ball. Not easy but a top striker may have done just that. He could be a squad player but is he willing to accept that for too long, not from the odd media comment (if you believe it).

However again Klavan was at fault for the the goal and I still struggle with the fact that we let Sakho go and play him when neither Lovren or Matip are always available (we could’ve kept Sakho and then sold him end of season and no I don’t think he would’ve upset the squad balance, if not we should’ve bought another defender).



Klopp not at fault for draw

Two individual errors cost us three points the manager can not account for that, can he?

My question is why is Gomez not getting a game ahead of Klavan? its easy for me to say if Gomez played we wouldn’t have conceded the second.

Also Klopps critics say that his training methods lead to more injuries (maybe some truth to that) the last six months have been ravaged by injuries. I think most of us can agree what our first 11 are, how often have we been in a position to put that team out. Yes all clubs suffer from injuries and it is easy for me to be bias towards LFC but i feel we have a real problem in this area.

Could it be Klopps regime? Maybe or it could be a combination of factors. In any case i was expecting a better injury record this season given we had less games to play.

Top 4 is still very much a possibility and i am quietly confident we will make it.



Klopp to blame for Bournemouth draw

Jurgen Klopp: Celebrates win over Everton

I’m blaming Klopp for that, honestly it filled me with dread seeing us line up with a back 5, I had zero confidence at keeping Bournemouth at bay after Klopp made that sub.

I can watch my national team play in that way, no problem, they got the mentality for it. You can bombard them for weeks and still they will not concede.

Its our way of play, sit back, take the bombardment and score from set-pieces. I have not seen Liverpool do that for decades, why now?

You got the shortest team in the league and you want to sit back against Bournemouth and take the punishment. FFS we always concede from set-pieces, its idiotic to try this approach.

The team needs to close down, control the play, the only way we are not conceding goals ATM is when we actually have the ball. WTF Klopp?



Pep’s City tinkering under fire

Peps over tinkering is taking the p*** now.

If he played his best players in there best positions it would be a lot easier for us all. How can it be we have changed our team the most out of anyone in England this season but it still feels like we have under-utilised the squad.

What an underwhelming season it’s been. No confidence before any game anymore and seems like we could concede everytime the opposition goes forward. Our players seem knackered and lack of confidence.

FINALLY Kompany plays but watch him be benched next game. Iheanacho one of our biggest positives from last season nowhere to be seen all season. A horrible goalkeeping situation because Hart wasn’t even given a chance. Nasri on loan having a good season.

Aguero ruined from him trying to turn him into a Pep player. De Bruyne having a poor season for his standards because he’s being played out of position same with Fernandinho.

Does he not believe in substitutions? Mostly always ineffective, too late, wrong player and hardly ever uses all 3. Yet again another season of no youth given a chance, one of the so called best academies in the world and none given a chance ever, not even in cup games anymore.

Don’t tell me Maffeo wouldn’t do a good job at RB or Sancho wouldn’t do a better job than Navas. Lost to Monaco because of Peps stubbornness. 5-3 and ruined it before a ball was even kicked. Leroy Sane is the only positive I can take from this season. I want to like you Pep but you’re making it really hard for me.



City are ‘improving’

I am not at all despondent…we are improving, we will get better.

A clear out is now certain at the end of season and we may not like some of the “outs” but the sqaud does need changeing and strengthen..

We must keep playing until the end of the season……very well. Hull…will be after at least one point…this is no easy game.

We need to be all fired up and start scoring, we have enough in the squad who can put the ball in the net, do not leave to Augero every week.

Brian blue


‘Mourinho is not a coach’

Awful man-management going on here. Why play someone if you hate them that much. If you don’t like them or their ability…. you don’t play them… you say to the guy in private…. it’s time for you to go.

But then… Mourinho could do something totally out of character here… he could coach the kid and improve him…. I forgot… sorry…. Mourinho isn’t a coach… He buys in players who are already top notch and expects them to slot into his team. He’s like the ultimate fantasy football manager.

Pick the best players and expect them to do their job. If I were Shaw, I would be going to the PFA and demanding action….. Mourinho is utterly destroying the guy in public…. It’s completely unfair that he is getting picked out of the entire team for such personal attacks.

But then… Mourinho is just a classless, nasty man. I can’t wait for this horrible man get the sack, as it is just one long torture to watch him managing my club



Hope for Shaw

Good to see from him, at 21 not having the greatest football brain isn’t the worst thing in the world, not having the graft and fight to correct that it.

Hopefully he’ll knuckle down and work hard to improve and prove Jose wrong.

He’s got bags of potential regardless of what I’ve said in the last few days and I hope he cements his place in the first team in the next few weeks and seasons


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