Readers claim Liverpool boss Klopp is no better than Rodgers

Date published: Tuesday 22nd August 2017 1:24

A Manchester United fan claims Jurgen Klopp is no better than Brendan Rodgers, while Arsenal supporters bemoan lack of defensive improvement, all in Your Says of the day.

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Klopp is no better than Rodgers

@shanksy – Its very unfortunate to hear you’re leaving before you realize that Klopp isn’t a good enough manager for Liverpool. He’s been hyped by the media but is no better than Brendan. Klopp’s managerial profile: Bizarre expressions and coinages – 20 percent. Annoying, distracting sideline theatrics – 30 percent. Running around like headless chickens – 40 percent. Pulling funny faces – 5 percent. Tactics – 5 percent. That’s why he’s flopped more (six consecutive) finals than any of his contemporaries. United dodged a German bullet by not falling for Klopp’s flaky theatrics and hiring him! Put as much effort into enjoying your retirement as you have all the years you’ve been posting on this forum.

theMartial Art

Arsenal are in a ‘serious mess’

So 3 games in and we are in big trouble already. Players want to leave, Wenger wants to sell players but they won’t go and then theres Ozil who we couldn’t give away in a raffle. Our defence is woeful and has been for years as I keep stating, some people keep telling me its OK and we don’t need anyone – WRONG! Koscielny is injury prone and past his best, Cahmbers and Holding not really CD’s and theres talk of Mustafi leaving (can’t afford to sell him). Gabriel who wasn’t good enough has gone and Mertesacker can’t be relied upon for the entire season. Its a non-brainer unfortunately we are dealing with a manager with no brain. Xhaka just isn’t the answer in midfield especially with Ozil in the side. We are in a serious mess due to neglect and a manager who knows nothing about defending and doesn’t think its important. Its only going to get worse.

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Oxlade-Chamberlain won’t come to Chelsea to sit on the bench

Think that if any left back or left wing back is signed, it’s as backup to Alonso. Not sure the Ox would like to bench warm and he’s just been offered a massive pay rise so let’s see what happens. Keeping the likes of Ake, Chalobah, RLC and Abraham would have negated the need for us to splurge but that’s water under the bridge now. Hectic 11 days left. And another very tough assignment against Everton on Sunday awaits. I see Atletico have instructed Costa to make peace with CFC before they sign him. Ha…the longer this goes on the more of a dwoos Diego looks.


Where has all the money gone at Palace?

To follow up from Punch in a previous post I would like to know exactly how much we have spent so far? From reports, Riedewald cost $8.5mill and that’s it, so where is all the money? I keep hearing reports from FDB and Parish we need another 3 signings but so far nothing. I do have a feeling they may be trying to get Sakho for $20-$25 mill. but then again it’s only my guess and the closer we get to 31/8/17 the more I doubt it will happen especially if we ever sign only one player. Once again where is the money? We stay up receive payment from the TV rights, can’t get extensions to the training ground done, no approval yet for re vamping Selhurst but wait we can afford more support staff and have hired Doogie as Sporting Director. All support staff with no player injection. Sounds like a public service Department? Also what has happened to the new owners injecting money into our club that too has gone silent.



Coutinho will have to earn back the trust of the fans

Shanksy, I didn’t need to be told that they were behind it (but I’m glad to hear it coming from other sources), it’s so typical of them. They arent the power that they once were though and Coutinho is going to find that out if we draw them in the CL.

He let us down and will have to earn back our trust this season, after that I imagine he’ll go but if he does a Suarez as plays the best season of his career and helps us get where we’re going in the process then fine. Suarez very nearly helped us lift the title. it was no fault of his that we didn’t manage it in the end and we all remember how much he wanted to leave us with that. Who can forget him breaking down at the end?

I don’t expect the same from Coutinho though as I don’t think he has the same drive and raw determination that Suarez has. Coutinho doesn’t have the passion to take him to the next level, so honestly, I’m currently thinking just how much we can get for him next window.

Our own problem is that we are looking like we’re going to coast it til then and spend his transfer money on the positions that we should be fixing now without havign to sell him.



Guardiola substitution changed the Everton game

Everton clearly targeted Sane lack of defensive guile and it paid dividends – very reminiscent of last season, lots of possession, a lot of chances, not very clinical in front of goal and away team snatch something with a defensive mistake.

That said positives is Peps substitutions changed the game, I thought Danilo did very well because unlike Walker and Sane (who were playing wing backs he committed defenders with over lapping runs – just like Zabba used too). In addition Sterling was terrifying Everton every time he got the ball

I’d really like to see a side with Mendy Walker playing full backs and Sane and Sterling providing width and coverage in front and behind – I think this would not only stretch teams but make it far less congested in the middle which it was tonight.



How will Manchester United do this season?

Premier League: Top 4. We’ve made a good start to the season, but I’ve got concerns about squad depth and how well a team that’s fairly new will cope with adversity. If we’re in for the crown, we need a season with few injuries at minimum. I’d be a lot more comfortable if we added a few new relevant faces.

CL: Usually, JM is a strong cup manager (CL with both Porto and Inter, Europa League with United etc.) and this’ll be a priority. With some luck in the draw, we could make the last four.

League Cup: I don’t care all that much; no relevant thoughts on the matter.

F.A. Cup: I don’t think it’ll be Mourinho’s priority. For this reason, an unlucky draw could see us leave the tournament early.


Martial will feel he deserves a start against Leicester

The old cliche is not to change a winning team and Mourinho didn’t the last time but interestingly we’ve scored 5 of the 8 goals with Martial and Fellaini on the pitch in place of Rashford and Mata. That may very well be down to the opponents tiring legs but I’m sure Martial will feel he deserves a start this time around. Mourinho obviously likes Fellaini but I’m hoping he’ll resist the temptation of using him as anything but a plan B or C. Leicester, however, are a physical side and another interesting point is that Mkhitaryan only came alive against Swansea when he switched to the right when we went 4-3-3.

I’d love to see us really going for it by keeping 4 attack minded players ahead of Matic and Pogba in the middle but if Jose feels he wants added protection in midfield (no need at home against Leicester if you ask me) I’d rather see Herrera or even Pereira (not likely) instead of Fellaini. I’m still predicting the same line-up with the possible (and deserved) inclusion of Martial in place of Rashford or Mata. I’m also hoping that we’ve already got the points wrapped up with 10-15 minutes to go so that Mourinho can give Lindelof a run out to see what he’s really made of. I’m guessing he’ll be on the fringes til Christmas at least, possibly the whole season but he’ll need minutes to get accustomed to playing for United if he’s going to make it here.


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