If Neymar is worth €222m, then is Eriksen worth €167m?

Date published: Thursday 16th November 2017 2:23

Arsenal’s upcoming schedule is scrutinised, plus the value of Christian Eriksen and the importance of Marouane Fellaini are all discussed by our readers.


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Fellaini winning over critics

In a funny way he’s won me over…or at least turned my utter contempt to reluctant tolerance. He’s got his uses as a Plan B in a crisis but if we’re going to get where we want to be and playing the sort of football we all want to watch then he doesn’t have a part to play in our future. I still find him uncomfortable to watch and he sets my teeth on edge but he can definitely leave with his head held high.

Wonderfuel gas

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The importance of Eriksen

Eriksen is top quality and as important to Spurs as Alli or Kane. He is only 25 so just entering his prime. Hard to imagine anyone is worth £150M + cant get my head round that, but I would imagine he would command a very significant fee, depending on how long he has on his contract.


If Neymar is worth €222m, then surely Eriksen is close to €167m given his performances this season. He’s finding consistency and goals that he didn’t have before


A newly promoted side has beaten Real Madrid recently. Can we say the players that scored are world class? He has been in this league for 4 years and now he is begining to show his class yes. You can say Chelsea and Unite d had shown more desire than Madrid. His success will always be measured on his performance on the top 6 PL games. And so far Alli and Kane is far ahead of him in that sense.


Right… lets stop this nonsense now shall we… Simply no way he’s worth anything more than about 60 million. Is he as good as Bale was when Madrid were sniffing? No chance.

Is Alli even the player he was last season. Not where near it yet.

Kane is a very good footballer but not world class yet as he’s pretty pants for England against Sh*t sides. Goals to date…

Lithuania, San Marino, Switzerland, Turkey, Scotland, Malta, Slovenia and Lithuania.

Scored against France and Germany in a dead rubber… Lets reserve the hyperbole of England’s over valued shit cast and crew after the World Cup next year when Southgate will again load the team up with donkeys and Cart horses and the likes of Ali and Kane choke like they’ve done for the past two years chasing teams for the title. Sorry guys, Cant say anything positive about England players or Sp*rs…


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Banana skin for Liverpool

Seems our only major fitness worry for this game is Mane. Not including Clyne as he hasn’t kicked a ball all year.
That provides us with a great squad to pick from.
Think I’d go with Migs, Gomez, Matip, Moreno, Hendo, Can, Lallana, Salah, Firmino, Coutinho.
Not sure if Lallana is ready to start a game yet but here’s hoping.
Prob best to rest Mane for this one if there’s doubts over his recover especially seeing we have good options.
Maybe a bench role for him.
Could have serious options of the bench for this game.


It’s a must win game in order to ensure that we gain a bit of momentum and belief within the team. However, a couple more stupid goals conceded and we’re back to square one!



Tough run for Arsenal?

Arsenal’s next 4 games are: Spurs(H); Burnley(A); Huddersfield(H); Man Utd(H). I cant see anything more than 4 points out of that little run. Spurs will hammer us and Man Utd will no doubt keep a clean sheet and win 1 or 2 nil. A point at Burnley will be a good result and we should beat Huddersfield but it wont be easy. If Im right this will see us firmly ensconced in mid table with the top 4-6 long over the hill and away. Its not looking good for the Whinger Boy is it?

The Oracle


Tipping point for Conte?

I doubt Conte has either the clout or motivation to remove a financial director from the Board and I suspect his interface with an FD would have probably been minimal and for those reasons I can’t see why it would be considered a positive for Conte.

Some interesting changes going on at Board level which as 1905 suggests probably has more to do with getting things right at the top in preparation for the next decade.

As for Conte leaving to manage Italy he wanted out of international football and wanted the day to day involvement of club management and despite I am sure being flattered by the clamour in Italy for him to return to hike previous role on the back of Italy’s non qualification for the World Cup I think it’s very unlikely that Conte will change his mind and if Conte was to leave Chelsea it will probably be for another club role.

Currently given everything that’s gone on I still think it’s favourite that Conte will leave in the Summer but if the club gave Conte final say on comings and goings and a direct line in to Roman that could change things around and Conte could stay.

The Summer imo will be the tipping point.

nine nine nine

Blimey, talk about conspiracy theories, maybe he just fancies a change of job, after the best part of 15 years at the club he may just want a new challenge.
No idea how old he is but you would presume he’s financially comfortable and may just want to enjoy life rather than working


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Spurs owed gratitude…by Arsenal?

It hurts to say this but we might actually owe the Scum some gratitude. For years, Wenger hid behind the money factor, claiming that he was doing a brilliant job considering his budget and Chelski and the Manchesters’ lack of one. Poch and co are showing that up to be absolute bollox. No, they haven’t won anything but they’ve been doing something we can only dream of and at least putting up a fight. Chances are that we’re stuck with Wenger until 2019 (at least) but the more his excuses are blown out the water, the less tenable his position becomes. Even our useless board have to have a breaking point.

Al the Gooner

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