‘Simon Mignolet now proving a points winner for Liverpool’

Date published: Monday 17th April 2017 8:20

Manchester United and Chelsea readers react to Sunday’s clash at Old Trafford, while Liverpool fans hail the team’s toughness and Arsenal supporters are still not happy.

Jose’s tactics spot on but still Chelsea’s title to lose

Utd played well and pulled together as a team.

Chelsea were poor throughout the match. Interesting comments from Jose and he seems vindicated with his idea that Chelsea are a great counter attacking team but lack ideas if they have too much of the ball.

Costa is a complete t*** and a disgrace to football. His head has gone again.


A tactical victory for Mourinho yesterday, dull and defensive as expected but tactically superior to Conte on this occasion.

Chelsea won’t be unduly worried, United had to stifle them on their own turf to get a result which shows how far they’ve fallen.

Mourinho is at his best tactically when the underdog and with low expectations. He thrives on stripping the game of quality and focuses on his players winning individual battles. Case in point Hazard and Herrera.

Looking forward Chelsea might need to make sure they’ve got an effective plan B in place next time they face a lesser club.


the momentum is with Spurs but Chelsea still have a 4 points advantage and home games v Southampton,Watford,Boro and Sunderland and if they could win all of those that would give them 87 points which may still just be enough with Spurs having 4 games away and 2 at home v Arsenal and United but the title is won over 38 games not 28 and if Spurs win it as well they might it will be well deserved.

nine nine nine

I think the title remains Chelsea’s to lose. Wont be many teams who can outplay them left before the end of the season. Nerves will only kick in if Spurs close to within 3points of them with a few games left to play.

If Chelsea drop points to Southampton & Spurs beat Crystal Palace, who may be drained having faced Liverpool two days before if I’ve read the fixture schedule right, things could get very interesting at the top of the table.

Psychologically the FA Cup tie on Saturday could give momentum to whichever side comes out on top. Will be an exciting end to the season & may the best team win.


Rojo produces the goods to frustrate Costa

I must admit I was one of Rojo’s biggest critics but he’s emerging as one of United’s best centre backs. I have been impressed by some of the much improved displays from Rojo this season, though I think he should calm down a little with some of his flying tackles.

I think we should keep him in the squad beyond the summer. It’s the sicknote Phil Jones who should leave in the summer and is replaced by a world class centre back.


He’s never been as bad as smalling and jones in terms of making big mistakes which have cost us goals. I think he is a typical jose player now, always up for the fight and can be dirty at times.

Compare him to Jones and smalling who get bullied in nearly every game. Rojo also has a decent passing game. However he is a 3rd choice centre back for a club like man utd unless he improves big time


Since we will probably have to pay the likes of Jones and Smalling to leave,We should all hope Rojo keeps improving!.Average at best.Lindelof or Gimenez this summer!.


Too many other holes to fill to be spending 40 mill on a CB this summer redblood. Midfield, striker, winger and full backs first mate.


Liverpool tough it out; Mignolet now a points winner!

Wow, the last thing I’d have expected in that game was us to tough out a 0-1 win & to score from a set piece.

I’ve only seen the result at this stage but that’s 2 wins in a row at grounds I’d have been happy to snatch a draw, especially with the amount of injuries we have.

We know what’s coming next week as well so hopefully we will rise to the occasion again. We need to keep winning as manu don’t look like dropping many points & it’d be a disaster if they took 4th & won Europa.

Surely to god we will have some better luck with injuries, with players returning & no more on the treatment table.

Awesome win though, great stuff.


How costly is the miss by Milner or Moreno? Our goal difference is only 1 ahead of City, 5 ahead of United and 7 ahead of Arsenal.


The team is showing it has balls now. I thought we were very good yday. We look fresh. Some players luck really fit. Winji makes lung bursting runs in the last few mins if every game. Can is playing like the beast we know he is. He’s winning a lot of midfield battles. Firminio looks fresh so maybe we are now seeing the fruition of klopps harsh training methods.

Such a big win yday. I thought we were excellent and mignolet is now making ,arch winning saves. Really great time to shot some form. I thought Origi dud really well yday. He held up the ball well againest two tough centre bsvk said.

Gabra, I’ve been keeping an eye on goal difference is a well mate. We are still ahead on goal difference which is good. Clean sheets are vital now.

Sean the sailor

Mignolet is now becoming a points winning goalkeeper, his saves have won 5 points against Chelsea, Stoke and West Brom recently.

Was especially impressed by his punching yesterday.

I sincerely hope he can keep up his good form until the end of the season and beyond (at Liverpool)


Moreno is brain dead!

Let’s have a vote, in his boots who would have passed to Can or Studge or gone for goal?

I would have gone for goal too. ☺


That single incident epitomises everything about Moreno…..brain dead.

Not only did he make the wrong decision but he couldn’t execute the decision he did take.


Arsenal are in a complete mess

what a mess we are in.top 4 went a while ago,and i’ve given up on a lot of players i thought were better than what they really are. the only player worth keeping is the player most
likely to leave, sanchez.

we need two new central defensive midfield players in next season, and i think the likes of coq,elnemy,wilshere,rambo, etc now must be sold, or at least keep one or two max. i also
think that mustafi needs a new partner in defence and the way it’s going we are going to need 7/8 signings for the first team alone.

i know i’m glutton for punishment in getting myself two tickets for next sunday’s semi-final but i’ll get behind the team even though i cannot see whereby citeh aint going to score 2 or 3 against us. hope i’m wrong but we are so, so in decline ATM.

we need change from top to bottom at the club and i think if wenger does sign a new contract (already signed for me) then you could give him a billion and he would still mess it up.


Woken up then steve68 and realised Wenger has created anything but the best squad in the PL. It’s taken a long time for some but just about everyone on here has now woken up.

As for Kronke how exactly does he take money out of the club, he can’t take any money until he sells his shares and with the sp falling and certain to fall even further just how is Stan making money. Pray tell.

As for Wenger at least you’ve wised up to the fact that it doesn’t matter how much he spends, in fact as I’ve been saying, the more he spends the worse we get. Another 2 years of this fraud will see us firmly ensconced in the bottom half of the table.

The Oracle

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