Arsenal fans claim Wenger has taken the club backwards, not forwards

Date published: Wednesday 29th March 2017 4:28

Readers question whether all will end well for Liverpool this season, while West Ham would be ‘crazy’ to sack Slaven Bilic.


Sturridge the man for Liverpool’s run-in?

It’s sad to say but I’ve totally given up on Sturridge and now and the chap is gone. I was hoping beyond hope that he would stay fit and get a run in the team but he’s done with us. I watching a game from a few years back against United when we won 3-0 at Old Trafford and Sturridge was unplayable. He’s not rated by the coach, he cant stay fit and he’s lost a bit of pace. Very disappointing as on his day he is atop top class but those days are very rare.

Klopp clearly doesn’t rate the lad. Under another manager he might get another chance to prove himself but i think its over for him now. He could have reached the very top but injuries have just killed the lad. Such a huge pity as i loved watching him play. He was so good in skinning players in tight situations but we haven’t seen that much this season, His best game of the season was against Leicester back in Septemeber.

sean the sailor

Fourth is most definitely possible. However this weekends match v Everton and our away match v West Brom are two obvious games where we may drop points.

Lallana missing 4/5 of our last 9 games is a big blow not just in terms of what he brings to the team but also in terms of sheer numbers. The squads looking thinner by the week and our inability/reluctance to sign someone in Jan could hurt us more than it already has.



Dier to United

Let’s just hope the latest rumour linking us with this overrated f**ker is nonsense. And whilst on the subject of overrated, did anyone else enjoy watching that other overrated f**ker Kante being given the run around by the almost 33 year old Iniesta last night?


Another extremely overrated English player. Spurs can keep him, Kane too. Yes he is better than Carrick [too old],Fellaini and Herrera, but we want better players i.e. Verratti, Vidal, Koke etc.



Podolski on Wenger

I take it Lukas Podolski has never heard of George Graham, or is he another that just thinks English Football only began at the same time of the Premiership.

Arsenal were already signing world class players like Dennis Bergkamp before Wenger came along.


Wenger has taken Arsenal backwards, not forwards. He has delivered a new stadium but he sacrificed creating a successful team by not investing in the pitch. What will his legacy be? Pretty but relatively ineffective football. The creation of 4th place trophy and non contact Wengerball. Arsenal may dip when he leaves and finish 7th or 8th for a few seasons but in the long run it will be for the best, if they appoint a winner as successor. Wenger has turned them into nothing, they used to be winners.

Johnny Utah

Arsenal were once the No. 1 club in football full stop. Too many of these characters and too many of our Neo-fans actually think Arsenal hadn’t won a thing before Wenger turned up. The Gunners held the record for Div1 titles until Liverpool and then United overtook them. Johnny Utah is correct Wenger is taking the club backwards and 2 more years of this clown could well see the end of Arsenal as a top4 club for a long time to come. Sad but true.

The Oracle


How do you solve a problem like no Eden?

Eden Hazard: Opened the scoring for the Blues

It’s a question that nobody wants Antonio Conte to be answering but we would probably be foolish to believe that the club haven’t worked on a worst case scenario in respect of Hazard and a potential solution to this problem if the unthinkable was to happen and Real actually do put a circa £100m plus offer on the table and Hazard says he would like to talk to them.

Hazard would be a very very difficult player to replace but no player is bigger than the club and we’ve had to replace lots of great players before.

If the unthinkable were to happen I would like us to try and sign Bernardo Silva from Monaco but I truly hope it never comes to that.

nine nine nine


Bilic under pressure

Am I the only one who thinks this would be crazy? The amount of crap going on at the club he has had to put up with (owners scattergun approach to transfers, crazy injury problems, moving to new stadium, last seasons player of the year going on strike) the club should be happy with a mid table finish.



Overrated Koscielny

I feel the term world class is often overused, and to qualify as a world class player you have to meet all the conditions required to do so.

Koscielny’s footballing ability as a defender is right up there no doubt.His reading of the game, interceptions,tackles and one on one situations.

However good his footballing ability is, that much worse his mentality is.He has to be the weakest mentality “top defenders” out there.He has no character, and provides no leadership.His lack of appeal for decisions is mind boggling.

I was watching the France vs Spain game yesterday, in a game where video technology was being tested for the first time it was all cancelled out by the penalty that was wrongly awarded to Spain. I think Deulofeu it was that literally runs into Koscielny and is awarded the penalty.The most disappointing thing to see was Kos not even appeal for it.This is not the first time,he does it almost every game where his lack of appeal shows guilt.Worst was against Chelsea when he tried to act like a warrior and got right back up after literally being slapped around by costa who should have been sent off for thing you know one of our won player is walking towards the tunnel.

Koscielny is one of the smartest alongside one of the dumbest defenders out there.Time and again he’s popped up with important goals, but at the same time he accepts defeat and capitulates because he doesn’t know how to win a game.You have to question sometimes whether he even cares enough to win the game. Doesn’t seem so.Also given the armband to him is more of an embarrassment for the club than it is for himself because not once have I seen him show leadership.

Hence, great footballing ability but not world class because of his weak mentality probably born by the club/manager he plays for.

the specialone

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