Readers question whether it is Coutinho’s time to step up

Date published: Sunday 2nd April 2017 12:55

One Manchester United fan is ‘sick to death’ of other fans feeling sorry for Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial, while an Arsenal supporter reckons Wenger ‘micromanages’ his Arsenal staff and Merseyside derby reaction.

Wenger needs to stop ‘micromanaging’ his Arsenal staff

Wenger is in a comfort zone. He does not perform and yet remains in a safe environment that he has created.
Just look at the decline in Arsenal. We no longer can defend, or players are demotivated and have no mental strength. Tactically we are inept and easy meat for any attacking sides.
As a manager these are Wengers responsibilities, yet he fails dismally.
I love Viera, but will Wenger allow him to “manage”. Bould is no Monkey, yet the defense has regressed under him. I personally don’t think Wenger allows others to work, without him “micromanaging”. Arsenal are in crises, we must change now. In my mind this can only happen when Wenger leaves.
We can all see the decline in the club. Today against City is our last chance( remote I know ) to hang on to the top four group. I don’t think we will make it, but as an Arsenal fan I still hope.
Whatever is said on this page, is said by passionate Arsenal fans. We don’t always agree and that’s good. It makes us measure our opinions against others.
One thing though is that we all cannot deny the present(for Al), “Elephant in the room”. Arsenal are in trouble. Time for a new approach, a new manager is the starting point. Action now is paramount.



Batshuayi ‘offered absolutely nothing’ against Palace

Costa at least created chances, but what did Batshuayi does? He offered absolutely nothing and I think that RLC should have been sent in instead of Batshuayi.
Do not forget that we should have a penalty from a blatant handball of Townsend. A bit sad though that the ref did not go to our favour eventhough we were playing home, a lot of decisions went their way. Their defensive midfielder should have been sent off already.

Anyway, credit where its due. Palace defended well, took perfectly advantage on our defensive mistakes, and also even created some other chances even though we had complete domination and result could have gone our ways in so many occasions.
And I also feel that we always have problem when we play a team having a tall striker or a striker very strong in header. Benteke troubled Luiz and Azpi almost every time he got the high ball.



Great win for Liverpool against ‘pub team’ Everton

Great Win against Opponents that resembled a Pub Team out there,They had no Gameplan other than to inflict injury to our players,Some really good performers out there in Red Shirts,Can,Lucas and Lovren stood out for Me,Couts is starting to show His form after what has been a pretty poor few weeks for Him,Mane at times proved to be a handful and How the Pub Team finished the game with Eleven Men only Anthony Taylor knows.



Great performance from Coutinho, now he needs to step up

Best three points of the season, kudos to Coutinho, he really stepped up today, my MOTM. We have been asking for him to step up and deliver and its great seeing him come into form, his confidence should be peaking right now. Goal for Brazil followed up with a stellar performance against the Blues. I really hope he can step up now and become a more influential player for the club, he has in the past hid away when the going got tough but having signed his new deal the pressure is on him to deliver.

I thought we just looked fitter out there, outplayed Everton in every way, ruthless going forward. I was also impressed with Arnold, he got right on the beat, unlucky not to have scored. I prefer seeing him play central than at rightback, it will be interesting to see how he develops.



Man United should try to sign Griezmann and Lukaku

I said it before Tom,we are so near and yet so far.

I agree with your valuation and to give it more weight this is the number 18/19 game undefeated ?,which is not worth anything but at the same time is sort of just behind the ‘green door’ scenario.

I also agree with your go and get Griezman yesterday before tomorrow,although I believe that the Zlat can still be the means to the end eventually.Contemporary,I would also make a try for Lukaku,unless there is something in-between him and Jose.

It irks me quite a lot when I see posters still living in la la land with wishes for Chicharito,Evans,Welbeck and others who are in the same average standard of what is currently available at the club.It shows how expectations from being sky-high under Sir,are now way down below that top level.

Saw the pathetic Everton display against Liverpool and I bet you any amount of tomatoes that they will somehow raise their performance to top notch come next Tuesday.

Sir would have used that scenario to raise the player’s blood to boiling point,but that was yesteryear.



‘Sick to death’ of fans ‘feeling sorry for Rashford and Martial’

I’ve got to disagree with negative football part. Apart from yesterday’s home draw in all the other games we’ve created chance after chance. It’s just been bad finishing and that isnt down to the manager. Jose is right about one thing though our attackers disappear for too long in games. They will do something good and for next 10mins you don’t see them.

As for blind and Shaw as left back? They both are not good enough, I see more commitment from ashley young then either of them two clowns.

I’m actually sick to death of all this feeling sorry for rashford and martial. Is this a nursery or sumat? Come good or p**s off. Rashford played 3 games up top and hasn’t scored a goal and missed plenty of sitters. There is just too much hype over our youngsters. Martial does one good thing and you don’t see him for next 20mins. They are actually lucky that they play so many games.



Mourinho should be ‘open to criticism’

Jose is making the same mistake after mistake. This is the same thing LVG and Moyes were guilty of so why should he be let off the hook.

He’s had this job since July and been watching this squad since probably this time last year as he was jobless and being lined up for the job so he should have knew the weaknesses of this squad and for me the honeymoon period is over.

He could have spent the money in the summer more wisely instead of blowing a gigantic chunk of it on Pogba.

Everyone talks about missed chances blah blah blah but when you have killed the confidence of your 2 best back up strikers Martial and Rashford and banked on ZLatan to bail you out every game this is what happens go look at PSG and see how many goals Cavani is scoring since Zlatan left now he feel he has the confidence of the manager.

I always believe you should have 2 or 3 top strikers and rotate them to keep them fresh like Fergie used to.

I have not said once that Jose should be sacked but it doesn’t mean that he is immune from criticism and when you play Fellaini over Blind and Fosu- Mensah in the deep lying midfield role or when you decide to make defensive subs at 1 – 0 handing the game back to the opposition as seen in recent weeks in my book you are open to criticism.

When the same thing happens again and again you have to start looking at the manager as well as the players.


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