No excuses for Man United now ahead of transfer window

Date published: Thursday 25th May 2017 11:34

Our readers react to Manchester United’s Europa League success, Arsenal fans bemoan their lot in life, and Harry Kane is issued a challenge.

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Kane needs to do it on biggest stage

Over 70 goals in around 90 games speaks for itself. He does need to show it next year in the CL and hopefully for England. I truly think though he is world class at this point, and could be considered in the top ten strikers in the world.


Man Utd can be proud of season

Job done. A highly professional performance when I was expecting it would be much closer and tenser. Well done to the team on being so level headed and almost android in performance today.

When we started the season, there were 5 pieces of silverware available to us and we bagged 3. Winning this game was imperative for us having thrown the league.

In the end, I am disappointed in the general quality of play we have shown in the penalty box this season but I think we can walk away somewhat satisfied with our results.


Very professional job that. Would certainly not have impressed the football snobs but a job well done nonetheless and a second trophy in the bag. It’s a good foundation to build on now and Mourinho will be relatively pleased with his debut season despite the football not being great the past few weeks.

It’s far from an elite trophy but a much more satisfying way to get into the CL, in my opinion, than top 4 in the league. Nobody remembers coming 2nd, 3rd or 4th but you never forget winning a trophy.



Would rather come 6th and win a trophy and get cl then finish 2nd,3rd or 4th mate. Last night was all about winning, who cares how you play in a final once you win. Jose wins these games all day long

Big win for Utd and caps off a very good 1st season for Jose and Utd

Sean the sailor

Meanwhile, the Manchester City response…

Not one to talk about those outside the city limits, but if you won the Europa league, a definitive second level competition. Would you not just shake hands,salute the fans who travelled, and say – there’s more to come boys! rather than parade it like you’d achieved something at that point? Happy to debate any visiting Man Utd fans on the subject..


No excuses for Man Utd now this summer!

What a solid performance. Smalling and Blind had a very confident game. Smalling actually won most, if not all, his aerial duels (I think he’s made a case to Jose). Valencia and Darmian were class. Fellaini was unplayable and Herrera, my man of the match and season, broke up everything good Ajax could have produced. Rashford ran the channels all night long. Mkhi and Mata played well.

So proud of Manchester United and Jose Mourinho.

Now, we have no excuses for next season. Champions League proper means we can definitely sign the best players available. No need to sell the dream of a good future. The future is here…in less than 3 months!

Ed, go and sign Jose’s primary targets and lets go and get our trophies back next season!!!


‘The Longer Wenger Stays The Worse It Will Get’

We have an inept manager who doesn’t know if he will be there next season (so he says). We have a poor side who don’t seem to care if we win or lose half of the time. We have overpaid over indulged players who only think about money and their next contract. We have a poor defence with half of them injured. We have a BofD who are living in cloud cuckoo land. WE have a majority shareholder who is so hands off he might as well not exists. He contributes nothing and is happy for a bunch of Old Duffers and an egotistical fool to run or rather ruin the club. Ive said it before and I’ll say it again. ‘The Longer Wenger Stays The Worse It Will Get’.

The Oracle

Arsenal won’t replicate Man Utd Europa success

So I hear a lot of Arsenal fans saying that if we take the Europa league Seriously we’ll win it now that we are in it.How arrogant is that?First of all I just wanted to say that winning the Europa league is much tougher than people think.It will be a good achievement if we do win it since it’s a direct route into the CL and honestly it’s the closest we can come to winning a trophy in europe. Make no mistake about it though,it is not for elite clubs.The fact that you’re in the europa league proves you’re not an elite quality wise at least in that period.

There’s no doubt about it, we should have a strong enough squad to compete on all fronts.But our club’s decline has already started.We have been the only failure in the PL.All of chelsea,man city,Liveprool,Spurs,Man united have far far far better managers than we do and all of them have changed to that in recent years and now they’ve all qualified for the CL and we haven’t.This is not a joke, it’s about damage limitation now.Both the board and wenger have to leave to see any shot at success from next season onwards.

In my personal opinion, we still won’t win the Europa league.In fact it’s almost impossible considering the condition of our club.I expect better teams to be in it next season than they were in this one.We have a poor mentality to go all the way and somewhere along the lines we’ll falter. Such is the state of this club.


Lallana vulnerable in Liverpool summer reshuffle

Adam Lallana: Set for a month on the sidelines

It all depends on whether Klopp gets his first choice targets, if he does as I said I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Lallana (for example) on the bench. He can still come on and contribute or start where required but the important thing is that some of these guys won’t be regular starters as we have no other quality options.


Milner the man Liverpool fans want

I’d suggest that Milner can cross better with his bad foot than most of the team can do with their good one. Whatever about anything else that’s been said here, let’s not forget Milners salary. WE all want him in the team, even if we disagree about what role we want him in but I think his high wages may dictate whether or not he moves on this summer.


‘I would never trade Klopp for Mourinho’

hopefully we get into champions league playing the exciting football we can… I would never trade Jose for Klopp and their playing styles, Klopp could probably be more pragmatic at times but I am thankful that we have a manager that actually loves and is passionate about the game instead of being obsessed with winning.


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