Readers question why Jordan Henderson is still Liverpool captain

Date published: Thursday 3rd August 2017 12:42

Arsenal fans debate whether it’s best to let Alexis Sanchez leave Arsenal, while some Liverpool supporters ask why Jordan Henderson is captain, all in Your Says of the Day.

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Liverpool have a ‘scary’ first team if they keep Coutinho fit

Whilst I can’t possible agree about Everton having a better chance of challenging than Liverpool winning the title, I do think Everton have done extremely well in the market this year and Rooney may well end up being a good signing if he gets his head out of his backside with the new challenge ahead of him.

Liverpool are a little lightweight however they have a scary first team if they keep Coutinho fit and having Klopp and a very good big-game mentality is always a major help if you’re chasing the league.

Still way too early to predict a league winner, one can say Man City look the best equipped at this point in time however it only takes a crazy few days in the transfer window to turn that upside down.

Sympathy for the Devils


Letting Sanchez leave is a ‘no brainer’

He should go, it’s a no brainer:

1) There are top AMs for sale this summer. Get 50m for Sanchez, buy Mahrez and lemar for £30m net after the sale.

2) Why get lacazette used to playing with a player who won’t be at the club for long. Fresh start from this season makes sense.

3) Too negative at the club if Sanchez and the ox are leaving next year. Morale will be low all season and their off field contract talks will be distracting.

4) He’ll probably go to Man City who already have Bernardo silva, David silva, Jesus, sane, sterling and de bruyne as AMs. Strengthening a strength, his effect there won’t be as significant as it would for other sides.

5) He’s played soooo much football in the past few years, World Cups, copa americas, confederations cup – with his style of play, he must be close to burn out. If he’s human, his performance is due a drop this season.

Desperate that our idiot manager doesn’t see it like this.

New Era


Neymar transfer is a ‘disaster’

Really seriously disaster are words I equate with the Neymar transfer. Ultimately it means players like Hazard et all will now fetch massive premiums. Jose is right in saying it’ll push prices up for average players, he’s just shelled out 40 million on Matic. How much would Juan Mata be worth now? Gareth Bale? It’s simply ridiculous and unsustainable. Really strange last few days.



Why is Henderson the Liverpool captain?

Jordan Henderson – Captain of LFC – Why ??
Sideways passer, finger pointer, terrible penalty taker, can’t defend in a central mid position, scores the odd screamer but has absolutely minimal composure on the ball, doesn’t create much, runs a lot, has high pass completion stats as he always passes the safe option, … etc.
I really wish we had signed Keita because I don’t think Hendo would keep his place.
Perhaps he might be ok at right wing back.
I realise this is getting to be an annual shout but captain – why ?

Just my opinion of course!



Keeping Coutinho more important than getting Van Dijk or Keita

Keeping our best players is always more important than signing new players (even they are star players).

So, keeping Coutinho is more important than getting VVD or Keita. Under Rafa, we became stronger every season because we can keep our key players. Until Rafa sold Xabi in 2009, the team collapsed. Rodgers nearly won us the title in 2013 but once FSG sold Suarez, the team broke down. Hope FSG can learn from it. Key players like Suarez and Coutinho CANNOT be sold at any price.

We must try to keep Coutinho as long as possible. End of story.

Football Scouser


Still enough in the kitty for one more signing at United

Happy, I reckon we have about 150 mill to spend each summer, tops. Last year we spent 90 on Pogba and about 30 each on Miki and Bailly. I think Mourinho probably wanted more players but there was no more money, so he brought in the relatively cheap Zlatan option. This year we’ve bought Lukaku for, let’s say 80, Lindelof for 30 and Matic for 40. That’s our 150 done. But because we unloaded Schneiderlin and Memphis in Jamuary, and Januzaj this summer, I reckon there may be another signing left in the kitty. If we don’t buy anyone else, our net spend will have been about 100 mill. In Citeh terms, that’s two full backs. As for protracted, we were haggling with Madrid over our second choice striker for weeks before we eventually bought our third choice, we were linked with Lindelof for almost 12 months before finally buying him, and we’ve been negotiating the price of Perisic all summer after, apparently, being put off by the price of Fabinho. And yes mate, I think there’s still plenty of deadwood.


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