‘Heads must roll at Chelsea over embarrassing Lukaku miss’

Date published: Monday 10th July 2017 7:31

Chelsea fans are angry at the club’s failure to sign Romelu Lukaku, while Philippe Coutinho’s PSG link and Wayne Rooney’s influence on Man Utd are also debated.

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‘Rooney had a much bigger impact on United than Cantona’

N1xer – Let’s take a slight step back shall we? I’m not trying to upset anyone by saying Wayne Rooney is the best player I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch live.
I’m not trying to rub anyone’s nose in it when I say, for me, Rooney had a much bigger impact on Manchester United then our beloved Eric Cantona. Their goal tally just doesn’t compare (and I believe Cantona was a striker?!).

Rooney is synonymous with all of United’s recent success. The fact he played with Van Nistlerooy, Tevez, Berbatov, Ronaldo, Hernandez, RVP and Zlatan just shows his longevity.
Wayne Rooney is the greatest youth talent England has ever produced, he conquered all before him both domestically and on the international stage.

I respect that the older generation want to remember Charlton and Best as the greatest and that’s fair enough, I’m not going to challenge that.
But football is all about feelings and I have to say that Wayne Rooney has given me the best emotions and feelings that I’ve experienced as a Manchester United fan. I have no idea why he divides options amongst some fans but, for me, he is unequivocally the best I’ve ever seen.

Just when Keane, Scholes and Fergie left – today is a very sad day for me as a United fan. One of my favourite ever players has moved on.

Tommy – if a ten tonne truck…



Why Rooney divides opinion…

saying Wayne Rooney is the best player I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch live.
@happyhurling – Perfect example of how your excess spin combined with p*** poor English makes you look silly. Initially you simply said ‘greatest player ever’, you never mention who you had seen live.

Rooney had a much bigger impact on Manchester United then our beloved Eric Cantona.

And you measure this by the simplistic yardstick of goals scored. Cantona was the difference between us being also-rans and champions. He was the catalyst that brought the title to OT after 26 year wait. Rooney did not have that effect.

And Cantona made men out of our young players, inspiring them with passion. Rooney did the opposite almost. When Rooney was captain we produced the most uninspiring passionless football ever seen for 2 decades and more.

the older generation want to remember Charlton and Best as the greatest 
Best was on a different planet to Rooney. I doubt you will see a statue erected to Rooney. Best Charlton were European Footballer of the Year, something Rooney never achieved. Best dazzled and when he could no longer dazzle what did he do .. he walked away !

But football is all about feelings 
True but your feelings are impaired most of the time through beer and delusions. You won’t post when pissed because your posts wouldn’t make sense. You should apply that wisdom to posts when sober.

The fact he played with Van Nistlerooy, Tevez, Berbatov, Ronaldo, Hernandez, RVP and Zlatan just shows his longevity.
His longevity was down to securing a bumper 5 year extension at wages no other club would pay. Are you suggesting that because he lasted longer than Ronaldo he must be a better player. Or that he lasted longer than 36 year old Zlatan he must be. Surely the fact that 36 year old Zlatan was preferred to Rooney must say how bad he had become.

Rooney is synonymous with all of United’s recent success.

Recently we have experienced failure. At a time we needed leadership, inspiration, creativity the most, Rooney disappeared.

he conquered all before him both domestically and on the international stage

International stage shows us what happens when Rooney is not surrounded by great players. When Ronaldo inspires Portugal to win Euro 2016 Rooney leads us to defeat against the mighty Iceland. Rooney never scored that matchwinning goal to make the difference like Beckham did against Greece.

I have no idea why he divides options
You bloody well should have now !



Coutinho PSG-bound?

Because Maxwell has joined the staff of PSG

Dani Alves is being reported to be joining PSG instead of city

Marquihos,Thiago Silva,Lucas Moura are playing at PSG

All Brazilians love PSG. I do hope the transfer does not go through though.

If it does,i’ll take aurier + kipembe + guedes + 50 m. No lucas moura as it will be a waste of time and pastore as latter beats sturridge in terms of injuries.



‘Liverpool are a European iceberg right now’

As Gul said, a nice piece of incite but I’m still not too worried about it. Liverpool are a European iceberg right now and although on the surface we might look to be of similar or smaller size than them, we’re a lot bigger and I’ll avoid going further with that metaphor and just say that we’re in the ascendancy now and I’ve really felt that Coutinho is buying into our project now more than most.

The language that he used in the awards ceremony and in a few other occasions tells me that he believes in Klopp and like our boss, he also greatly appreciates legacy.

Coutinho was also very quick to get the contract renewal out of the way and without any release clauses also, which he absolutely could have gotten if he wanted but he didn’t because leaving is likely the last thing on his mind.

You can never say never . . but I will say, not now.

Mr Makaveli

‘No chance of Coutinho leaving’

Emre Can & Philippe Coutinho: Both in Klopp's thoughts

Lol, keep trying to convince yourself that he is going. There is no chance of him leaving, the team is not going backwards and the rumored bid is way too low to bring in a replacement.

For fun, can you name me one Brazilian that dislikes Liverpool? Lucas has stayed here for 10 years, Aurelio loved the club, Coutinho always declares his love for the club and fans when he actually gives an interview.

IMO he is one of the lads that could take the captain’s armband in a few years.


All Brazilians ‘do not love PSG’

“All Brazilians love PSG”

Fair enough you could say PSG has a strong Brazilian contingent, but all Brazilians do not love PSG.

If Coutinho wants to move to Ligue 1 the Brazilian contingent at PSG would help him settle in France, sure, but why would Coutinho want to move to Ligue 1 in the first place? To be around Brazilians? Is that what you’re suggesting. That’s not a valid argument.

It’s not a top league, most of the good players who’ve gone do it in the later part of their career. I doubt he’ll leave LFC during his prime for any club other than Barca or Real.

j c

Lukaku miss ‘not that bad’

Think most if not everyone is in agreement that missing out on Lukaku for £90m isn’t that bad. Especially considering we know the price it will take to get Belotti, Morata and even Aubamayang.



Chelsea strategy a ‘joke’

No. I believe we could have got him for 75 million! He wanted to come. We had ages to get the deal done. Until united came in. We didnt even want to pay 75.

We thought we could get him cheaper than that. Soon as they did we matched it? Come on its a joke. Thats not a strategy. Its just not wanting him enough. United payed well over the amount for him but the fact is if we wanted it enough everton would of accepted 75 long ago when united were after morata.

Its our own fault. The only thing imo that can save us from this shambles is getting morata or belotti wrapped up this week. 75-80 mil just do it and move on. Take the hit. We need a striker.

Roman anyone who thinks our new stadium is been payed for by player sales. Just isnt worth my precious time anymore. Its the stupidest thing iv heard on here and iv read some doozeys



‘Heads must roll’ at Chelsea

Michael Emenalo: Slammed Spurs

Somebody at the club must have forgotten that we are back in Europe this coming season.

The squad is no way big enough or strong enough to compete on four fronts plus the Charity pot as well. Maybe Michy will be the main man and do it all on his own!!

Surely Diego Costa cannot be retained now, he would be downright unbearable and we only have to put up with his attitude for 90 minutes on the pitch. Imagine what he would be like to work with, especially if Conte backs down with him and desperately wants him to stay now.

Somewhere, heads must roll unless there are other plans in place. I would have thought Lukaku was as good as signed, sealed and delivered long ago. What did Chelsea have in place, a gentleman’s agreement and nothing else. That Emenalo must be an amateur. Sack him!!



Mahrez or Lemar for Arsenal?

Mahrez was great during Leicester’s run to the EPL, but a bit subdued last term. His dribbling and crosses in dangerous areas will be an upgrade on what we have as wingers. He knows the EPL, hence no adaptation needed.

He is a bit lightweight and has been known not to partake of defensive duties. I have not seen enough of Lemars to comment; his returns last term were outstanding though. It remains to be seen if he can sustain that return of form into the next season.

However since both their respective clubs seem to be holding out for large sums of money, I’d would rather we spent the money on Carvallho or a top draw CB.



I’d go for Mahrez too because of the PL experience but, like Ahmad, I know next to nothing about Lemar.

Unfortunately, we all know Wenger and there’s no way we’ll sign either player unless Sanchez is off.

Al The Gooner


Lehmann to ‘bang some heads together’

Something that seems to have slipped under the radar this week is the news that Jens has come back as a member of the coaching staff. I think its a superb appointment. Granted he has no experience or record as a coach, what I like about the idea is the fact that he absolutely will not tolerate poor standards. He is a man who will not be able to hold his tongue so it will be interesting to see how Wenger tries to control him.

Former players all talk about what a winner Jens is. Perry Groves recalled a cup match against Blackpool on the radio yesterday. Jens had come back to help with a keeper crisis after he had retired. There was a moment when a Blackpool player got above Diaby and almost scored a header from a corner. Lehmann chased Diaby half way up the pitch to grab hold of him and give him a serious talking to!

I for one am all for letting Jens bang some heads together. Anything beats Steve Bould sat in silence for 90 minutes every week



Backroom changes to ‘improve the mentality of the squad’

Andy – I read an article recently, which states all the backroom changes are being made to improve the mentality of the squad.And if it’s true,I sure hope it works.

This team has been too soft for too long.From the manager on the touchline not fighting for his side’s decisions, not motivating the players and simply sitting on the bench looking clueless to the players themselves not contesting for decisions,showing aggression, backing out of confrontations(because they’re probably afraid).In terms of mentality this is the exact opposite one we had a decade ago.I can list out numerous occasions where out team has acted softly but I don’t need to waste my team on that as I’m sure it’s pretty obvious to see.

The reason why our teams were successful a decade ago is because wenger fortunately signed born winners.All he had to do was teach them a bit of discipline to the no nonsense players.Now we have soft players, and wenger still teaches them discipline either ways the aggression from the team is not to be seen.

Jens might just kick some sense into them.And tell them what they need to do to “win” and be “real winners”.

It’s funny we all come here discuss signings, but we all know it really dosen’t matter because the first step is to improve the mentality of the whole club!

The specialone


What about ‘frontroom’ changes?

Well we’ve got a clue as to what “frontroom” changes there will be.

Neither Sanchez or Mustafi are travelling to Australia, apparently due to both having played in the Confederations Cup. Would Sanchez have travelled otherwise? Was Wenger lying when he said would 100% be staying? One could also ask whether the pope’s Catholic and whether bears s**t in the woods.

No real surprises that Gibbs, Debuchy, Jenks and Perez are all missing, as is Szczesny. Chez was pretty much out the door the moment we signed Cech, although interestingly, Ospina is going.

I’ll be sad if Gibbs goes but it’s been on the cards for a while and became almost nailed on the moment Kolasinac was signed. Jenks is another one I’ll be sad to see go.

Debuchy has been little more than a drain on the wage budget and I think Perez was just one of those players that Wenger quickly decides he doesn’t like and then refuses to give much of a chance to. Really feel sorry for the lad and if he is off, I wish him well wherever he goes.

Jack is missing too. I think he’s injured (surprise, surprise) but let’s face it, we won’t be seeing him in an Arsenal shirt again and I doubt very much he would have travelled to Oz anyway.

Meanwhile, Oz IS going to Oz. I’m not sure I’ve ever cared less about whether a player stays or goes.

Can’t really read too much into this. Players who are travelling could still go and players who didn’t could still stay but, until Thursday, what else is there to talk about?

Al The Gooner

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