Readers think Man United should forget about a top-four finish

Date published: Tuesday 4th April 2017 5:00

Tottenham’s title chances are dismissed, while Sadio Mane’s injury, Arsenal’s worsening morale and a new role for Zlatan at Man Utd are also debated by our readers.

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Tottenham’s title chances dismissed – but top four very much on

“To dare is to do!” ?

“It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory.”

Don’t think for one minute we’re going to catch Chelsea, the Fat Lady is simply choosing her hymn sheet, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to dream about. I mean, I’m never going to marry Belinda (especially the young version), doesn’t mean I don’t think about it from time to time….. ?

Anyway, looking backwards in the table and the 18 teams currently below us (don’t get to say that too often!), it’s the gap to 5th that concerns me, not what the team in 4th does…



With Pogba missing, should United use Zlatan in a deeper role?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Pogba is settling in

We struggle to break teams down who park the bus. Everton should at least have one of their players in our half at some point during the match which will create a bit more space for our attackers.

Ironically, we could have done with Zlatan on Saturday because his strength and height was probably the best way to break West Brom down, however tonight’s match will probably suit Rashford more IMO but we all know Zlatan will come straight back in.

With Pogba missing I’d love to see Zlatan play just behind Rashford with Mkhitaryan and Martial supporting, Carrick and Herrera protecting, Valencia and Young as wing backs and Rojo and Blind in the middle.

I’ll predict:

de Gea
Valencia Bailly Rojo Darmian
Fellaini Herrera
Mkhitaryan Rooney Martial



Mane injury highlights just how light Liverpool’s squad is

Sadio Mane: Came off injured in the derby win

Great! Sadio Mane gone for the rest of the season or at least the majority of it. Massive loss for Liverpool.

We struggled badly without him and we will again. It’s a massive blow for us. Badly struggling now with injuries and our own fault that we didnt invest in Jan.

Think we will struggle to beat Bournemouth now on Wednesday too…

Sean the sailor


Liverpool’s record with Mane compared to without has to be a worry for Liverpool fans but since Feb Arsenal have won just 2 games and they were against Lincoln and Sutton and Utd have still got to play Everton, Chelsea, City, Arsenal and Spurs.

If we fail to win tonight then that’s top 4 gone for me and we should throw all of our eggs into the EL basket. I can’t see Everton parking the bus like West Brom did which hopefully should make things easier and if Lovren could keep Lukaku in his back pocket for another 90 mins that would be great.



Top four for Man Utd? Forget it, they just don’t score enough

The story of the season for Manchester United is lack of goals. 9 draws at home has been United’s record in the league – and that is with Zlatan playing. I cannot see them beating Spurs, Arsenal and City away, along with Chelsea at home and it would not surprise me if they struggle against Everton tonight.



I see nothing other than the millioneth draw or defeat! Realistically the only two outcomes at old trafford these days.

I’m sure someone will make a case for a win but I can’t see it. these guys are immersed in the lifestyle of a footballer “ONLY” cars pads you name it.



West Brom need to tie down star men Evans, Foster…and Pulis!

Tony Pulis: In no rush for West Brom talks

As I watched the game on Saturday, the TV commentators mused about how Utd. must regret letting Evans leave and how a team like Arsenal needs a guy like him and how Foster would be soon looking for a better team.

So during this next closed season our new owner has to sit down with TP and declare his intentions. Is he happy, like JP was, to coast along in the Premier League, in which case he may lose more ambitious players, or has he ambitions for bigger and better things?

Firstly, he should IMHO sign up TP. Then he should make sure that Foster, Evans, Dawson, Livermore, Yacob, Brunt, Morrison and Phillips are happy with their contracts and playing regular first team football. (N.B. any of these players could get more money elsewhere, but how often will they play?) Then we need the injection of about half a dozen young and creative players who can one day take over from the aforementioned….along with the Fields, Lekos and other academy players.

The way the game is played today is so different to the past. with what you do when you have the ball being so much more important than basic possession. You see it with Arsenal’s play and it could easily have bitten Utd. last Saturday. So let’s get behind our manager and support him because we are where we are because of him.

Lastly….are you SB lovers still moaning about his treatment and how he’s going to come back and haunt us? This guy has a serious problem, and we are well rid of him. Strange how the whole team has stepped up since his departure.



Wenger has lost the Arsenal dressing room. The players look anxious

Guys- we have a real problem that won’t go away until Wenger leaves- if that does ever happen. Maybe the “re-inventing” himself that he’ll do in the summer consists of injecting himself with some sort of unheard substance to prolong his active life?

But seriously, I saw some of the footage of yesterday’s fights and arguments. Without exception, they emanate from Wenger supporters, I cannot call them Arsenal supporters as they seem intent on obstructing and shouting down those who want him out, by fair means or foul.

There seems to be no age barrier as middle-aged and young were on the warpath, trying to attack Robbie from Arsenal Fan TV. In the ground, I have been threatened by mostly middle-aged men around my age, but the hate in their faces if I say anything against Wenger is a sight to behold. What gets them so angry I cannot fathom. Whatever you think of Arsenal Fan TV, it usually has had two protagonists ( Ty and Claude) from opposite ends of the spectrum, so there is debate.

The AST is a peaceful and non-confrontational movement that does not have hooligans in it. I have not seen one of their marches, in this or previous seasons, advocate violence.

I’ve been persuaded by my two teenage sons to go the the United match next month, primarily as we probably will not see Alexis again. I was going to march with the AST that day, but having seen the violence bubbling, will think again and probably will not subject them to any nasty situation. So attacking marches or threatening people in the stadium will put people off and there’s respectively a smaller turn-out or fewer dissenting voices.

I presume that’s what the club want and then they can say “most want Wenger to stay?”


This sums up my own sentiments right now mate. I honestly don’t think i’ve been this disillusioned about afc since 80/86.

I don’t think we will get top 4 now, and i can’t see us beating citeh in the fa cup semi final. wenger’s lost the dressing room and you can see the anxiety on the players when they have the ball.

Confidence levels are an all-time zero, and i can’t see wenger turning this around. Our fans (a minority) are pathetic. Fighting whether you’re a wenger in or out is pathetic.

I know afc fans who are for and against and we discuss it in a sensible manner. Wenger staying or going might be the cause of it but that’s just a pathetic excuse to want to fight a fellow gooner. I’ve met robbie, claude etc from arsenalfantv and they are good guys. I don’t know why some had the beef with robbie outside the ground because his
questions are fair if you ask me.

My wish is wenger calls it a day soon because that will put all fans at ease,and we could give him the send of he deserves come the end of the season. That’s the only way this poison amongst fans is going to stop.

I can see it getting a lot worse these coming weeks. can’t wait for the season to end least the suffering
week in week out will be over.


When a club of our stature surrenders itself to a manager, then this cannot end well. What has Wenger achieved in the last 10 years that warrants this kind of privilege? Top four? Two cups. Terry Neil went to the cup final, when it meant something three years in a row! When was the last time we actually competed in the ECL? Each time we play a big game, our players shit their shorts! This has been going on for years.

What will Wenger do to change this now, when he has failed miserably over the last several years! If Wenger really loves Arsenal, he should announce his resignation now.

If truly PSG, and now Real are sniffing around, then what is there to worry about? He has ruined everything. Truth be told I don’t really care about who will leave in the summer. Sanchez can also piss off. He also behaves like he is bigger than the club.

I really get going when mediocre players like the Ox is now looking to jump ship. I say good riddance. Ozil has gone backward since joining Arsenal.

Then we have funds wasted on Xhaka, Mustafi, Welbeck, Chambers. The way I see it, mediocrity beckons. This is what I fear the most.



Sakho is great – but he’s burned his bridges at Liverpool

I love Mamadou Sahko, would love to see him back but he disrupted things and was sent home after a few warnings. He then posted some rubbish on twitter at 3 in the morning so he has made his own bed.

He’s gone as far as Liverpool are concerned and I support Jurgen Klopp in this. Its not one mistake, its a few – and for me, there’s no point debating if he should come back in the summer.

Sean the sailor




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