Readers think Matic deal would be a bad move for Man United

Date published: Sunday 30th July 2017 1:24

One reader thinks that the reported deal for Nemanja Matic is a bad move for Manchester United, while a Liverpool fan asks other supporters if the Reds should consider giving the captaincy to Philippe Coutinho, all in today’s Your Says of the Day.

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Man City are going to take some stopping

Stuilse, true enough mate but Pep seems to want to strengthen there I think City are going to take some stopping this season particularly in forward mode even if they don’t sign anyone else.

The one chink in their armoury is possibly in defence still not 100% sure about the Keeper situation but at Centre back if Kompany can stay fit and Stones develops they should be alright the full backs will be better in forward mode than defensively but that’s Pep’s way and offensively the squad look capable of outscoring the competition.

I’m tipping them again for the title as I did last season and it worked well for us then. ? Cheers 999

nine nine nine


Arsenal ‘desperately’ need to strengthen their defence

steve – We desperately need to strengthen our defense,I feel.Not in numbers, but in terms of quality.But wenger has been ignorant and is neglecting that again.To put our trust in mertesacker is ridiculous,are any of the top teams putting their trust on someone so old.It’s just appalling really but what isn’t with wenger in charge.

Where theo is concerned,People need to understand.When a few defend him they’re not necessarily making a case for him to be in the first team, in fact nothing like that.We are just proving that he can be very very useful and to suggest we should sell him because he has not performed up to expectations is just unfair on him.I never expected him to be a ronaldo or something,I always saw him to be useful and he has been.Same as Giroud.

the specialone


specialone.wouldn’t disagree with you on another defender.i personally think we missed out on not selling kos to marseille and going for a van dijk for arguments saying all of that,if kos can get back to his best then i think he can have a very good season for us.

at the back end of last season i thought we needed around 5/6 signings,especially if we offloaded as many in numbers from our current squad.would love wenger to get in at least another 2 for the first team alone.i think if we can get our best 11 out,and four of them are quality signings,then we could be the dark horse in a title race.

it’s all about opinions,but i think as it currently stands, the top 3 will be between chelski,citeh and utd.i think we will fight it our for 4th,5th & 6th place with pool & the spuds.if wenger adds another 2/3 quality signings,then i definately think it won’t be a matter of player quality but more a manager one?on theo,really like the lad,and if he can be useful from the bench then thats fine with me.just don’t think he would be an afc player if any of the other top manager’s were at afc??



Willian has no end product

Bort! You took the words out of my mouth regarding Willian! Can I add further that he hasn’t got any end product. He can dribble past four players elegantly and then the following shot at goal ends in the stands or he pass the ball to an opposing player. However his blistering pace makes him able to catch up with almost anyone. I think thats why Mourinho favoured him so much because that made him perform his defensive duties succesfully. Hmmm gives food to thought, would it be possible to transform him into a wing back instead???? It’s true Musonda is a light weight player, but as you rightly point out it shouldn’t hold him back. Players such as Neymar and Messi etc are also kind of light weight, but they make up for it with their amazing abilities on a pitch.



Should Liverpool give Coutinho the captaincy?

Henderson is a good captain but his effectiveness drops as his heel problem becomes more of an issue as the season goes on, eventually ending with him having to miss a lot of games. A captain needs to be able to handle a long campaign.

Can definitely has the mentality of a future captain but will he be at the club much longer? Who knows. Even then, I’d like to see one really good season from him before I shout for him to be captain again (I did in the past).

Bingo, that’s a good point about not rewarding him too early but let’s pretend that Coutinho although happy hear, was beginning to have his head turned towards Barca and the one thing that could turn it back towards us and thoughts of a good future at this club was the armband, would you give it?

Now, I don’t think that is the case but I found it very interesting that Klopp had him as captain for our latest pre-season match.

On Can, what’s holding things up? Surely they need to get him to sign or go on sale before the window closes? The club have gotten themselves into a right mess here and I am a little worried that it’s going to cost us big time.



Matic is a bad move for Man United

Looks like matic is done. Not sure how I feel about this. Yes we need a defensive midfielder badly. But I can’t help feel this is w bad move .

Why are Chelsea willing to sell to one of their biggest rivals. They have effectively upgraded matic with a younger more exciting player in bakayoko for the same money.

Guess we can’t really question this jose knows what he’s doing. Once this is done fully expect perisic to follow and that’s us done. Close to £200m potentially spent but can’t feel a bit underwhelmed.


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