Redmond should be honoured by Guardiola’s response, says pundit

Date published: Thursday 30th November 2017 2:58

Former Arsenal striker Alan Smith says Nathan Redmond should take last night’s fracas with Pep Guardiola as a back-handed compliment.

Southampton winger Redmond was trying to leave the field after Raheem Sterling had sent Man City to a late win last night when he was almost accosted by the City boss.

Guardiola was incensed at something, despite his side’s last-gasp win which stretched their run of wins in the league to 12.

Guardiola and Redmond seemed to come to blows at the end of the match but the Spaniard says that he was simply telling the winger how good he is.

“It was an astonishing end to the game,” Guardiola told the BBC. “It means a lot. They had 10 guys in the box, it was so complicated to attack them.

“They had chances in the first half, all the teams are better than us at set-pieces. They are stronger than us but we kept patient.

“At the end our momentum kept going, Raheem scores a fantastic goal.

“What impresses the most is the heart with which they play. What happened in the locker room was amazing. You have to enjoy these situations, you never know what will happen in the future. We want to win the league but you have to celebrate when you score in the last breath like that.

“I was telling Nathan Redmond how good he is at the end. Southampton have some super talented players, Redmond is so good one against one. But they didn’t want to play, they were time wasting from the ninth minute. I just wanted them to play.”

And Smith believes Redmond, 23, who has been capped once by England should be honoured to have provoked such a response from Guardiola.

Smith said: “It demonstrates how much Guardiola cares about players, no matter who they play for, fulfilling their potential.

“Redmond would have been chuffed that Guardiola thought him worth that kind of response.”

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