Relegated Newcastle’s ticket sales through the roof

Date published: Tuesday 16th August 2016 10:46

Rafael Benitez: Newcastle manager

Newcastle United are one of the clubs in English football with the longest standing tradition and a history of success. This, in turn, has also given them a huge fan base that spans far outside of the United Kingdom, with Newcastle fans to be found in the most unusual of places.

We are quite used to seeing Newcastle in the top tier of English football, but recent years have seen them bounce back and forth, winning the Championship in the 2009-10 season to get back to the EPL and now once more being relegated to the second rank.

All that said, if there is one thing this relegation has shown us, it is that Newcastle United has an exceptional group of fans supporting them. With the season in Championship now underway, the sale of Newcastle season tickets has suppressed the number of 35.000, which is high by any standard, with Aston Villa owner Tony Xia recently saying that he could only wish for Villa to have fans like Newcastle.

With so many season tickets already being sold and such a fantastic show of support following relegation, we can expect to see St James Park filled up to the last seat on most matches. The presence of Newcastle in Championship is already showing as a great cause for other teams’ fans to visit the town, with Huddersfield Town sending 3.200 official fans to the first Newcastle home match of the season, significantly more than the team normally sends to away Championship matches.

Matt Smith: Matchwinner on opening day of season

Newcastle fans are also set to show fantastic support away from home. Newcastle’s season opener against Fulham at Craven Cottage saw over 7.000 Newcastle fans in attendance as the stadium was completely sold out, but Newcastle unfortunately lost 1:0 to the home side despite being heavily favored by the bookies. Nevertheless, we can expect Newcastle fans to continue showing their support throughout the season as they are simply not a crowd to lose their patience easily. You can track all the Newcastle United matches and the odds in real time at OpenOdds.

It is quite impressive to see how the Magpies fans have decided to support their club in their quest to regain a place in the Premiership. The club have committed over £30 Million on the new arrivals and with Rafa Benitez staying on as head coach, it was clear to the fans that their owners will do whatever it takes to make Newcastle great again and their show of support is impressive.

The prices of the 35.000 season tickets that have sold out so far range from £68 for teenagers looking to watch the games from the Family Area to £832 for adults who prefer to watch on as members of the Platinum Club, the best seats in the house. There is a wide range of possible tickets available, with price ranges available for everyone’s wallet.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this development is the fact that Newcastle have now sold way more season tickets than they did last year when they were in the Premiership. If they had hung on in the EPL, their numbers would probably not have changed much, if at all, but in this sense it seems the relegation actually worked to their favor as the entire fan base decided they have to support their struggling team in an admirable show of confidence and support.

It is certain that this kind of financial and moral support will help Newcastle do well in their Championship campaign and we can only guess what kind of an income Newcastle will acquire through the merchandise sales from such a dedicated and supportive fan base.

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