Richard Keys risks Roy Keane wrath by weighing in on Walker ‘idiot’ quip

Kyle Walker

Richard Keys has branded Roy Keane “a disgrace” following the Sky Sports pundit’s recent criticisms of Kyle Walker.

The fiery Irishman was known as one of the game’s most competitive midfielders. Indeed, his drive and energy was at the heart of Manchester United’s success for a number of  years.

And he’s seemingly taken that same fire into his work as a pundit.

However, his criticism of Man City full-back Walker was a step too far, according to a report. As per the Daily Mail, Keane’s fierce appraisal of Walker’s mistake against Liverpool in the recent 1-1 draw has not gone down well with Man City chiefs.

In the game, Walker gave away a penalty after tripping Sadio Mane in the area.

During his half-time assessment, Keane did not hold back.

Responding to the question about how Mane won the spot-kick, Keane replied:  “Because he’s up against an idiot,” before later adding “he’s a car crash, he keeps making these types of mistakes and is rightly punished for it.”

According to the paper, City felt Keane crossed the line with those comments. They are unhappy about his use of the word ‘idiot’ and have contacted the broadcaster to register their complaint.

And just when you thought the dust was beginning to settle, former Sky Sports anchor Keys has now had his say on the issue.

Keys apparently has a long-running feud with Keane, so it’s little surprise to see him take aim at the Irishman for his comments.


“We were always very much aware that if we were going to criticise then it had to be done constructively,” he said on his official website.

“That we could offer both explanation and education.

“Andy Gray did that better than anyone else – and he’s still doing it. Teams and their managers back then were so sensitive.

“I can only imagine what would’ve happened If we’d ever called Gary Neville a ‘car crash’ and an ‘idiot’. And there were plenty of opportunities!

“You can see where this is going can’t you? What a disgrace Roy. Cheap. Even by your standards. How would you have described your assault on Alf-Inge Haaland – an incident that would’ve seen you arrested anywhere other than on the pitch?”


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Keane, Keys have history

Keane and Keys have had something of a public feud for a number of years.

They clashed way back in 2008 when Keane criticised their coverage.

Roy Keane

Now Keys has not held back, citing Keane’s failures at Sunderland Ipswich.

Keys continued: “We all remember Keane in 2008 hammering me – saying “he’d rather go to the dentist” than be an analyst. Actually, I’ll use the word I hate “pundit” – because few actually “analyse” anything these days.

“He added that I sold ‘something that was built purely on hype’.

“He also once said ‘there are ex-players and ex-referees being given air-time who I wouldn’t listen to in a pub’. Quite Roy. And you’re now one of them.

“His barbed jibes might have more impact if his managerial career had been anything to get excited about. But it wasn’t. At Ipswich it was a “car crash”. Sunderland wasn’t much better. And let’s not get into what he left behind when he finished as Ireland’s assistant manager.

“I know a few of his ex-team mates were furious that he was welcomed back into the fold after he’d walked out on them in Japan. I know, I know! Mick McCarthy sent him home – but Keane wanted to go.”


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