Richard Keys goes big with wild theory about Salah, Mane unrest

Date published: Wednesday 11th March 2020 10:43

Journalist Richard Keys has suggested that the hatred between Liverpool stars Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah could see both leave Anfield for LaLiga this summer.

Mane and Salah have become unmissable parts of Jurgen Klopp‘s team, typified by the pair’s goals helping the Reds recover from a goal down to beat Bournemouth last Saturday.

Indeed, Salah‘s goal was his 70th in the Premier League in 100 appearances while Mane has been Liverpool’s saviour on several occasions this term, scoring the winning goals in – among others – narrow wins over Aston Villa and Wolves.

There was a brief altercation between the pair in Liverpool’s 3-0 win over Burnley in August, but Mane confirmed that he had cleared the issue up with Salah.

Writing in his personal blog, however, beIN Sports broadcaster Keys claimed that deep-rooted issues remain in the pair’s relationship which could see both leave at the end of the season.

“Don’t believe what they tell you about Mane and Salah not having much time for each other. It’s worse than that,” Keys said.

“They deeply dislike each other. Both would be a whole lot happier playing in a team without the other. So – how does that happen?

“Do Liverpool sell one and keep the other? In an ideal world – yes. But I’ve got a feeling both could be on their way out.”

Keys went on to suggest that Mane could move to Barcelona while Salah could be convinced by either Real Madrid or Paris Saint-Germain.

“I fancy that Barca will test Liverpool’s resolve to hang onto Mane. Never mind all the contractural clauses that were written into the [Philippe] Coutinho deal – if Mane has his head turned by the prospect of playing in the Camp Nou – he’s off.


A football career is short – and the chances to play for the big two don’t come round too often. And what else could he achieve at Liverpool?

“Salah will be thinking the same if Real come calling. I think the smart money has to be on a move to the Bernabeu – but hold on. There are others on the round-a-bout.

“[Kylian] Mbappe must be Real’s first choice. He’s currently showing all the signs of a player sowing the seeds of unrest. He wants out at Paris. Anyone disagree? We know where the power lies these days – always with the player.

“But Paris have also got Neymar playing up again. They’ve done brilliantly to hang onto him this long – but what has he actually contributed since making it plain last summer that he wanted to go back to Barca? As the late Paul Daniels might say ‘not a lot’.

“So – Mbappe engineers a move. Neymar goes too – that means Paris are in the market for a big one. They’ve got to be. My guess is Mo Salah is that big one.”

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