Robins Trust protest prices

Date published: Thursday 23rd July 2015 5:43

Bristol City fans are being charged £39 to see their club’s return to the Championship at Hillsborough on August 8, a charge the Supporters Club & Trust have described as “astronomical”.

Although the fans’ group has not called for a total boycott by Bristol City fans, it said a stand had to be taken as a “matter of principle” and described Wednesday’s ticket pricing policy as “unreasonable”.

“For some it just isn’t a choice, on top of travel and everything else an away day holds, it is just too expensive,” said a Bristol City Supporters Club & Trust statement.

“For those that have already booked travel, you probably have to go or lose that money.

“For some of us, it is a matter of principle. It is going to hurt to do this, but the board of the Supporters Club & Trust have collectively decided not to attend this game.

“Nobody’s calling for a boycott, we just think it is a step too far. We think many City fans will vote likewise and choose not to go.

“Maybe in that way Sheffield Wednesday will get the message that this is unreasonable.

“After all, it will only cost Reading fans £25 when they go to Hillsborough. Where’s the sense in that?”

Bristol City’s trip to Hillsborough marks their return to the Championship after a two-year absence following their League 1 title triumph last season.

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