Rooney did break FA rules, as they probe ‘drinking’ claims

Date published: Thursday 17th November 2016 2:40

FA chief executive Martin Glenn has tried to play down the Wayne Rooney drinking saga but admitted there will be a formal investigation.

England boss Gareth Southgate insisted Rooney had missed England’s draw with Spain with a knee injury – despite newspaper claims to the contrary.

The Sun newspaper alleged that the England captain appeared to have been drinking heavily during a night out over the weekend after England’s win over Scotland.

The paper alleged that Rooney dropped in on a wedding party and they printed a photo appearing to show the Manchester United forward, sporting an England training top, looking the worse for wear. They described him as ‘paralytic’.

Glenn though has played down the antics but accepted the saga “doesn’t set a great tone for the England captain”.

“Don’t make a drama out of it. We are having a proper investigation into what went on. It’s disappointing,” Glenn said. “It’s appropriate that he apologised. It doesn’t set a great tone for the England captain but I don’t want to over-dramatise it either.

“Were there FA staff involved? We’re establishing the facts. We’re talking to people who were there to find out if anybody from the backroom staff was involved.

“Why on earth would you be doing that given there is a team agreement around alcohol consumption during camp? There would be questions asked for sure.”

Glenn has admitted the FA will work with players in order to establish rules for how they use their downtime in future.

Martin Glenn

“There’s been a journey. A strict disciplinarian like Fabio Capello where the players were closeted away, it was seen not to be a good success,” Glenn said. “Roy Hodgson brought a more liberal approach. Roy was right, let’s treat people like adults.

“The best agreements are when players come up with their own rules and then work with them. I think we’re probably in the right ball park. We just need to have a degree of trust and make sure when we agree something as a group, we stick to it.”

Glenn though revealed there were no plans to discuss what happened with United manager, Jose Mourinho, who is reportedly set to leave his skipper out of the action against Arsenal.



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