‘Ruthless Chelsea should ditch non-scoring Costa’

Date published: Friday 24th March 2017 11:58

Arsene Wenger has the word “failure” levelled at him again, while Antonio Conte can make his own demands with Chelsea close to the title, all in today’s Your Says of the Day.

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‘Only a failure would think there are more important things than winning’

Only a failure would think that there is more important things than winning in a sport where winning is the only thing that matters. Its a competition, competitions need winners and he doesn’t understand that.

The more i think about his tenure with us the more i think he was just lucky to win the first couple of doubles, even the invincibles. All but the last 2 FA cups came from a team that consisted of players he inherited who had the right winning never say never attitude and the last 13 years has been all his own work and its just got further and further away from a top level. Only he is to blame for this.

The only other place he would even get a job after us now is the French job, but he would never get the same wages so that’s a no go. No other top team would touch him, we all know this. Him and his mates leak the stories make him look better than he is, make him seem wanted. A

ll that ‘you will no the truth when im gone’ b****x. No we wont Wenger because you will never been gone unfortunately.

The Hulk

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Wenger rhetoric like ‘Coubertin’s gibberish’

The supporters should protest after each game. Just show the loser that he is no longer wanted here.

First it was fourth is like a trophy, now ‘values’ are more important than winning. What is this?

Coubertin’s gibberish? Wenger has put himself in a position that he will be hated by most fans. Sad indeed. Only a ‘dictator’ clings on (to power) like this.



Will he stay or will he go?

The team is scoring goals so even if costa is not, we keep winning.

That’s important for a number of reasons because it means other players are finding the net from other positions which puts us in a good position come end of season where he will either go or stay. IMO it’ll make finding a replacement easier should he go as we know the attributes we need to replace or give the club an upper hand negotiating a new deal with the player.

If he starts scoring again, costa will have the upper hand. Either way, desperate dan has my full support as a player cause he’s at the club until otherwise stated.

Romansdirty pants


Win the title, then make changes

Exactly, while the team keeps on winning why change anything..?

We need to secure the EPL as quickly as possible then Conte can make changes and that should not be restricted to just Michy.

Why not give players like RLC and Chaloba more game time in a full on environment to see how they play. It may not be many games and they may not start as we have to respect the league and the battle for CL places below us but once won we can relax a little and give some players a deserved break while we focus (hopefully) on winning the FAC…? KTBFFH



If Costa doesn’t improve, sell him

I totally disagree, if a player is not doing what he is supposed to be doing than you have to try the next best thing, maybe using Stoke as a yardstick we could have won by more than one goal.

At our company they just sadly let 2 workers go despite the fact that the company is doing very well and despite that fact that these 2 individuals gave it all they had but were not up to it in the longer run.

You can’t wrap individuals up in cotton wool cause they were excelling in the first half of the season, they have to keep it up and I sincerely hope Costa will do that but if not than you have to make a change.

As far as Conte is concerned I would not have any other manager in the world but even he can get jaded with some decisions, after all he is human.



Conte can make his own demands now

I can’t remember if it was bort or notnice, who raised the question concerning why Conte seemed more willing to use Bats at the start of the season.

Could it be perhaps that Bats never was a Conte signing but more a Emenalo signing, and thus at the start of the season he had to use him, though bit part, for more political reasons to please the owner/the board, but now that we’re top of the league and he’s shown that he’s a top top manager, he doen’t have to “please” the aforementioned in the same way as when he took up the job, because he is so successful?

It is worth noticing that normally it is not in the nature of Conte to compromise his own ideals and wishes. When he was manager for Juventus, he mainly resigned, because the board wouldn’t/couldn’t fulfill what he desired for the team when it came to transfers, contract renewals etc.

Therefore I could easily see him present more “demands” to the owner and board if he is to sign a contract extension in the summer, especially concerning transfers.

Honestly I’ve never understood why the manager isn’t the one who is 100 % in charge of who is bought and sold. It doesn’t make sense, in my opinion, when a sporting director et al calls the shots.



‘Clyne doesn’t have much time’

Agree Moreno doesn’t do anything very well, the reason why he is more affective going forward is he drags defenders out of position creating more space for our attackers.

Clyne on the other hand does IMO have the ability to be a good ball playing full back he has shown some good attacking play in glimpses.

Once he’s confidence took a hit he started cutting back a bit too often also our style of play doesn’t require him to put balls in to the box.

Clyne can be a very good full back for us just depends if Klopp can help him to his full potential consistently. At 25 he really doesn’t have much time he needs to be top class in the next year or so.



Moreno winner of ‘the team’s most stupid haircut’

Moreno’s strength is that he is now comfortably the winner of the team’s most stupid haircut. He had some competition for a while from Bobby and his top-knot, but since he cut that off, he’s a clear winner. Mane tries with his blond streak, and Lallana is a wannabe as he spends so much time pushing his hair back off his forehead.

But Albert excels beyond them all, and is a worthy entrant in to the Liverpool FC haircut Hall of Fame, where we have such luminaries as the Keegan, McDermott and Souness perms of the 70’s, the blond highlights of Barry Venison, the peroxide Robbie Fowler, the intricate shavings of Djibril Cisse and the boy band Patrik Berger cut!

…and I’m sure there are others!!

Hightown Hope


Clyne criticism unjust

I’ll admit that I just sat and skimmed a few comments but I thought I’d say that Clyne gets a bit of an injustice I feel. He was very much an unsung hero of the first half of our season.

He has shown more than glimpses of ability going forward and has been a major player in the build-up to plenty of our good attacks. He’s not totally consistent for sure and isn’t playing the best right now, also having a spell like this last season.

He’s far from the perfect player even when on form but I wouldn’t be looking to replace him this summer, not even close. He’s a quality player who I’m hoping can get back to his best and stay there or there-abouts next season when we have more quality in our team/squad.

You could look at our team and pick legitimate reasons to replace every single player out there but this isn’t Football Manager, so we must focus on making the biggest improvements that we can, in the most important positions and I see Clyne as one of the best RB’s in the league.

There are some players out there who are nowhere near that for their position and it is these positions that we need to focus all of our resources at resolving in the next window, as they will give us the largest overall improvement going into next season.

Even though he’s been really good lately, is Mignolet one of the best keepers in the PL?

What about Can/Henderson for the DM position? . . Lovren for CB. . Sturridge/Firmino/Origi for CF? Now as you guys know I’m a big fan of Firmino but I admit that he needs to be more clinical.

He did some great defensive work in the City game though and at one stage made a very important header in our box, that likely would have been at least a good chance.

Anyway, my point is that I expect Klopp and the lads to focus on the weaknesses and get the very best they can for those positions to make the team a bit more whole.



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