Mane form under scrutiny; ‘Replacing Shaw with Rose would be a monumental folly’

Date published: Thursday 7th December 2017 1:15

Liverpool were terrific against Spartak Moscow, but Sadio Mane’s form has been questioned and the Luke Shaw conundrum continues to stir debate among Man Utd fans…


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Liverpool defence gaining confidence?

Great score tonight, I wonder if our new free scoring is now giving our defenders more confidence.

The defence seem to be more confident with the knowledge we can score, they seemed to be scared to make a mistake all the time, but now they know that is more than possible the forwards will bail them out, just a thought.
Looking forward to the Everton game 😁



Mane form under scrutiny

Great result, well-done everybody, including the defence. However, the fact that I can’t relax when we are 4/5 goals up tells you about the overall make-up of the team. A few key clever acquisitions in January and then I can watch a Liverpool game without gripping the armrest to shreds.

I don’t understand this whole Mane has been average lately talk that I keep seeing? I think has been ace, if anything he is more of a team player. Before Salah came everything went through Mane, when we advanced everyone looked to Mane. now ith Salah we have so much more balance, instead of everyone looking for Mane on the break we have a Salah and a fit-again Firminio and Coutinho.

This is the reason why we might not be seeing Liverpool games being dominated by Mane because there are other focal points.

If you rewind to the last two Mane games look at the goal he set up for Salah against Stoke where he beat two players and then put in a gorgeous cross and then the goal he scored today. If that a sign of a Man not on form then other teams are in for real trouble when he does find it 😉



Fantastic result and performance tonight tempered by the fact that Spartak are no great shakes but not many teams have battered them like that especially when they had so much to play for. Front four awesome and a bit of praise for Gini who worked very hard to break up their play.

Onto the Bluenoses and a very different challenge because we all know that arrogant fat f*ck will do everything he can to stop us playing. Please keep the momentum up and let’s batter the Bitters.



Well, we made it in typical Liverpool style, drama till the end. So happy that we are still in the conversation. Getting through is a big psychological boost.

I think these are the teams that we could face, someone let me know if I made a mistake:

Basel 🇨🇭
Bayern 🇩🇪
Juventus 🇮🇹
Porto 🇵🇹
Real Madrid 🇪🇸
Shakhtar 🇺🇦



4-2-1-3 was a delight

Loved the look of the team last night more of a 4-2-1-3 than 4-3-3

Can and Wij in front of the back 4, Coutinho if front of them, and then Salh right, Mane left (these two able to switch) and Firmino central, gives us pace width and plenty in the centre. When the ball is left Salah was coming in to the centre and when right Mane coming in. Neither glued to the line so a nightmare for defenders to pick up.

Not sure about the poster seeing us play 2 up top, didn’t see that formation tonight 🙂



Mane’s touch ‘wasn’t quite there’

I agree with your comments on Mane, but last night , although making one & scoring two I felt that his touch wasn’t quite there at times, heaven help someone when he fires on all cylinders.
It was just a joy to watch the match last night, hope we can continue against the bitterblues, but as pointed out on here Sam with park the bus & play anti football.



Liverpool permuations

Think you’ve got them all mate apart from maybe Porto who I believe topped their group which would leave Besiktas. People will hope for them or Basel but they won’t be easy ties either. Would probably want to avoid Real and Juve but as Klopp says he always gets Real. Did you see Naby’s goal for Leipzig? WOW



Well it is 50/50 if we get a game where we are favourites or one where we are underdogs, Basel, Porto, or Shakhtar will have us favourite, Juve, Real, Bayern has them as favourite. Would be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping for one of the first 3, but whatever just glad to be in after the Christmas break 🙂


Curtis Jones earning rave reviews

Noticed we have a few upcoming talents managed by Stevie G. Apparently 16-year-old Curtis Jones is supposed to be amazing. So glad Gerrard chose this route rather than go and manage a team, this is the perfect win/win for Liverpool.



CL winner will come from…

I suspect the winner of the CL will come from one of PSG , Barca, Real and Bayern plus perhaps City or Juve.

I can’t see Liverpool winning it with their back four and their Keeper but you just never know who would have thought Liverpool would win it in 2005 or even Chelsea in 2012.

nine nine nine


‘Replacing Shaw with Rose would be a monumental folly’

I’ve made it very clear I’m not his number one fan and don’t have any time whatsoever of the “poor hard done to Luke argument.” There is no way a manager of Mourinho’s experience would cut his nose off to spite his face to the extent he has played Mateo bloody Darmian so regularly at left back.

However, credit where it’s due I thought he played very well the other night. Attacked well, defended okay on the whole (I thought one or two others were equally culpable for the goal) and was really impressed he made it the full 90 minutes as he looked dead on his feet from around the hour mark.

I still don’t think he’s the long term solution but there’s definitely something there and I’d be delighted to be proved wrong. If he can build on the Moscow game, work hard and stay fit there’s half a chance he could save us sixty million quid and solve for me the biggest headache in our starting line up. Come on Luke, feel the force!

Replacing him with Danny Rose would be a monumental folly.

Wonderfuel Gas


Is Mourinho putting Shaw in the shop window?

Tommy – Yeah, maybe it was harsh to say Mourinho has cut his nose off to spite his face. But form what i saw the other night, especially considering the aforementioned fitness, confidence & game sharpness – it feels like an oversight from him that he has allowed Darmian and Blind so much game time when they have been very average, particularly Darmian. And then, guess what, an actual

left back comes in and shows that he can actually do left back stuff naturally and more than Darmian has done all season in 90 minutes.

So i’m just wondering why it’s taken so long for that realisation?
Is it that Luke Shaw has only just started working hard in training the last 2 weeks?
Or has Jose finally accepted the Darmian experiment hasn’t worked?

Is he just putting Shaw in the January shop window?
Or has he actually just decided “feck it – i’m gonna give Luke Shaw a chance”?

Or was it none of the above and he just wanted to rotate his squad and figured Luke Shaw’s legs could be used?



Shaw not up to speed

I think he did well the other night but he probably could have been taken off as he’s clearly not up to match speed yet. I remember watching around the 62nd minute and CSKA countered, Shaw was there jogging back into the box, I don’t think he was lazy I just don’t think he had the legs to be able to bust a gut. It was the kind of thing that would have driven Roy Keane absolutely insane,

in fact I think was it Carrick or Fletcher against ‘Boro not busting a gut that got Roy shipped out?

He played well, there’s some excuses to be made for rustiness and lack of match practice, you can do as much work in the gym/on the training field but there’s no substitute for match time. There’s work to be done but hopefully he can cement his place, if not then he’ll be gone in the summer regardless.


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