Savage: I was so ‘insecure’ I ‘made up’ comments

Date published: Tuesday 28th February 2017 3:39

Robbie Savage: Made up comments

Robbie Savage has admitted he was the most “insecure” player ever and revealed he used to post positive comments on fan message boards underĀ “a made up name”.

The former Blackburn, Leicester, Derby and Birmingham midfielder, who retired in 2005, has said he was so precious about what the fans were saying about him he used to post on fans’ sites under an alias.

“I was the most insecure person ever, to the point where when I signed for Derby and was having a shocker, you know those chat boards? I made up a name, went on them and used to say, ‘Robbie played well today, didn’t he,” he told BBC Radio Five Live.

“Seriously, I was that insecure I used to phone newspaper reporters up if I got a six or a five in the paper and say ‘what are you talking about, what game were you at? I was at least an eight or a nine!’

“I was so insecure as a person, I’d have the best game in the world and I’d still think, am I going to be playing next week?

“I’d phone four, five, six different people to say I played well.”

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