Schmeichel: Klopp should focus on back four, not fab four

Oli Fisher

Peter Schmeichel believes Jurgen Klopp should stop talking about his “fab four” and focus on a “flat four” instead.

Jurgen Klopp identified his ‘fab four’ of Sadio Mane, Philippe Coutinho, Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah and had the chance to use all four together in Liverpool’s 1-1 draw with Spartak Moscow on Tuesday night.

However, Liverpool’s defensive failures were once again at the forefront as the Reds remained winless so far in the group stages.

“It’s so obvious what the problem is – we talk about the fab four, we should be talking about the flat four,” Schmeichel told The Debate.

“The back four just doesn’t work and the goalkeeper situation is very confusing.

“You can’t win anything significant with an unbalanced team – you need to have equal quality up front and at the back.”

Jamie Carragher warned Liverpool they must toughen up defensively and Schmeichel agrees, saying Liverpool are well behind  Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea’s standards so far this season.

“I can’t believe Jurgen Klopp has not addressed the clear problem,” he said. “And still they think they can win the Premier League this season.

“They still believe they are in that bracket. I think they are far away as they will concede far too many goals. They’ll score lots of goals too and win some games 4-0 like they did against Arsenal – but they are also a team that can lose 4-0.”