Sell Pogba and sign dynamic midfield pair; quartet Arsenal must offload

Date published: Tuesday 5th November 2019 1:40

Kai Havertz

Manchester United fans discuss their squad rebuilding, Liverpool fans discuss whether Rhian Brewster is good enough to fill in and the four players Arsenal must sell, all in our forum.

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No further forward under Emery

As I keep saying why did we get someone who can’t speak English. Dick will go sooner rather than later but 2 years down the line we are no further forward. We haven’t got rid of the cancer, the indulged overpaid losers who have polluted the club, our recruitment hasn’t improved because we aren’t addressing the problem areas, we have a group of over indulged players who don’t understand Dicks tactics or don’t want to. Look at Liverpool, 2-4 down to us they pull back, 4-5 down in the 95th minute they still won, they were 0-1 down to Villa in the 87th minute, they still won.

That’s Klopp for you, he’s not a loser, he doesn’t want slackers, prima donnas and wasters, he wants winners. Fifteen years we’ve had a crap defence and done nothing about it, not a thing. Whoever manages Arsenal it’s not improving anytime soon the way this club is run. Dick will be gone before Christmas, what then?


Bsm walk you’re still not getting it. The cancer is Wenger and his loser mentality that lives on in Mustafi, Xhaka, Mkhitaryan and Ozil. They are parasites bleeding the club of money, they stop us buying what we need, they contribute nothing, and they contaminate all of the other players. Mustafi total disaster everytime he plays, Xhaka useless and abuses fans, utter disgrace, Mkhitaryan £200,000 a week and he’s useless.

Then there’s the ace couldn’t care less leech Ozil, £350,000 per week. This is the problem. Dick will be gone by Christmas Wengers losers won’t so there will be no improvement. The loser attitude is far too deeply ingrained. Get rid or stagnate in mid table

The Oracle


If nobody can improve Arsenal Oracle, no matter who the manager, why were you so desperate to get rid of Wenger then? Of course a manager can improve Arsenal, how far can we go that’s on the manager and players, but to say no manager can improve us, I don’t agree at all.

the bsm walk


‘Managers make a difference’

Managers make a difference just look at United’s last year under Fergie, they won with a p*ss poor squad and they have never been a force since – he knew how to organise and get the best out of them. Chris Wilder is another manager who gets everything out of a very average set of players.

There are no excuses for Emery, with the exception of not playing Pepe he picked the players that most of us wanted but tactically it was a mess and the substitutions were bizarre. As a club we have to do everything possible to get back into the CL and sacking Emery and paying his remaining salary is a small amount of cash to put at risk. It’s becoming more and moore obvious that he is not fit for purpose.



Quartet must go

bsm walk, you really need to learn to read. How many times do I have to repeat this. Nothing will change until the loser attitude is removed from the squad.

We have to get rid of MUSTAFI, XHAKA, MKHITARYAN & OZIL. Once they have gone and our senior executives do their job properly and appoint someone who can actually do the job of team manager we might see an improvement. They have to go first. The longer they stay the longer it will be before we improve. The club has been poisoned remove that and get the right people. Someone who can speak English might be a good starting point.

The Oracle



Lets try to sum up
Management team and AW left us in the sh*t
it will take 10 years and 3 managers MINIMUM

Xhaka is crap and Xhaha is a scapegoat, actually a decent player and its all the fans fault.
Even with spending £100m this year (£200m in total but spread) we have the worst defence of any big club and many small clubs

Manual cant sort his own team or tactics or improve players in anyway shape or form, this is once again the fans fault but also AW’s fault for leaving the cancer behind and nothing will change until removed, no manager can improve the current team or squad or performances until this has happened

sooooooo not much to discuss for the next 8 years or so….carry on



A rest for Van Dijk?

Henderson wasn’t at open training today but Salah was along with Neco Williams. Sepp Van den Berg, Curtis Jones and Rhian Brewster. Just in case yer wanted to know!

I’d like to see Virgil be given a rest so would go with something like this:

Alisson, Trent, Gonez, Lovren, Robbo, Milner, Lallana, Ox, Mane, Origi and Mo.

Subs: Adrian, Bobby, Fabinho, Keita, VVD, Brewster and van den Berg.

Give Gini and Virgil the night off and rest them for Sunday.

That centre back partnership would worry the bejeezus outta me but it should take care of business.

I’m going for an exciting 4-2!

Rob Fort Worth TX


Yes, by all means rest some of the first XI, but I don’t think we should repeat last Wednesday and have a bench full of reserves/non-regulars. We could afford to lose against Arsenal in the Carabao Cup, but we can’t afford to lose against Genk as it could compromise our chances of progressing to group stage; so we need the option to bring on the remaining cavalry if required.

Red Herring


Klopp takes the leagues and CL very seriously.
The League Cup is for the reserves/fringe players.
It’ll be a strong match day squad with some rotation.
I don’t see Lovren playing this game what with his injury history.


Ox and Keita to start

Can see Ox and Keita starting alongside Fabinho. Man City is far too big a game not to rest some players. Klopp definitely has an eye on that game given the Fabinho yellow card situation.

Origi might start as well so I think Mane will get a rest since Salah came off pretty early at Villa. I think Gomez will get a start as well and Milner in for 1 of the FBs. If he wants to get back into the first team picture this will probably be his chance. Personally I wouldn’t trust Lovren against Man City but he’s pretty much all we’ve got right now.

Alisson, TAA, Gomez, VVD, Milner, Fabinho, Ox, Keita, Origi, Salah, Firmino



Another forward coming in would mean sale of Shaqiri

Brewster is our backup pinez, Origi and Brewster are our main backup for the front three, Origi has done brilliantly so far and he is capable of filling in for Bobby or Mane outwide. Brewster can do the same and cover for Salah out on the right, if another forward comes in we would need to sell Shaqiri to make room as there would not be enough game time for them all.



“.if another forward comes in we would need to sell Shaqiri to make room as there would not be enough game time for them all.”

A move that I wouldn’t entirely be opposed to.



Perhaps… at the moment though he doing his job… If he wants a move for more football it could happen but I cant see the club trying to sell him… Same goes for Lallana, we are going to need them both and both players do their jobs at training even though they might not make the first team.



Not sure Shaqiri really fits the managers plans. Was injury free for most of the 2nd half of last season and the manager just refused to play him.

Not quite sure where he fits in a 4-3-3.
Doesn’t have the pace to play wide in front 3 and doesnt have the mind to know when to defend in a midfield 3.
Would suit a 4-2-3-1 perhaps but we rarely play it.



Why not Pulisic?

Begs the question why we didn’t go in for Pulisic. More expensive, sure, but would fit our side like a glove, Klopp really liked him, he has hit the ground running, and he would undoubtedly have got games and put pressure on others.



I’ve been a fan of Pulisic for a couple of years now (having seen him often in action for the USMNT) but to say he’s hit the ground running is hardly accurate. He’s been used as a sub most the season so far and only hit the headlines since his arrival just recently with his superb hattrick against Burnley. Quality player tho.

Rob Fort Worth TX


The reason being that we have Origi and Brewster, Pulisic could have had trouble getting into the side, he gets time at Chelsea. A lot of our fanbase would be on his case after six months.



Brewster not ready

Notorious Brewster is not ready for EPL!! He must be loaned. He is not a back up contrary to Origi…



He is pinez and he is the best of the lot around the premier league… it serves a great purpose to clear the way for him and a testament to his mentality that he opts to say Bobby is the one he looks up to… 5 tackles against Arsenal, he could take over from Bobby and that no team fit… he might actually he the only one capable of doing so.





Ole making steps…

@jm1502 I think it was the kind of game you expect after a European away match or the international break. I thought that a number of players were fantastic against Chelsea. Don’t get me wrong, the quality is not there yet, but everyone played at 110% and most players reached their potential, that’s what i’m looking for this season.

@moral Your main gripe seems to be that a number of players in the first team squad are past it or not of the right quality, and I agree, but that’s not Ole’s fault after one transfer window. Ole clearly wanted more players, but either we wouldn’t pay the going rate or we decided the targets didn’t want to come (or in it for the money).

Our biggest challenge this season was to clear the club of all the bad influences, rip it up all up, and make sure we had a settled harmonious squad that wanted to sweat blood for the shirt. What we’ve seen for a number of years now is that signings just don’t work out, even players that have looked to be top level prospects (Depay, Di Maria, Falcao, Shaw, Martial), none of our young players have developed as they should, and our “elite” players (Sanchez, Lukaku, Pogba) became inconsistent. I think Ole has taken massive steps toward fixing this.

There are a whole ream of players at the club, who are on huge contracts, difficult to move on, but with an inflated value on the clubs books, and that’s not Ole’s fault either.

We are now definitely in a position that we can build from. New signings are more likely to adopt the attitude of the squad, nearly all the players work hard and seem to “care”.

IF funds were made available to Ole for more players in the summer, we could have gambled the whole Lukaku fee (which we didn’t get until the last day) on Ndombele (he probably would have cost us £75-80m, or spanked £50m+ of it on Longstaff (who is no better than McTominay who’s from our own academy).

Maybe Solskjaer played it safe, or maybe he didn’t have funds available until post Lukaku sale and then the players were not available.

Personally I trust every move he is making for the long term good of the club at the moment. Good youth players are coming through who care about the club, and first team signings are looking good. If we carry on down that road it’s only a matter of time until we build something great again.

@blacky I think we were stuck for options extending some players contracts, the size of the rebuild required meant some players that were below the quality required long-term, but had the right attitude and professionalism were gifted extensions. If we’d have thrown them out in the summer, we would have needed a huge influx of £50m+ players, at a time when the squad attitude stank and getting them to integrate would have failed.



@mike2005 – Firstly mate, there wasn’t anything much other than the result to enthuse about at Chelsea the other night. I certainly didn’t see anything “fantastic” going on with regards to performances that night, other than Rashford’s free kick.

Secondly, the awarding of new contracts to the veritable plethora of p*ss poor players that has gone on this last 18 months or so is nothing short of criminal. They were already stealing a living as it was, so to reward them yet further for continued abject failure and years of p*ss poor performances only means that you are stuck with the f*ckers for even longer, and so the misery is never ending.

I’ve said before that I would much rather play a raft of kids, or even pull a few lads out of the Stretford End than continue to have these clowns stinking out our shirt year after year.
Let’s face facts here, we’re already totally sh*te as it is, so it could hardly make us much worse, simple as that.



‘Fred took a massive step up’

I don’t know Blacky, I thought a lot of players played well against Chelsea, Fred took a massive step up, McTominay I thought was absolutely fantastic, bullying players, winning countless interceptions, I thought Williams was excellent, Rashford much better. We’ll never get what some fans call a “fantastic” performance with the current team, there’s too many missing pieces to go blast a good team away 3 or 4 nil, but I think we performed to a high level, and did so against Liverpool too.

The best kids are coming through, but putting another 4-5 of them into the first team when they aren’t ready won’t work either. Ole’s given us the youngest squad in the premier league. I want the team improved as much as you do, and to be fair from the list you’ve provided, a lot of them are getting phased out of the team or replacements being lined up. Young is cover for Shaw and AWB (with Williams now competing for left back), I think Tuanzebe would be in for Lindelof except for injury, Lingard is second choice to James on the right, Jones is probably our 5th choice centre back, Mata and Matic hardly get a game.

I like the idea of pulling lads out the Stretford End!



@mike2005 – You are missing my point mate, very little is working as it is and the league table doesn’t lie, as the defeat at Bournemouth doubly underlined.
A pretty hollow league cup win against Chelsea’s reserve team means jack in the grand scheme of things, as was proved yet again only 3 days later at Bournemouth.

Maguire is looking like a bad buy,especially for that ridiculous fee, AWB has done well defensively but never gets forward to provide crosses like a modern full back should, so we aren’t that much better off there than we were when Valencia was our regular right back.

As I’ve said before, keep on giving new contracts to complete wankers is criminal, especially when they’re 4th or 5th choice and never contribute a single thing to the team from one month to the next. It will be Lingard’s turn for a new deal next!

Just for the record, I would also not have rewarded Shaw, Martial and Rashford with mega bucks deals either, because none of them are top class footballers worthy of such reward, simple as that.



United ‘completely irrelevant’

We’ve gone from being hated to being a joke to being completely irrelevant. Beating United used to be a rare season highlight for most teams – now it’s just another routine victory for many of them. It’s nothing special anymore because we are nothing special – a mid-table team at best and one that just keeps getting worse no matter how many millions are thrown at it.



It’s been said in many ways over the last few days that we’re lacking in creativity. I don’t think OGS said that the answer to our creativity lies in the players we have, he was merely saying that there’s a lot of players in our squad who could do more with regards to creating goals. It was a diplomatic answer to a question, he could have hung the squad out to dry but he’s not that kind of manager and we know from Jose what hanging your squad out to dry does.


Sell Pogba, get Milinkovic-Savic and Havertz

Paul Pogba TEAMtalk

Being realistic, I know we were playing Bournemouth but to win 4 away games on the bounce was alway going to be a big ask especially with Wilson up front. He’s big, strong, fast and was always going to put pressure on our CB’s to play deep which stops Maguire from playing out from the back. We do need Pogba back just because he does offer that creative outlet but I’d rather we got £120m odd for him and got SMS and Havertz instead and maybe another CM who can support McT.



@blacky Bournemouth aside, I just think we’re going to have to take a big hit in the league this season. The first team squad is simply not good enough or deep enough to compete for anything beyond say top 6 (at best), and that frankly gets you nothing. The only way to do this was to strip away all the ego’s and unprofessional players and to focus on the academy.

Against teams that attack, our squad has an answer (counter), in big games we can bust a gut, play at 110% and get a performance. Anything other than that, we are going to keep struggling.

If you look at the usual first team now, it is nearly all academy players, or Ole’s transfers. The attitude, work-rate and professionalism are good. This team needs to go through the season, grow characters and leadership from within, take some loses and gain experience playing together. That will stand us in tremendous stead for getting our DNA back, playing a system and a style that can be coached from the youth team to the first team, and bringing in “star” players, who will not be allowed to get out of line by the rest of the squad because the culture will be ingrained.

Although it looks like nothing is working, we’re not too far away, it’s just a few quality players in the right positions, but those players need to be the right players, we need to be careful and only bring in the absolute best quality and players that want to play for Man Utd, and that’s very difficult in the current market.

We’re through to the next round of the cup and doing well in the UEFA, so the victories aren’t hollow, they do count for something.

We overpaid for Maguire, we had to. The entire world knew we needed a center back, and he ticks every box, British, leader, dominant good in the air. I’m not worried about him though, it’s his first season and he’s lost AWB, Shaw and been swapped between Lindelof, Tunazebe and Rojo in different formations in just 11 games, along with coping with an £80m price tag. He’s got the character to shake off a couple of early mistakes.

Regarding contracts, each new manager inherits the mistakes of the club. We need to give Ole more time to let him shape the squad.



Mike – I agree with what you’ve said. But, there’s a minimum standard required isn’t there? Ok so maybe it’s not dropping out of the top 4 the way it was up until last season, but there is still a minimum standard required at Manchester United. And I think what Blacky is saying is how can these players be playing worse than the likes of Sheffield United?! How can a management team be made to look absolutely clueless as games like the Bournemouth one completely pass them by without them, seemingly, having any clue as to how to impact it? It’s still a team packed with international players and the fact of the matter is that they’re just not working hard enough. That’s unacceptable.

Martial was rested so that he could explosively lead the line against Bournemouth and he puts in a performance like that!

The problem I’m having, and I think it’s for the first time, is that I just don’t even know where to start with fixing this team…



I’m sorry @mike2005 you are just deluding yourself mate, we are a million miles away from things because Ole is doing a terrible job on every single level. He has had plenty enough time now to at least show some improvement in our play, but the fact is we are worse to watch now than under Mourinho. Our goals scored total is pitiful, and our form and points gained since he got the job full time is that of a relegation fodder team.

As for Maguire, you should be very worried about him, because he’s pretty much a slow, cumbersome oaf and that’s never going to improve as he’s nearly 27 years of age now. I can think of at least 5 goals that we have conceded this season already where he has been culpable, that’s just p*ss poor defending.

He certainly ain’t no Vidic,Ferdinand, Stam, Bruce or Pallister that’s for sure, more like William bloody Prunier, simple as that.



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