Shock winner as fans vote on hardest Premier League boss

Date published: Monday 10th April 2017 11:14

Fans have voted on the Premier League manager they would least likely to get into a scrape with and the results are surprising. 

The Premier League has long been regarded as the best in the world due to its competitiveness and difficulty to conquer.

This season especially, it’s even more apparent. The English top flight has one of the best crop of managers ​in recent times.

While other leagues boast two or three great coaches at any one time, the division currently provides haven for the likes of Antonio Conte, Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Mauricio Pochettino and Arsene Wenger.

Of all of those names mentioned, Klopp is the only one considered to be…well, a little scary, although Conte can be quite the madman himself.

The German, known for his sick punch lines in the press room, is also quite wild on the touchline, and he does seem like he could go off the edge any second. Just look at how he turns on a poor official during a Champions League match in the video below.

A 90min poll, that ran over the last few days, asked fans to pick the Premier League manager they would least like to fall afoul of. Nearly 70,000 fans voted on the topic, and Klopp’s name came way out in front with a resounding 40 per cent of the votes.

The Liverpool boss really is a pleasant chap, though, yet he is quite unpredictable, and it’s certainly looking like Premier League fans don’t think he’s one to mess with.

West Ham boss Slaven Bilic took up 26 per cent of the votes. The 48-year-old Croat is quite the intimidating character, who has the look of the European mob boss that finally kills Liam Neeson in a Taken movie.

Former England manager Sam Allardyce came in at third with 14 per cent, and understandably so. If he’s brave enough to sell FA secrets, he’s probably not one to meet in a dark alley – plus he’s a pretty big guy.

Tony Pulis, quite surprisingly, was voted as the manager fans would least like to get in a fight with by just five per cent of the participants. The West Brom head coach seems like the tough-as-nails custodian who would take anyone on in a fight, yet Burnley’s Sean Dyche (10 per cent) and Stoke’s Mark Hughes (six per cent) came out ahead.

Could it be that it’s Pulis’ tactics that give off the impression of him being an intimidating figure when he really isn’t? His hard line defensive approach has seen him keep teams in mid table positions in the Premier League for some time now, but it probably has no bearing on his actual personality.

Dyche, meanwhile, does like to speak his mind. He looks like he could have made a great boxer or MMA fighter in his younger days, and possibly even now.

As for Hughes, anyone who’s afraid of him needs to sit down and reevaluate.

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