Should Chelsea sign Keane and turn him into a worldie?

Date published: Wednesday 30th November 2016 1:22

Manchester United fans discuss why the club should sign two top-class centre-halves and revert to a back three, while Chelsea supporters discuss the merits of bringing Michael Keane to Stamford Bridge.

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Chelsea fans feeling positive ahead of City trip

“I can’t be sure but I would assume, that this is one of the few times that we would have gone with such a decent record behind us. I was rather hoping that Manchester City’s UEFA Champions League game next week (against Celtic) would have some significance and they might have rested players. However, as this is not the case, we will simply have to beat a full strength side.

“I am actually optimistic with Antonio Conte, as I see a very meticulous manager who does everything possible to ensure the players are well prepared. He does have to make sure that we are ready from the very first whistle and not let a half drift us by like last weekend against Tottenham Hotspur.

“I honestly believe that if we are at the top of our game for the full 90 minutes then we can come away with a result. City are strong at home but they have shown to date some frailties and struggles in games. We need to make it tough for them and then take our chances.”



Do Chelsea need another defender?

“I have seen the fee quoted for Michael Keane, it’s a crazy crazy market. However, it would be nice to see a Manchester United reject develop into a worldie for us though.

“The way I see it though is that we have needed two defenders for a while, an upgrade on Gary Cahill and a replacement for John Terry. In my opinion, David Luiz is an upgrade on Cahill, but we can’t mess about with who we purchase next. Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini as unlikely as they seem, are exactly the type of defenders we need and I feel Conte deserves to be provided with if Roman Abramovich wants Champions League football and title challenges.

“Ben Davies from Spurs is a very decent full back but we would be silly to pay what they would probably demand and he has a number of years left on his contract. If I can indulge myself, I would love to see Bonucci come in and I would also give up Nemanja Matic and Cesc Fabregas for a player like Radja Nainggolan or Arturo Vidal.”


Has Pardew run out of time?

Alan Pardew

“I have finally brought myself to watch the goals from the Swansea game. Two very poor teams that will probably end up, in the Championship. Christian Benteke I’m afraid does not have the heart or desire to be a Crystal Palace player (well we did used to have heart and desire!!). His lack of positioning to defend was a disgrace not once but twice in the final minutes. Sadly we have now heard the news that Conor Wickham will be out for a long time and it now looks like that donkey Fraizer Campbell will be getting on the pitch. Ive heard that Alan Pardew has been given two games to put things right. Too late im afraid. Palace entered the premiership with spirit and desire. Greed and weak management has destroyed it. I Can’t see how we will ever get it back….very very sad!”


“It’s still early in the season to be able to turn this around with the right attitude and the only way is for someone new who will look at the players in a new light. Tony Pulis came with defensive people to help him.Using Benteke in defence for his heading ability would have been good but he has not got the nous to know what to do, he would be better way up the pitch pulling the opposition out. Our main blow is dealt by the idiot Gareth Southgate by not recognising Wilfried Zaha who is on fire regarding attacking and his defensive work. Now he is going to the African Nations and we will lose him for 5 weeks and a possible injury. However, if we carry on like this, we will lose him anyway.

“Come on Steve Parish let us know your thoughts even an update on the ground to lift the spirits of the fans who must (and will) keep behind the players on the pitch. Look at Liverpool last night using youngsters, does Pardew ever think of them or is it beneath him.”

Punch Mertz


A potential back three for United?

Jose Gimenez: Linked with Premier League duo

“Jose Mourinho made a good signing when he signed Eric Bailly – he’s turned out to be very promising, considering none of the fans knew anything about him. Now Mourinho is looking for another centre-back to partner him, and several names have been mentioned. Depending on which newspaper is mentioned, the most favourite options seem to be either Jose Gimenez or Virgil Van Dijk. I’ve had a good look at them and both are excellent players.

“However, I wonder if Jose wants to sign both and then play them, with Bailly, in a defensive back three. There would then be two wing backs, one of whom would be Luke Shaw, with a right sided wing back to be signed leaving the two centre-midfielders of Paul Pogba and someone to replace Michael Carrick. Henrikh Mkhitaryan or Antoine Griezmann would play at number 10 and Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial would be the striking pair.

“Mourinho himself has used the term ‘overhaul’ and we’ve taken it to mean getting rid of the players previous managers have signed and then bringing in the players he wants to play in this system.

But perhaps ‘overhaul’ means much more than that, it could also mean a completely different style of tactic. I know that Louis van Gaal tried playing with a back three in his early days, without success. Could that have been because the club didn’t have the right type of players? Perhaps this is what Mourinho is aiming at and he’s trying to bring in players who could fit his desired style.”


Spurs have faith in Janssen, but Sissoko needs to work harder

Moussa Sissoko: Will miss CSKA clash

Great. Mauricio Pochettino has come out and said it sooner rather than later regarding Moussa Sissoko, the player who has looked like a waste of £30million. It looks very much like Daniel Levy has had one pulled over on him by Mike Ashley, and I’m delighted that our manager has wasted no time calling that one out. Vincent Janssen on the other hand , whilst at present looking very pedestrian in front of goal at least works hard for the team and produces some intelligent out field play. I really hope he isn’t Roberto Soldado mark two, but could be Dirk Kuyt mark two, we’ll see.


Pochettino is happy to toe the party line, in terms of what we are able to spend on players / pay structure but he’s also showing he’s not a ‘yes’ man. He can be ruthless, Sissoko never looked a Pochettino signing, it was definitely more of a Levy last minute purchase. Saying that, Sissoko still hasn’t done himself any favours, he talks to much to the press instead of getting fit and it looks as if he carrying a few extra pounds.

It’s Janssen on the other hand I just feel sorry for, he works his socks off for the team. He needs to be played the ball quicker, the crosses have to come into the box quicker and I think we will see Janssen scoring.


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