Sign trio and Man Utd will overhaul City; Chelsea must stick by Lampard

Date published: Thursday 20th February 2020 2:35


Manchester United need to sign three players to overhaul neighbours City, while Chelsea’s top brass have been urged to give Frank Lampard time to make his mark  – all in Your Says of the Day.


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I think it’s three players too, and the positions you mention.

We should compete for top four and depending on others that could be anything from 2 – 4, but we won’t put any title challenge together. If anyone above us buys 2-3 good players then we will be going for fourth really.

Alfie 07

Alfie – A top 4 challenge is where we are this season, not sure it’s acceptable to go into next season with ambitions of the top 4. We need to be aiming to break up this w***fest of City and Liverpool. We haven’t been consistent enough and we’ve had some actually shocking results and performances but I don’t think any other teams in the league are better than us really, apart from the top 2. Chelsea aren’t, I don’t think Spurs are. Leicester have really clicked this season, everything has worked out for them and fair play to them. But we’ve got to be finishing above them next season.

3 new players to compliment Fernandes might actually give us a big boost next season. Especially with Maguire and AWB having a season under their belt, Rashford coming back in. Fred starting to look good now as well. 3 might give us a platform to break into the top 3 – we can’t be letting anyone finish above us next season unless they’re winning the league. I’d even have City in my sights now if I was Ole…


Those two will strengthen big again, especially City and that will leave us no better off fundamentally. We will need at least two midfielders to replace Pogba and Matic, a right winger and a striker, who all have to be top players ready to hit the ground running as an absolute minimum, and even if that unlikely scenario was to come about we will still be playing for 3rd place at best, simple as that.


Can’t see us challenging Liverpool and City next year, Happy.

If the CL ban is not suspended and City lose players then maybe, but not Liverpool.

City not only have the players and manager they have confidence and arrogance, a belief they are the best and a playing identity where all of the players know what they are doing.

The goal from De Bruyne was sublime yesterday. We don’t have anyone capable of even making a positive run like that.

Alfie 07



I’m saying that’s where we need to be aiming. Not a top 4 challenge. We’ve beaten the biggest teams this season and drawn with Liverpool, it’s just consistency that we’re lacking – that’s what needs to be addressed in the summer. How do we beat Watford, Bournemouth, Newcastle, Southampton and Burnley next season.


We should be challenging the scousers though. Watched em the other night and they’ve absolutely no midfield creativity, they’re all good, solid, big, strong, hard working holding type midfielders – Henderson, Wijnaldum, Keita, Fabinho, Milner – they rely solely on the pace of those three dwarfs up front who, by the way, pose no aerial threat whatsoever. They bully teams, that’s all, and the other teams in the PL, particularly Citeh, should be ashamed that these fuckers are so far ahead. How they’re being compared to the United sides of the 90s and 00s is beyond me.


Exactly JM! Only last season we were told that City were the greatest team in club history! Ha ha, and look at them this season! I don’t see Liverpool dominating for years either, i think they’re at the top of their cycle now.
Problem is we’re not in a position to challenge at all with the amount of change that’s happened at the club. We need to be consistent now and that is from the top right down, throughout the club.


There’s at least one step between challenging for the top 4 and challenging for the title. This season we’re challenging for the top 4, next season, regardless of where we finish this season, we should be looking to cruise to a top 4 place. Be without question, the best side after Liverpool and City. Once qualifying for the top 4 is a given, then we are in a position to be thinking about making the step to being title challengers / winners.


@happyhurling You never know what can happen in football, there could (and should) be more investigations and sanctions against City and Pep might walk. Liverpool have put together an incredibly effective side, we will need to see if they can remain consistent after walking the league this season.

A lot depends on the summer window, how effective we are at getting players in amd how much time we waste trying to negotiate with Pogba’s agent and clubs trying to offer measly cash + player deals.

Given the last 7 years, I would be very happy challenging for 2nd or 3rd place, playing more attacking football and if we get there, getting out of the champions league group stages.




Have no idea what sort of team he will put out, But I assume Martinez will play but no idea if he will give any of the fringe a game as this competition is now really important. I think he can still make a few changes without making us much weaker but I would play Torr in Midfield, give Mari a game and swap Martinez with Nketia.

On another Note really disappointed Saka did not at least say he wanted to commit to Arsenal when interviewed and asked that question directly he just said we shall see. I know there is no loyalty in football anymore but thought for the kids that have been here since they were babies that they would love the club and it would be a dream to play regardless of the money so at least say you want to stay.


who ever plays just want to see this progress continue and hopefully another win, make it become a habit, Saka is a worry for another day, i suspect if the links werent liverpool he wouldnt be so excited, still think he will stay and want to play more under Arteta…if not then you cant make someone stay and good luck to him, he is young and promising not a legend, id like him to stay if he dont want to, screw him!





I really find it hard to believe that fans have started to call for Frank Lampard’s head. With practically 0 experience managing in a top league + the transfer ban so that he had to work with players Chelsea had: any fan would have accepted the 4th position in February. FL is a legend, he breathes Chelsea. I believe he would do anything to succeed.

We may miss the UCL but we are building a great team at the moment.


“I really find it hard to believe that fans have started to call for Frank Lampard’s head.” Me to Aindro but not many on here and certainly not many at the Bridge.

The social media fans are always likely to have knee jerk reactions. Klopp finished 8th in his first season at Liverpool there’s a lesson in there.

Wherever we finish I think Roman will give Frank the Summer window and next season and so he should.

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