Signing De Ligt doesn’t make sense for Liverpool; Felix a huge risk for Man Utd

Date published: Wednesday 22nd May 2019 1:43

Matthijs de Ligt TEAMtalk

Liverpool fans debate whether signing Matthijs De Ligt would be good business or not, Chelsea readers react to news that Petr Cech is set to return as a sporting director, and Manchester United supporters worry that their pursuit of Joao Felix might mean they neglect other areas – all in Your Says of the Day.

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De Ligt bad business for Liverpool

Spending 60 million on de Ligt doesn’t make good business sense given that he’ll have to fight Gomez for the right to partner VVD



My guess is that Lovren will leave if De Ligt will be bought as both Matip and Gomez are ahead of him into the first eleven.

I’m also pretty sure that Lallana will leave in an effort to get more playing time but I doubt we will buy a replacement for him and instead use Grujic.

pinez… We got a bigger budget this summer than last summer, having said that I do not expect us to use all of our funds though.



I’m not saying well do it but I think it could make good sense bringing in de Ligt.
We’ve had good teams before (e.g. 13/14) but a top notch defence takes you to another level.
The amount of games Matip and particularly Lovren miss due to injuries, niggles, illness, forgot to take their Calpol is unsustainable. This second half of the season is the longest run of games Matip has ever played. Lovren has never lasted more than 8 games in a row.
Gomez has yet to play a full season yet, missing substantial chunks since he’s arrived with several serious injuries. We’ve yet to know how his body will react to this in the future.
Our mainstay for 18mths has been VVD who has rarely missed a game but how much longer will that luck continue. We know he missed 6+ months prior to joining us. The guy also needs to be given a rest now and again when he is fit. Every time he goes down clutching an ankle or something the whole crowd are on tender hooks because they know we really need him fit and available.
There is certainly a dearth of top notch centrebacks around Europe and now here’s one who’s available, only 19 and we’re in a strong position to attract him to Liverpool.

I would seriously consider selling Lovren, buying de Ligt and having VVD, Gomez and De Ligt as my main 3 centrebacks. That allows us to have 3 quality centrebacks available which means injury isn’t such a set back and we can rest players for games without too much worry. Gomez can also pick up games at right back when TAA needs rested/injured. This may sound controversial but we could even sell Matip and use Fabinho as a fourth choice centreback when needed. I’d imagine the money we’d get for Lovren and Matip would go a long way to paying for de Ligt. In a year or 2 Ki-Jana Hoever can then step up to fourth choice and earn his way playing with his country men and learning from some of the best around.
This could easily sew up our defence for a decade or longer.
Succession planning.


We don’t need to sell unless we sell to make room for another player. It would be a bit overboard selling two centerbacks to buy one, even though De Ligt might play just as many games as Lovren and Matip combined.



Altho De Ligt would be nice I just don’t think Jurgen will buy another centre back. I think he’s happy with Virgil, Lovren, Matip and Gomez for those positions. Only issue arises like this year when we only had the three latter mentioned all out and Fab had to drop alongside Virgil (another option I suppose). I think he’ll buy a left back and a couple of attacking minded players.

Rob Fort Worth TX


Mkhitaryan to miss Europa League final

So the club have confirmed that Henrikh Mikitariyan will not be travelling to Baku due to concerns over his safety.All this after getting a personal assurance from the president of Azerbaijan who was even willing to speak to him over the phone and guarantee his safety.On top of which,many Armenian Atheletes have travelled to the country without harm.

So can someone tell me,what kind of a pathetic decision this is by the club to leave Miki out,while he continues to Milk 200k a week.Exactly what was this club thinking when we decided to swap Alexis for Miki.
They’ve decided to leave him out EVEN AFTER getting a personal guarantee over his safety.So what,the president of Azerbaijan is going to go back on his word?
Absolute sh*thousery by the club at the topmost level.UEFA should be crucified for allocating only 6000 tickets each in a stadium capacity of around 60,000.However,this decision not to take him solely rests with the club.Cowards.

Not that he’s a key player,but he could be useful.And at 200k a week,he should make himself available.

the specialone

ridiculous thread, its Arsenal fault?
have you seen sanchez?
he is not a key player and regardless of money, you arent from the area and no amount of “assurances” will stop a bad element from doing something, so he doesnt feel safe or maybe the club decided its best all round? so for one game we didnt know we would get to we shouldnt have got him?

not a key player though as you say and on far to much money, hasnt clicked with Auba as he did at dortmund, i hope we sell him and free up his wages but not for this reason!!!



Giroud to stay at Chelsea

Giroud signs one year extension. Makes sense!

nine nine nine

I think it would mean that Higuain is finished with us. No idea whether Sarri has been consulted on this matter or not as I can imagine that Sarri would have preferred Higuain than Giroud.



Aindro,Sarri said several weeks ago he discussed Giroud staying with the Club.

nine nine nine


Cech returns to Chelsea as sporting director

Great news if accurate but breaking before a Final that he’s due to play his last game in v Chelsea?

The hand of Roman? Let’s hope so. Roman’s getting his mojo back?😊

nine nine nine


Hmm, it’s great to get some of our legends back to where they belong. But in what way is he at all qualified for this role?
Surely we need someone with experience of scouting, player recruitment, etc? or will he literally just be a go-between for the manager and the board?


Petr Cech TEAMtalk

Blue Lion, fair point and despite his considerable football knowledge he will have to learn on the job.

But when it comes to football decisions as good as a negotiator as Marina is I would take Cech over her in any football matters.

nine nine nine


Signing Joao Felix a risk for Man Utd

Joao Felix for 92m? That’s going to be a hefty portion of our transfer funds… is it worth it? We still need a new RB, CB and CM at the very very least…

Sympathy for the Devils

Joao Felix TEAMtalk

Massive gamble imo. Don’t know anything about him tbh. Certainly a more exciting transfer than James. If we get the pair of them then there are proper options on the flanks next season.



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