Six Eriksen alternatives for Man Utd; duo can save Liverpool £40m

Date published: Wednesday 4th September 2019 1:46

Christian Eriksen TEAMtalk

Liverpool fans debate whether two men out on loan can come back and succeed at Anfield, while Manchester United supporters are worried that their youngsters don’t have enough leaders to look up to – all in Your Says of the Day.

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Will Liverpool loan men make the grade?

Some great business with the sales and loans of fringes players

Brought in about 50m for players who don’t stand a chance getting into the team

I carry a bit of hope for Harry Wilson if he proves it in the PL this year and he’s had a good start

Sean the sailor


I honestly think Grujic can also make the grade



Wilson can play but Grujic not yet. He needs to play for an EPL team next year.


I have a feeling Grujic will not make it at Liverpool.

But you never know, Origi similarly went to Bundesliga and did nothing of note, only to come back and shine at Liverpool, albeit as a supersub



Grujic mostly plays more to the right in central midfield so if he’s going to displace anyone it’s going to be Henderson. With Milner and Lallana likely to leave we’re looking at a 40mil player very much in the mould of Leon Goretzka, who we were linked with previously, as a replacement. Not that Goretzka has been any good since joining Bayern but he was quality at Schalke. He’d save us the trouble of getting another midfielder. Has a good strike on him and is a real threat at set-pieces on top of all his other qualities.

Left: Wijnaldum, Keita
Centre: Fabinho, Henderson
Right: Grujic, Ox

Not a bad midfield to have IMO



Who should Man Utd target in January?

Kicking this off nice and early: we obviously need a couple of reinforcements in January but who should we go for (considering we have 70m to spend from the Lukaku sale)?

First priority would be to try and sign Eriksen on a free but I highly doubt we’ll manage considering he has his eyes set on Real Madrid.

If we fail with Eriksen then I’d blow all 70m that we have for Bruno Fernandes (already has 2 goals and 4 assists in the first 4 matches of the season in Portugal, more than our beloved Lingard has managed in over a year!!).

If we are doing well and the club tries to sort out our transfers early, I’d also make a cheeky bid for Sancho so that he joins next summer; he is going to be a brilliant player (he already is to be fair) and think he’d go really well in our team. He’s going to cost an arm and a leg but he will be worth it.

Sympathy for the Devils

Erikson cannot leave for a free in Jan. We might be able to buy him cheaply, but Spurs will not give him away. He is likely to prefer to wait the extra few months and leave for a free in the summer.

We need a midfielder and a winger and a centre forward I would say (at least). I think we’ll be doing well to get two in, but most likely one in the January window.

Unless we get short term deals in – which is short sighted.



Eriksen cannot leave for free in January, but it seems he has set his heart on a move to Spain anyway. Doubt very much Sancho will be allowed to move mid-season, but if he continues to perform like he is [he will only get better if no injuuries], then we won’t stand a chance to sign him, I fear. Someone like D.Rice or S.Longstaff should be targeted, and B.Fernandes in terms of expensive signings, plus another 1 or 2 “ unknowns” like we did it with James.
In terms of outgoings, Rojo, Jones, Young, Matic and Bailly, since his contract is up next summer and then he will be off on a free if no extension.
Then we face the biggest problems-what happens with DDG & Pogba?!
ps: not too early since you already got a thread going about our team for next season, lol!



Bruno Fernandes – clearly been available all summer for around £65m or whatever his buyout clause is. Why hasn’t anyone signed him? No one in the whole of Europe has gone in for him, his goals and assists record suggests he’d be a ‘bargain’ at that price. So, what’s wrong with him?



Obviously, our priority for the January transfer is central midfield. Eriksen would be a dream signing but I would be happy if we sign anyone of these players

Kai Havertz
Bruno Fernandes
Fabian Ruiz
Florentino Luis
Donny van de Beek
Sean Longstaff

theMartial Art


Getting people in during the January window is very difficult. But I think we’re going to need one or two to try and boost the morale and image of the club. I can see between now and Xmas being a train wreck in terms of results and league position. We’ll need some sort of positive second half of the season to try and create the right atmosphere for next summer’s window and signings.

Fernandes is an interesting one. He no doubt improves us but how much impact would he have at the top sides in Europe? Do they even need him? You look at hard it was for Erikson to get out of Spurs and you see how hard it is to get deals done these days. But Fernandes should be an easy buy at a decent price and is miles ahead of anything we have in terms of creativity.

I’m also hearing rumours in Spain that De Gea is f***ing the club about on a new contract hoping to get himself a move to Madrid on a free. If him and Mendes can make it happen he’ll b gone but there are doubts over whether he’ll b welcomed by the fans and press in Madrid.



Signing Longstaff would allow Pogba to push forward, so I’d happily see that transfer sanctioned.

Fernandes is a funny one. I think he’d be happy to join Utd and it wouldn’t just be for the money, so what was the issue in the summer?

I don’t want Eriksen because he doesn’t want to come to Utd. He’d only come if we offered silly wages. Same with Dybala.

Is there a reason why players and clubs don’t agree transfers now and just sign on 1st Jan? Why do they always wait until Jan before they get the ball rolling?



Wrong environment for Man Utd starlets to succeed

We’d all love to see our youngsters make it at United but the danger is throwing them into a team almost completely bereft of character and leadership. The class of 92 had a lot of seasoned professionals and serial winners to guide them and shoulder the pressure. Who have the current crop got to look up? There is no one in the team to set the standard and be an example for the kids.



Well said roygbiv but what else can be done. Buying seasoned professionals would cost an arm and a leg and even then they wouldn’t be serial winners at United.

This is what happens as a result of Glazers running down the team by failing to maintain it when it was strong.


@Mac, yes there’s not much we can do now because of the clubs failure to plan ahead and now we find ourselves in an almighty mess. I think Maguire will be a leader once he settles down and we need to get rid of Pogba’s disruptive influence. I’m a fan of Ruben Neves and Fabian Ruiz and both have shown plenty of leadership qualities despite their young age.



In defence of Xhaka

Granit Xhaka Arsenal

So there’s this notion that xhaka loses the ball a lot. Don’t try and deny it almost every Xhaka hater says this. In the season 2018/2019, the most dispossessed player was Lacazette – 61 times. xhaka’s peers who play in the same position more or less Guendozi – 31 times, Torreira – 28 times. Xhaka – 17 times. He’s almost bottom of the list. Everyone’s villain Skholdran Mustafi – 6 times.
In that same season, most errors leading to goals. Leno – 5 Xhaka – 2 Guendozi – 1.
2 errors over a span of 38 games and so much abuse?
In terms of passes, Xhaka is by far our most successful passer.
In terms of tackles – Torreira is at no 1, but xhaka and mustafi are at no 2 and no 3.
In terms of interceptions -Mustafi is at No 1. torreira at no 2. and xhaka at no3.

How the hell people can ignore stats is beyond me. No I’m not saying they tell the full story but they’re literally the parameters that make up a footballer’s game. As I’ve proved from all of this AGAIN, Xhaka and mustafi have been easy targets and scapegoats. They’re highlighted every single time the do something wrong and whenever a fan favourite does it would be ignored. You’d have to think a fan favourite would get away with murder. It’s double standards, it’s biasness.

Also this season which has just been a few games, Xhaka is yet again down the list of the most dispossessed player. Yet there is this notion that he doesn’t offer much. it’s getting laughable.

the specialone


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