‘Solanke will never make it at Liverpool; he’s a Championship striker’

Date published: Monday 23rd July 2018 11:09

Liverpool and Man Utd fans dissect their preseason failings, while our Chelsea readers discuss aims for next season in Your Says of the Day.

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Preseason struggles continue for United

Valencia out in the first ten mins calf. Serves us right sticking with him non stop year in year out! He can’t do it for the season not at his age.

Albeit a friendly my summation is players struggling in his system of play I have no other explanation we should have lost to the bottom side in MLS. Sanchez gets in the way of everybody needs to stay out left. What anyone sees in McTominay I’ll never know sigh!

Fosu Mensah has impressed me as has pereira but IMO the manager won’t trust the pair long term. Off to bed sack it!


Yeah, never looked like scoring mate. The system? Well, maybe, but when a team looks shit I tend to put it down to the quality of the players and let’s face it, the pitch was packed with pretty ordinary players.


Alexis Sanchez Man Utd

That was diabolical last night. The lack of ability out there was scary. Passes going straight out of play, players not being able to control the ball. I could bang on about a lot of the detail but no point. It felt like groundhog day watching some of that shite. I know its only pre season and all that but the start to this season could be a real struggle. There were times when the manager had a look on his face that he couldn’t even be arsed to watch it.


The season kicks off in 18 days and the following players haven’t had a single minute on the pitch: Matic, Pogba, De Gea, Fred, Lukaku, Dalot, Fellaini, Lingard, Rashford, Rojo, Lindelof, Romero, and Young.

In terms of preparation for a new season we couldn’t be in a worse position – I don’t think I have ever seen us this unprepared. Also, considering Lukaku, Pogba, Lingard, Young, Lindelof, and Rashford went deep into the world cup I expect them to still be jaded from last season and they could very well take a while to get their rhythm in the new season. I am very worried going into the new season, not so much because of transfers but because of general preparedness for another 60 game season (fitness, tactical setups, training etc.).

Those of you who are throwing the toys out because of the “performances” of this mish-mash of Manchester United players need to calm down a bit. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by watching these pre-season games looking for signs of how we will play in the season – not with that lot out there.

Quite simply put we are 18 days to kickoff and nearly the entire starting eleven is still on holiday, to say I am concerned is an understatement.


Anthony Martial Man Utd

Just in terms of match readiness there was a large difference between the sides last night. Most of the Utd players are playing their second game since mid May. San Jose are halfway through their season.
The heat seemed to really affect our guys too. Tuanzebe said after the match that his feet felt as though they were on fire. Yes, the conditions were the same for both teams but San Jose’s players are more adapted to it.
I thought Andreas Pereira played very well, looking to hit the ball forwards and in to feet, if he stays he’ll be a good squad option. I also thought Fosu-Mensah and Tuanzebe looked good, even if the latter thought his feet were on fire! Valencia picking up that injury could be a blessing for Fosu-Mensah heading in to the season.
Sanchez looks well rested, once he’s shaken off any jet lag and got his match sharpness I think he’ll finally look like top drawer Utd player.
I can also see Mourinho’s point about Tahith Chong in that for all his ability he’s just not physically ready. It’s just too easy for defenders to knock him off the ball. He’d struggle in the PL at the moment.



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Questions asked of Liverpool

Unfortunately we have a number of injury prone players that we can’t rely on Moonster… Lallana, Ox, Matip, Ings, Hendo (but not as often) and of course Sturridge. It’s the one thing that really concerns me for the forthcoming season.

Keita is the business. Brilliant on the ball and aggressive trying to get it back by pressing.


Pulisic in the second half has led moreno a merry dance and ripped him a new one lol

Karius’ confidence is shot. I dont think this lad will recover ever. His career is over.

Solanke never gonna make it. Will do ok as a championship striker or up in scotland


Time will tell with Solanke but I think he showed promise in the last few matches last season.


This system requires him to be something he’s not. He’s a traditional #9 yet we need him to be a false 9. He looks like a fish out of water right now.


Its only pre season, I wouldn’t read too much into this performance. Seems like it was destined to be a nil nil but last 6 minutes made two mistakes. Rather make mistakes in pre season friendly than in the league and cups…


Our strikers worry me and the only one who doesn’t will not likely stay fit or would be the best backup we have.

Salah could also play there.


Our defence was again fantastic!!
Karius made ANOTHER mistake and only God knows how many more he will make!!
Matip again injured!!
He let Kent, Wilson leave and keeps Lallaan and Sturridge who can not offer anything more in the team.
We need a striker and we rely on Ings and Solanke….



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Chelsea’s objectives

What’s realistic?

I think we need a development year that sees players come and go over two transfer windows and means we get the right players.

I seriously strong run in the Europa. Any new team needs to develop its style of play and I think some youngsters can taste a good level of football.

A return to the top four is the main objective imo.

I’ll take a good run in the domestic cups. Charity shield excluded really 🖖🏼


Agreed Roman. A top 4 should be our ultimate objective….especially with a new coach, a completely new style of football and the probable loss of a few of our stars…Courtois, Willian and Hazard. Anything more would be a bonus. Another objective would also be for RLC to establish himself as a regular starter. That is ultimately up to him.


Ditto again Roman.

There’s a big difference between playing for Chelsea and being a Chelsea player Courtois plays for Chelsea but Azpiluceta is a Chelsea player!

nine nine nine


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