Solskjaer has one trait Fergie never did; Arsenal star needs more gametime

Date published: Friday 19th July 2019 1:52

Manchester United fans notice a difference between Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsenal readers pick out a youngster who deserves to play more, while Chelsea supporters debate Willian’s future – all in Your Says of the Day.

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What Man Utd have learnt from pre-season so far

Seeing as there seems to be zero activity going on in on the transfer front I guess we can at least make some comment about the pre-season as it develops.

As always, we can’t really read into any of the results or the performances of individual players except the new signings and the academy players. What is apparent however, is that Ole is clearly looking to player a fast counter attacking game with full backs overlapping for width. We also are “hunting in packs” when pressing which I like to see.

Wan Bissaka looks a gem of a signing, aggressive tackler, fast, physical, and also a great one on one defender – for me, barring a disaster we finally have that RB spot sorted out. Daniel James on the other hand looks a bit rough around the edges but his immense speed and stamina is clear to see, he’s also a got a great deal of close control and is ambidextrous so I am happy for us to have signed him as a squad player – he will be a thorn in most defenders’ side.

As for our young players, I see big potential in Greenwood and Tuanzebe – if I was Ole I would keep them in the first team squad for some games in the EFL and Europa League. As for Gomes, Chong, and Garner – I think there might be players in there but they need loan moves. Pereira for me is a strange one – he’s not that young anymore; this coming season he needs to break through into being a first team regular or he must be shipped off – I don’t understand why we signed him on a 5 year contract but none of our contract work makes any sense anyway.



I have the feeling Ole intends to be just like Fergie in almost every way, tactics, attitude, player management and even press conferences.

There are many press snippets that tell of the small things he does like Fergie, he’s first in the office, he chat’s to all staff from cleaning lady upwards and tries to make a happy camp. He may not have the hair-dryer trait but it wouldn’t surprise me if he did kick a boot flying. He certainly had no problems calling out terrible team displays and talking of how it made him ashamed.

But the trait he has which Fergie didn’t have is he knows he doesn’t know it all and is not afraid to ask for advice.

Gary Neville once said something that struck me and was a major reason for my support for Moyes. He said the manager doesn’t change the club, the club changes the manager. In Ole’s case he already has the DNA but the club can hopefully give him the experience and skills he needs.


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer TEAMtalk


Man Utd running out of time

It’s getting to the point now where we should be adding players that we are intending to add. No point f***ing about with fee’s a few weeks before the season starts. Time to pay the extra £5m or £10m premium and get the team set up for the new season. You can’t blame other teams for holding out for top fees as we are doing the same with Pogba and Lukaku. When you are in the situation we are in and needing certain players for critical positions then you have to pay over the odds sometimes. If we were in the same position as City then we could afford to play hardball and walk away from deals but we’re not. If Woodward and the Glazers are serious about getting us back to the top then we need to start spending to get business done. As things currently stand, we have spent around £130m in the last 3 transfer windows. Not exactly massive money for a club like ours. Also, why haven’t they been shifting the deadwood quicker. Darmian, Rojo and Jones should be long gone. Regardless of how this window ends, I find how we do business to be strange to say the least



N!xer – I agree we should getting a move on. Although having said that, if we’re not going to get the signings in time for pre-season does it matter if they don’t come until the window closes?

I’d really love to know how far apart we are in valuations but we have no way of knowing.

I don’t think the club thinks it needs “certain” players. It wants a player for certain positions but seems to be still shopping around and doesn’t care if it gets player A or player B. It’s the price not the player that seems to be the objective.

And I’m not sure the club sees any great need to sign new players. The club has shown no eagerness to sell any players, be it a top player like Sanchez, Lukaku or deadwood like Darmian.They may think all it needs is for Ole to get the players playing like they did when he arrived and top 4 is in the bag, especially given Arsenal and Chelsea problems, and they have no expecations beyond that.


Not really true though is it? We’ve offered £80m for Maguire i believe after an initial offer of £70m. They want £90m! He’s simply not worth that especially when you see De Ligt signing for £61m. So what do we do? We want the player, he wants to come to us, Leicester are being ridiculous! Palace were the same with AWB – they were after £60m! You have to negotiate with these teams, even if it goes to the wire. The player has to force the move i guess. So we get AWB for £45m that’s £15m less than they wanted. With Maguire it has to be the same, the club has to meet us somewhere in the middle.
We’re doing a great job with Lukaku/Pogba situations as well. Inter tried a silly, derisory offer and we said no. Now they’re coming back with serious offers.
Despite the amount of flak he gets Ed’s actually handling the negotiations pretty well this summer i think. We need a few more through the door and then we need to cut our losses with Rojo, Darmian etc. We’ll know in a few weeks how good the window has been.



Criteria for Arsenal captaincy

the player who should be captain should be 1. Someone who is certain of his place and a must-start in all games. 2 Is respected by all of his team 3.Inspires others by his play 4. Does not make stupid mistakes and put the team under pressure 5. Is premiership quality and 6. Can make a difference with his performances and his instructions on the pitch. We have not had one for years who could do that, perhaps since the days of Cesc and RVP. There are precious few candidates, but I would plump for Lacazette over the painfully slow Swiss sloth. If Emery picks him even to play, watch Torreira burn out again by Christmas covering for him, our defence to continue giving goals away as he fails continually to cover them and we end up sixth/ seventh in the League at best. As for Dani Alves, will we pay £200k/ week for someone who will find the Premiership too quick for him, just like Xhaka, let alone make him captain for one season given his age?



Gunners starlet deserves more gametime

Just a quick word on Eddie Nketiah.i’m usually against relying on any sort of youth talent.Not because I’m against youth development or anything of that sorts,simply because i know in modern football where competeition has evolved and you simply can’t afford to give too much of a chance to the youngsters if you genuinely want to compete.

But if there is one player that has impressed me the most,It’s Eddie Nkethiah.In his time here,and for the ridiculously small oppurtunities he’s gotten compared to maybe say an Ainsely maitland niles,this guy really does deserve to play regular football be it here or anywhere else.
I think there’s some serious talent there.

I’m confused as to why he wasn’t sent on loan last season.And with auba and laca around it would be the most sensible thing to do to send him on loan for the upcming season.All this 3rd striker thing is nonsense.He isn’t going to get the game time he deserves.I’m sure there’ll be suitors to take him on loan.This is how player values increases,if he shows his worth on the football pitch and not on the bench.

the specialone


im all for it myself, he and a few others should be moved up into the main squad, trim the fat and yes rely on our vaunted youth, Chelsea have had their hand forced down this road and most of the fans are exuberant about the fact and call it a blessing in disguise and feel they can and will build a young mostly home grown squad for years to come, a few Man U fans are saying the same, sell Pogba and Lukaku and replace with their youngsters as they did under fergie

i for one think this is a good way to go if you cant compete with the citys of the world, at least for a while, why have these oungsters and B/youth teams if we rarely see them or give them a chance?

i think we could have 3 or 4 walk right in and do a very good job and learn and grow as players and a team..

we seem to be scared of going down this route as a club, others embrace it

also Emery has come out to say that he will give certain young stars like him a real go, these players shoul be busting a gut and putting in the effort needed in training and the gym to take the chance and force there way in now, best chance they will have



Perfect time for Lampard to avoid Conte’s error

CHO has to want to stay here. If he does not want to stay, we have unfortunately to sell him. However talented he is. I start to resign to the fact that he may think his future is not with this club even though FL has talked to him and stated his importance. Let’s just wait and see.

We are some distance away from City and Liverpool. Conte brought us instant success but Pep and Klopp brought something else. It was not clear that time, we were really happy with Conte delivering a title in his 1st season. But he did not build a team. While Pep and Klopp were rebuilding their team, City and Pool respectively. Buying players who were deemed important to their tactics. With some errors of course: Claudio Bravo for example. Now we have the opportunity to rebuild with the transfer ban. We will never have a better moment to rebuild.



Chelsea fans torn over Willian

I think we need to reconsider this Willian thing. I don’t know what he may contribute after six and a half years at the club and still struggling to reach 50 goals in all competition. is that enough? considering that he takes a very useful space in the squad which could have gone to another more productive and younger player. whether we have a transfer ban or not will not change the equation in this Willian issue. he contributes less than he should be, and here we have a chance to sell him for a higher fee than he is worth. for example Piazon could take the right-wing role that Willian has been glued ever since he has arrived and in which he has failed to produce time and time.

The policy should be radical changes from top to bottom, which means dead wood should be replaced with fresh and younger players. let the transfer ban not cloud your judgment. do you honestly believe Willian sit on the bench and play an understudy for CHO? now way! not a chance of that happening in a million years. and his contract expires next Summer! we should grab this opportunity and sell him finally.


Personally I don’t believe we need Willian any longer even with the transfer ban. He has occasional good games and occasional moments of brilliance but would expect much more consistency from a skilled experienced player, plus he will be blocking the best of the youth when everyone is fit, probably the club or Frank see it differently. There are also other players we should let go like Drinkwater and Zappacosta to name 2. We also have to many central midfielders and those that don’t play regularly become disruptive. It’s human nature.



The club does not plan in advance for “when everyone is fit” which may not be until after Xmas nor should it if its management are competent. They plan for now and the potential what ifs. In the meantime there are 4 plus months to navigate. If Callum was fit and committed then maybe but, right now he appears to be neither. Prior to Xmas there is half a season of Premier League football (around 19 matches) and a complete Group Stage of the Champions League to navigate. If Willian was sold now and Callum unfit until Xmas what is our cover? Then anticipate an injury or two, maybe Pulisic and/or Pedro for any length of time and where are we at?



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