Solskjaer just living in Fergie’s shadow; Liverpool fans concerned

Date published: Thursday 7th November 2019 1:40

Man Utd readers feel that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is living in Sir Alex Ferguson’s shadow, while Liverpool fans are starting to get jumpy over the visit of Man City, all in our forum.


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Just saw an article here on teamtalk with Ashley Young saying that he think OGS reminds him of Fergie. He said, and I quote, ‘It’s like the boss walked back in the door.’ How is any manager supposed to come in and take control of a dressing room when players still call Fergie the boss? It’s been six years and still Young and probably and other Fergie signings still consider him ‘the boss.’ Unless that mentality changes then no manager has a hope in properly running a first team squad at this club.


The problem is not Fergie’s players still calling him Boss, it’s Fergie’s players are still here !!!!!!!!

I predicted when SAF retired we would not challenge for the title for as long as any of Fergie’s player (bar DDG) remained at the club. Looks like that prediction will come to pass.

Back to topic, its up to Ole how he chooses to handle it. He could ignore it or could make Young run around the pitch 10 times chanting Ole is the Boss.


He could do that Mac but it’s a mentality issue, the shadow of Fergie looms large over Old Trafford and Carrington. It’s hard to move forward when we’re so mired in the past.


im not sure this is as big an issue as you may think now Killy
plenty of ex pros and pundits still talk of old mangers as the boss or gaffer when talking about them
its been 6 years, few of his players are left and he isnt so voal in the press and just sits and watches games now…
from the quote tho its more worrying comparing Ole to SAF, one its clearly rubbish or you would be doing far better even with what you have and also its not goof dor Ole as it stops him being his own man, but he had that from the start…
i think we have moved on from AW, though like you we are still left with a few to many of his ex players especially ones on silly wages or just plain crap….
like youour manager is struggling and is not the right man for the job, but for me oits all them all by themselves (and owners of course) rather than the spectre of managers past…neither are good enough is the issue!





Well this is a big one.
We managed to only take 1 point of them last season.
We must do better.

Man City have their own problems at the min. Despite being the most expensively assembled squad in footballing history they seem ridiculously light at the back.
So much so we have seen Fernandinho, Kyle Walker and Rodhri play centreback recently. They havnt been as freely scoring either. Their keeper went off injured last night also, only time will tell if he’s available for Sunday.

We’ve been motoring along nicely without playing fantastically well on several occasions, needing late goals to bail us out, not necessarily a bad thing.
Mane has been terrific, Salah not so much. Firmino too has been fantastic is certain games. For this game we need them all to raise their game.

I don’t think I’m going out on too much of a limb here to suggest a team off…
TAA, Lovren, VVD, Robbo
Hendo, Fabinho, Gini
Salah, Firmino, Mane

The battle between Trent and Sterling will be vital to this game. We know Trents strengths lie in his attacking ability, so that might be shackled by having to focus more on his defensive game. With Lovren playing that side also we need to very careful. Aguero is clearly a handful too who only needs one opportunity to hurt us. That being said Citys defence are all over the place at the minute. There is an obvious weakness there to exploit currently and our front three are just the men. So glad Sane is not available for this game. Even if he started on the bench his pace causes all sorts of problems. I can see Ox coming off the bench for us and being a handful.
Interesting times ahead.



Time to reset and start again, against our toughest opponents in the league. Forget all our recent results, we have to be at 100% to win this one, regardless of who they have missing.

Main thing is we play our usual high-intensity, destructive game, but crucially, with no more silly mistakes or sloppy play, or we will be punished severely.

Back to our regular starting lineup, and the Anfield faithful need to get the boys over with line with their fanatical support. I can see sub appearances for Ox and Origi, hopefully just to make a good day even better






another turgid insipid performance, another lead condeded and more piss poor defending and seing Emery with the big hood in the rain made it look like a comedy sketch ….hope things turn around soon in some way


Poor players who cant be bothered to put much effort because its raining and they are having to play in a competition they dont want to be in. Once again our star studded squad (according to some) was found wanting. Dick doesnt seem to know what’s going on but he won’t be around much longer and you’ll all be happy thinking that will turn us into title contenders. This is another wasted season, next season will see a new manager going through transition and changing things so no progress there. Clear the dross first then you might get to see an improvement.

The Oracle


Oracle would have a heart attack if that happens! As much as I don’t agree would not wish that on anyone. It would not be good for the club and the atmosphere would just go toxic again! Saying all that even if you hate him does anyone think he would do any worst!


steve2bath1, Oh he would do a lot worse all right. He’s the reason we are in this mess, aided and abetted by a useless recruitment team and a manager who is like a blind man in a darkened room looking for a black cat thats not there. Or if you prefer a midfield consisting of Xhaka. The whole place is a shambles. On a slightly tangental note I’ll die laughing if Clouseau gets the Bayern job, I wonder if he will drop Gnabry 😂

The Oracle




We are playing exciting football. The spirit is great. Who could imagine we finished 4-4 from 1-4 ? Very harsh for our 5th goal. I think it’s legit. We are tied now with Ajax and Valencia. What’s the criteria if tied? Head to head record first if I am not mistaken?
If so winning at Valencia will be very important as it will qualify us to the next round.

Ajax were lucky. But defensively we have to sort this mess. I don’t think we are solid enough defensively to win anything. Kanté will help, Rudiger will help, but would they slot back seamlessly in the system that’s already starting to form? Jorginho and Kovacic have great understanding between them. Add Kanté into the mix, we’ll see how seamless or not seamless it will be.

By replacing Alonso with Reece James and Azpi swung to the left, is Lampard not trusting enough our LBs (Emerson and Alonso)? If so probably Ben Chilwell would be a priority should the transfer ban be lifted in January



A wild night. I doubt we would have got a draw, but for the sendings off. The impressive thing this season is the number of players who are often playing out of their skins – Jorgino, Kovacic, Tomori, Zuma, Abraham, Mount, Pulisic and William have all done really well this season. Batshuayi looks on limited evidence to have gone up a level and added an explosive element to his game, worth a start soon maybe, while James looks a top player in the making.

There are still a few problems, CHO is not yet back in the swing of it, Alonso is not a great defender though a good wing back. We have achieved a lot effectively without Kante , Rudiger and Loftus-Cheek. On the whole I am pleased with the way this season has gone so far, better than I expected and I think I was one of the more optimistic supporters. Signs are that Frank Lampard will be a good manager for us.

Ajax fans moaning about the ref have obviously never seen Tom Henning Ovrebo!

alan p

Good post alanp. That pretty much sums everything up the way I see it too. The thing was 2nd half we had a right good go at them and once we got back to 4-2 Ajax lost the plot a bit and I can only put that down to the all round effort of our boys which they were struggling to cope with. Sure the 2 send offs and the penalty pretty much turn the whole thing in our favour however I would have loved there to have been no send offs but still the penalty which we earned anyway. At 4-3 and 11 v 11 I still reckon we could have ended up 4-4 with the belief that was there anyway. We will never know though. We are fighters to the end every time we play and there is no doubting that. As 999 says #thefuturesbrightthefuturesblue 🙂


yes Alan perfect post re the game, think so far the season is going very well, we not going to win the league or the CL probably nothing but as long as the team does well and hopefully finish in the top 4 we can then worry about going back to our regular winning of trophy ways next season.




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